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hanging globe lamp

Look What I Did!


This is totally new kind of post, because I did something I’ve never done before yesterday!

I took an old ugly brassy hanging globe style lamp…and turned it in to something beautiful! Something that I am seriously proud to show off!

hanging globe lamp


Sadly, I did think to take a “before” picture until I took it apart!

This was fairly easy project. I took the lamp the same way you would change the light bulb, unscrew three little screws and then the insides came out. I knew I wanted to paint the metal parts a silvery color so I just cut the old cord off with wire cutters and saved the part that the bulb actually screws into.

Insides of the Lamp

Then I had to wash all the pieces that need to be painted, and globe because it was very dusty. You can see the ugly old brass color. Ick!

Rust-oleum Metallic Paint and Primer in One Satin Nickel

I used Rust-Oleum Universal Advanced Formula Metallic Paint & Prime in One in the Stain Nickel color. I loved the matte look and the easy looking spray can. (And it was only about $7 at Home Depot) This paint was remarkably easy to use, and I don’t have the best track record with spray painting. I tend to be sloppy and impatient!

Lamp Insides

All laid out and ready to paint!

It took three or four coats to get it all painted and looking perfect! It took several coats to get all the cracks and angles. Totally worth it.

2013-09-23 13.11.49

Rewiring the the cord was very easy! I bought this handy little kit from Lowe’s for $13!

12 ft Sway Light Kit

It had all the parts and directions! Replacing all the chain was way easier than trying to paint the old one. And the old cord was just that…old and the plastic coating was cracking so replacing it just made sense. Plus the color was all wrong.

2013-09-23 18.22.58

TA-DA! How funny that with the lighting the metal looks brassy in this picture! It doesn’t in real life, it looks beautiful! Seriously, I love this lamp! I love that its old fashioned, but still modern and fresh looking thanks to a little spray paint, and new cord.

The plan is for this lamp to go into Baby Girl’s room! It doesn’t give off a ton of light but has pretty glow that will be perfect lighting for late night feedings.

I really had a lot of fun upcycling this lamp, now on the next project!


Project 52: Magnets

I’m planning on cleaning my kitchen top to bottom this week. I’m going to reorganize everything and get rid of a ton of stuff, its going to be fantastic. Right now its over stuffed and cluttered. I’m also planning on adding some cool posters for the fridge that are inspirational.

In order to do that I needed more magnets! So I decided to make some! I found this idea on pinterest, it was so easy!

I think they turned out great! I’m looking forward to making more, I only had a few magnet backs today.

Here’s the link for the directions. Anyone can make these…try it!

Bed Suspenders

Project 52: Bed Suspenders

I can’t believe I’m writing my project 52 weeks 2 post late! I actually forgot about it.

I knew exactly what I was going to make too! Bed Suspenders! That might not be the real name but that s what I’ve always called them since I was a kid.

The sheets always come off our bed, it’s so annoying! I have no idea how it happens but I knew how to fix it. My mom always put bed suspenders on our beds. So I made some and it took all of 3 minutes!

Here’s what you need…
4 clips like found on suspenders. I found them with the buttons at Walmart for $2.24 for a pack of two.
1 inch wide elastic, long enough to go almost all the way across the bed twice. Only $1.32 at Walmart and I have some extra.
And a sewing machine


Now just measure about how long you want each piece of elastic. It should go from one side of the sheet to the other but it needs to pull a little. I just guesses and it worked out prefect. But you could use a measuring tape if you prefer.

Just slip the opening of the clip through the elastic, fold over and sew across a few times to make sure the seam is sturdy. Do this to both ends, to both pieces. Like this!

And ta-da! They hold the sheets on! It worked last night.


This was so quick and easy! It took about 3 minutes and 5 bucks!

Reusable Jars

Project 52 Week 1: Spaghetti Jar Herb Garden

We eat a ton of spaghetti, its my favorite meal! I could eat it everyday…no joke. For no reason I started saving all the jars and I have accumulated a lot of  jars. If you’ve ever been on pinterest, you have seen a tons idea for repurposing mason jars. I don’t think I have seen this exact idea on there but it’s probably there somewhere.

