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WIAW: Jan 8


It’s been a LONG time since I’ve done a What I Ate Wednesday post, but guess what I totally remembered to take pictures of meals yesterday! Can you believe it?

The truth is I’m completely burnt out on food and eating. I’ve lost all creativity. I’ve lost all desire to munch on veggies and fruits. I just feel BLAH about food. I’m bored with cooking. I’m bored with shopping. Like I said…I’m blah.

So here it is…everything, and I mean everything I ate yesterday. Its not my healthiest, most creative, or most exciting day of meals but its a jumping off point…because I’m starting something totally new tomorrow. Something I’m really excited about.

Banana & Peanut Butter Rolled Oats for breakfast at my desk.2014-01-07 08.42.15I didn’t have much of an appetite this morning so I only ate about half. I had to run to the store to pick up a birthday card during my lunch break so I saved my leftovers and bought some hot soup.2014-01-07 13.05.29Baked potato soup with a roll and juice. Totally hit the spot.

I’ll be completely honest and admit that my one pregnancy “craving” has been cinnamon swirled donuts either with maple frost or just glazed. So I had one with my lunch…2014-01-07 13.15.51And I don’t even feel guilty about it. I wish I had another one right now. Later in the afternoon I snacked on few Dark Chocolate & Almond Dove squares.2014-01-07 15.48.54My dinner….well its pretty ugly but it was so delicious!2014-01-07 18.45.00Its so ugly, I almost want to delete the picture. But it was really good! A lady at work suggested this to me after I told her that I made really terrible and dry pork chops last night and I didn’ tknow what to do with them now. She recommended a casserole…. It starts with a can of cream of mushroom soup in the bottom of a baking dish, pork chops on top of that. Next you cover it with frozen corn but I used and canned…and lastly a box of prepared Stovetop. Bake in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30mins .Yum!

I like to think of this as a Grandma type casserole! It sounded weird but was totally delish.The porkchops were no longer dry !And I finished off the night with a glass of chocolate milk.

Like I said…not my most healthy of days but whatever. I’m going to do better. I’m going to getmore veggies in……less chocolates. I’m thinking I’ll start recording in MyFitnessPal again, not because I need to lose weight but because I want to get the habit of recording my foods for after the baby comes. I’ve let too many of old good habits slip while I’ve been preggers, its no tgood. I need to fix this….NOW

I do have to admit that knowing I was taking pictures of each meal made me stop and think a little bit….which is why I had only one donut and not two…. I know, I’m terrible…..but that baby really likes donuts.

And with that….Im out here!

Be sure to link up your eats over at Peas and Crayons!!


Make A Lifestyle Change This Year

Did you put “eat healthy” or “lose weight” on your list of New Year’s resolutions….again?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Desperately hoping this is the year to lose weight, be more active, join the gym,  and start eating healthy….

Guess what! There’s good news! You can succeed! And you WILL succeed! You just have to change your mindset a little bit.

You need to make a lasting lifelong change! You need to make eating healthy a way of life. You need to make it a lifestyle rather than a diet. I’m sure you’ve heard those words over and over and that’s because its true!

Trust me, I’ve been there! I once lost 14 lbs in two weeks, by following the South Beach Diet….as soon I stopped the diet, I gained the weight back just as quickly as I’d lost it. This is why you will hear over and over and over again- that diets just don’t work. You have to make a change that you can stick with for life. Sure, you will have a few indulgences  here and there but in order to keep the weight off forever, you have to really make a change in the way you eat. Plain and simple.

Ready for more good news??

Diet-to-Go is here to help! This month they are giving away 1,000 meals! (Plus a bunch of other cool prizes!)


The details:

• 5 lucky winners will receive one month of free meals!
• 20 winners will receive a free week of meals!
• 25 winners will receive a $50 Diet-to-Go gift card!

Click here to see the official sweepstakes rules and to ENTER!.

Then join me and my friends from Diet-to-Go  on January 7th at 9 pm EST (or 6 pm for us Pacific Standard folks.) for an awesome Twitter part! We will be discussing the common sense ways to reach your goals. Find out how to make a lifelong change and make this year the anti-resolution year!

