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Hello and welcome to Living Made Healthy! My name is Erin & I’m the creative mastermind behind this operation! My partner in crime, Blake & I, are blissfully married (most days) expecting our first baby (Feb 2014) living in Eastern Washing with our pup, Kia!

2013-05-05 10.28.18-2

The REAL me!

I started this blog a couple years ago to help keep myself accountable in my weight loss journey. After years of being unhappy with my weight, and hating myself for being fat…. it was time to MAKE a change, instead of waiting for things to be different.

far pics

At my heaviest around 230lbs

It took a long time for me to figure things out, There were a few eye opening experiences, many tears shed, and several ups and downs.

I have some amazing experiences, like my first Bloomsday!

20120506-201825.jpgSome that were extremely hard, and left me feeling defeated.


My first (only) triathlon was a humbling experience.

It took a while (2 years) but I managed to lose the excess weight. I fell back in love with running (I ran track in high school), tried a ton of new and fun ways to get moving, and truly found myself.


50 pounds lighter! Ironically, this was taken the same day I found out I was pregnant.

Eventually I found that I felt great  so I gave up on striving for a” perfect number” on the scale, and I found happiness. And I found myself being proud of my body, happy with how looked (shocker!), and ready to do more! Ready to try harder, get stronger, run faster, and conquer the world (so to speak).

The truth is I couldn’t have done it by myself.

Sailing on the Puget SoundI’m very lucky to have this man by side- my best friend and partner in life!

Of course, this story comes full circle…Blake and I are currently expecting our first baby, a girl, to join our little family in February 2014. That means I’ll once again have to battle the excess bulge and muffin top.  But I’m know that I won’t be “starting over.” I’ve come so far from the girl who weighed 230 lbs. I’ve learned so much. I’m not the same person.

What started about as weight loss blog is now a blog about my adventures with Blake, keeping healthy, trying new activities & fun recipes, and soon-to-be mommyhood.

Thanks for stopping by!

Feel free to email me at OR use the form below.

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