2014 Brings New Focus

Happy New Year!

I have to admit, I love the sense of a fresh start that comes with a new year! New Year’s Resolutions tend to get a bad rep. I don’t think there is anything wrong with the hopefulness that comes with making resolutions and trying to change your life!

I feel like I’ve had pretty good success over the last few years with making goals and working on them all year long. Of course, somethings didn’t get crossed off and somethings probably will never get crossed off, but the real lesson comes from WORKING towards a goal, even if its not officially finished.

For me, 2014 is going to be a completely different year than other year. To be honest, I have no idea what to expect!

Baby Elizabeth’s arrival and motherhood are going to totally shake things up. Most days I think I’ll be able to handle it, and things will go smoothly for the most part. And then other days I panic when I think about how I’m going to juggle being a mother, working full-time, and keeping up with “me stuff.”

This year I’m taking a whole new approach, and starting off with a completely new focus on a few  areas, instead of a set list of goals to check off. I feel like it would be most beneficial for me to focus on more short terms goals, then I’ll be able to go with the flow of the year more easily.

Home & Family

I don’t have too many specific goals yet, but they will come as the year starts to get rolling. I have several areas I’d like to really work on.
-Planning Ahead: Meals, Workouts, Doctor Appointments, Blogging, Bill Paying
-Housekeeping:  I’d like to create a schedule/checklist and stick to it!
-Budgeting: I really want a savings account with money in it! We did a fairly good job at it this year, I’d like to do better.

These are the things that really stress me out, the bills, the housekeeping, and not planning ahead. Wondering what’s for dinner or having to run to the store after work. Stressing about a balance the bills with the paychecks. Feeling like I don’t have time to get my own stuff done because the house is a mess. The extra stress causes tension between Blake and I, mostly because I’m so worried about everything that I tend to get snappy or rude to him.


As for things for me personally, I have so many thing I want to do. Its a little overwhelming. I need to focus and tackle things one at time:
– I have a bunch of crafts and projects on my to-do list.
– I also got a brand new fancy camera this year and I’d like figure out some of the more advanced features and finally take it off auto.
– I would also like to commit to blogging more than I have over the past months, and finally making this blog self hosted.

Health & Fitness

Lastly, I’ve yet to sit down and tackle my health and fitness goals for the year. Sure, I’m already dreaming about the days I starting running again and might have been looking at a hotel for Bloomsday this year. I’m excited about taking my baby girl for a walk everyday! I really am looking forward to having tough sweat sessions and feeling my muscles again. But at the same time, I’m not ready to commit to specific goals yet. I’m going to wait until after I’ve had the baby, and ready to get started again. Then I’ll take it one day at a time.

I’m really looking forward to this year! We have some big, big, big things ahead of us, and its going to be a blast!

Do you do resolutions or goals for the new year?
I’d love to hear them!


One thought on “2014 Brings New Focus

  1. Sabrina

    You’ve got good goals and being a mom is the best one! Enjoy this year and remember to take things as they come. Happy New Year, Erin!

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