January To-Do List

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday!

Here’s hoping today goes by quicker than yesterday did!

While I was thinking about my goals for 2014, I decided to make my self a to-do list for each month. Not really goals, but things I really want to accomplish each month. Some things might be a quick task like straighten up the bookshelf while others might take a few weeks or days like finishing a book.

There is a lot to be done, especially since we are moving in a few months.

My main objective for the month of January is to get organized but I also have some other things on my to-do list.

  • Final touches on baby’s room (to be done tomorrow!)
  • Completely re-organize and clean hall closet
  • Organize and box up junk in the spare room
  • Make a decision for using a planner/budget system
  • Create a housekeeping schedule
  • Start using meal planning service (more on that soon!!)
  • Deep clean bedroom & the bathroom connected to our room
  • Finish at least one book

I think that’s enough for the month. The first three are the most important! Every time I look in my hall closet I want to scream, its such a mess, but it will take a while to get it straightened up. I know that once its done, it will be so much easier to keep organized and will be sooooo much easier to move.

And there are two big thing being stored in the baby’s room that do not belong, but I need to make room for them in the spare room before they can be moved.

With that I’m off to start the day! Hope you have a good one!

What do you need to get done this month? What kind of planner do you use? What about budgeting system?


6 thoughts on “January To-Do List

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      We’ve been so busy that I just haven’t gotten around to the organizing! The living areas are clean it’s the hiding places that need attention now! lol

  1. Sabrina

    That’s such a good idea! I always end up with 4 lists a mile long because I keep adding stuff. And I’m not talking about just day to day chores.

    When you figure out a budgeting system, please let me know. ;)

  2. Stephanie (@AaHSteph)

    I used an excel spreadsheet to create my budget and then I set up all my bills to auto-pay every month. That way I know almost exactly what is left over every month for debt payoff & monthly expenses (food, gas, entertainment). Then if I have a big expense I refigure that leftover to include that. I’ve also had good luck in the past with Mint.com though. You can create your budget there and set up text or email alerts if you get close/go over what you wanted to spend on a category like groceries or dining out. Just some ideas!

    I have a million to do lists all over the place. On my phone, at work, at home, on random post its. Having one list or using a planner would probably be really smart! :-P

    1. mrsalexzan Post author

      I’m exactly the same way with lists! I have them everywhere!!!

      We actually do use mint.com to track expenses and I set limits but we never stick to it. Then I put money in the savings account but almost always end up pulling some over to cover where we over spent or didn’t calculate something correctly.

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