Baby A’s Handmade Nursery


I’m really excited to share Baby Alexander’s bedroom with you today!

I really wanted to create a beautiful and relaxing place for Baby Alexander, it really turned out well. Each piece was selected and created with love especially for her.  The theme was supposed to be grey and purple with chevron print and baby elephants. It seems like a lot, but it flowed pretty well. Of course, we were blessed with wonderful gifts of pink so there is some of that thrown in.

2014-01-09 19.22.19-2It starts with this handmade sign for the door.

DSC_0001That really cute “Baby Alexander” art was painted by my best friend, the one that threw my shower. The pom poms are from the baby shower, and I ordered these lanterns online.

DSC_0006My mom made this beautiful baby cradle! Its really gorgeous. I’m so thankful for my mom!

We are waiting to get a crib until after we move into our new house in a few months. The adorable, colorful blanket was made by my mother-in-law! And it has a really cute matching jacket and hat!

DSC_0015Right next to the cradle is my glider, and the blanket on the back of the chair was made by my mom! (This baby has some really crafty and talented grandmas) Each little elephant is hand stitched and the back is super soft elephant fleece.

DSC_0010And here is the dresser that I completely re-finished! It used to look like this…

2013-08-28 18.40.10Scary right! I love the way it turned out. It took a lot of work, we had to scrap, sand, and re-do the edged but it was all worth it. I even lined the inside of the drawers with grey chevron contact paper.

2013-10-26 16.48.56-2I also re-did this bookshelf. The little bins are holding her bath stuff like baby shampoo, other toiletries, and towels.

DSC_0012The back is also lined with same chevron paper from the dresser. Nana Alexander picked out that adorable elephant shaped humidifier! Baby sure needs a lot more books.


For artwork I created these prints and I think they turned out great.

DSC_0004And this one is actually just a gift bag that I though was seriously adorable!

I wish I could get a good picture of the whole room, but it just doesn’t work with the shape of the room.

I’m so happy with how great the room looks and feels! I just love how each handmade piece came together to create a wonderful baby nursery. I will admit that I cannot wait to move into our new house so I can’t paint her walls and make her room even more special. It just didn’t seem very economical or worth my time to this rental when we are about to move in just a few months. At first, I was really bummed that everything wouldn’t be “picture perfect” by the time she makes her way home, but I know that it won’t really matter in the end. She will be so completely loved by us, that’s what really matters.

I do have a few more final touches, but I’m no hurry. They are more for when we are moved into the new house, I know her room will be my first priority.

Now the room is just waiting for a baby….


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