Using mod pod, I glued some rough hemp around an empty clean spaghetti jar. I have 5 of them. They will be my window sill herb garden for this spring…actually whenever I can find the seeds. They don’t have them at Lowe’s quite yet.

I’m so looking forward to having my own fresh herbs! I usually only use dried herbs because I don’t want to spend the extra money on the packages of fresh ones because I feel like they would go bad before I could use them. I love love love cilantro! I’m ready to have it for every meal!

This post is a tad late, but the next one will be on time.


Quick! Name that movie!

I just had a great idea! I don’t know if you’ve seen the link at the bottom of  your dashboard that says something like Kick Off 2012 with Project 365. (Which always makes me snicker because this a leap year….so it would really be Project 366! ha!) I read that post and was totally intrigued, I’ve seen a few people do a picture every day for a year and thats about it. I really liked the idea of doing something totally unique but committing to doing it every single day for a year seems very overwhelming. I’d feel terrible guilty if I missed day and with a schedule like mine….there’s really no telling what could happen in the next year.

Then I figured it out…Why not a 52 Project? That’s still a huge commitment!  It sounds like a fun idea but a little less intimidating then doing something for 366 days! The best part is that 2012 starts on the first day of week, in my mind that makes me things a lot easier!

I could easily come up with a mountain of ideas that would be more creative than taking a picture everyday. When I really get thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2012 it boils down to one things and one thing only. LESS STRESS! Stressors come in many many forms, so still the possibilities are endless, but I also want to have fun will doing this project.


Every week this year I will do one crafty project that will make my life easier in some way or it will be useful! There are something that I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t got around to yet and all them are something I can use. For example, there is a wallet I’ve been wanting to make, I want to turn an old table into a bench, I could really use one of these purse organizers…the list goes on!

I plan I posting my weekly project every Saturday, since the very first week of the year ends on Saturday! The hardest part will be picking what to make first!


Some other cute 52 Project ideas:

-52 New Recipes. This could be really cool if it was themed like cookies, casserole, or a veggie dish.
– 52 Uses for…. you name it! Apples, socks, newspaper…this would take some serious creativity but would so much fun
– 52 Chores for a Spotless House. A new task that needs to be done to help deep clean…organize the closet, wash the ceiling fan,  (I plan on doing something like this but not for the blog)
-52 Exercises for Flat Abs. Could be any body part really.
-52 Books Reviews!
-52 Pizza Combinations
-52 New Activities. Try a new physical activity each week!

There are TONS of ideas! I’m looking forward to doing this project! If other bloggers are doing them too we could set up one of those link parties!


November Goals

I’m feeling very ambitious for this month! I have so many things I’d like to do, the sky is the limit.

DIY Projects…

Recipes I Want To Try…

  • Whole Wheat Apple Cake Muffins
  • Chobani Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting
  • Baked Zucchini Chips


  • Workout 3 days a week.
  • Cut out caffeine….more on that later
  • Finally use the teeth whitening kit I bought in June!
I think thats good for now. I’m sure I will have several things to add to the list. I wasn’t as successful as I hoped last months so my main goal is to


*Found on Pinterest

My Space

No. Not the website…I now I have my own space in our house!

I finally got a round to finishing and organizing out spare room to be a space just for me and all my hobbies. For the last few week I have taken over the kitchen table, which is really a pain. First of all, the kitchen table is round, which is not the most efficient for things I’ve been working on, like sewing and other crafts. And since its always covered in my crap, we can never eat there.

So now I have a desk! The room itself is just temporarily put together because my wonderful mommy is building me some custom cube like shelves to go in here which will hold all my things. For right now I’ve put everything on some plastic shelves that my mom let me borrow. My amazing mom also gave me a new printer because my old one kind of went kaput. Now I can print more coupons! I’m really excited to get started on my all my projects now….which is quite a few.

Time to get started!