The details:

  • When – Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 9 p.m. EST
  • Where – Twitter: Use hashtag #diettogo to enter
  • Follow @diettogo and @CaitlinHendee so you don’t miss any tweets.

We’ll also be providing a special discount code for Twitter only at the end of the party – $50 off your first order!

For every tweet, you’ll be entered to win one of four great prizes:

  • One tweeter will win choice of a: Fitbit Force Wristband or Fitbit Scale
  • Three tweeters will win: One week of free Diet-to-Go meals

Check this link for official details about the Twitter party!
(I’m really hoping to win a Fitbit this time around!)

Another GIVEAWAY!!!

Good News!

Thanks to my friends at Diet-to-Go are letting me giveaway another week of meals!

I’m so excited to give someone else the chance to try out these delicious meals! They are perfect for people who want to eat health but not spend a hour over the stove every night.

Turns out I’m not the only one who enjoys these meals, check out this recommendation from the winner of my last giveaway. My friend, Deserea!

I won the last contest for the week’s worth of food from Diet-to-go. It came in this awesome foam cooler filled with dry ice to keep the perishable food fresh. That impressed me because to me this meant that the food was fresh and not some freeze dried, cardboard diet food that I was going to have to try and stomach for a week. When I open the cooler I found 5 days worth of yummy looking meals. That’s right, breakfast lunch and dinner! So easy! You just keep the food in the fridge/ freezer until you’re ready to eat it. My first breakfast was 4 blueberry pancakes with syrup and two turkey sausage links. Yummy! Lunch was a curry chicken sandwich, mandarin oranges, and a granola bar. Mmmm. It just kept going like that! I’m on day three now and am also adding in some exercise, I looking forward to weighing myself at the end of the week to see what difference having no excuse for eating healthier has made! I would definitely recommend giving Diet-to-go a try.

Yay! One, I love that she enjoyed the meals!  And two, I’m excited because my friend is working really hard to lose a few pounds and she is totally rocking it! Way to go, lady!!

Diet-to-Go works like this…

You visit their website…


Pick one of their three delicious menus, they offer Traditional Low-Fat, Vegetarian, and Low-Carb. (Click the link to see sample menus)

Personally, I’ve tried the Vegetarian and the Low-Fat!


So…you’ve picked a plan…and then you wait…and a giant cooler arrives on your doorstep several days later.

Inside you find detailed menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus the food, of course, it comes freshly frozen with everything you need for complete meals each week.

Ta-da! All the work is done for you! Really, that’s it.

Perfect for everyone!

Now it’s your turn to a week of meals! To enter just leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite food/meal!

Extra entries for like Living Made Healthy on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! (Please leave a comment to let me know you did so!)

Edit: Totally forgot the most important part! I will pick a winner Sunday 11/24/13 after 5 pm PST and contact the winner directly!

And The Winner Is…

Oppps! I totally wrote this yesterday to and forgot to post it!

The winner of the Diet-to-go Giveaway is ….




Congratulations Sarah! I’ll send you an email to get your info so we can get your meals out to you right away!

Thank you everyone for entering. The good new is, I’m doing another giveaway in November with Diet-to-Go!


Hello Friends, Happy Sunday!

I hope you have had a great weekend, I know I have. It was pretty low-key, and Blake managed to have both days off. It was nice to spend some time together! We pretty much just ran errands and chilled at home, except for attending a birthday party for one of our good friends kiddos.

In other news, have you guys tried making fresh juice, also called juicing. It’s delicious.

There is a very popular documentary Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead, where the guy Joe Cross had nothing but freshly made juice for 60-days. Nothing else. No food. Joe was suffering from an auto-immune disorder and taking tons of medication  and tired of it…its very cool and enlightening to see how much food effected his life.

Months ago, my Mom bought a juicer to give it a try. (She also has a similar health condition.)

I’ve since hijacked her juicer! Seriously, I make juice almost everyday.

2013-09-19 17.28.04-2

Its really been a blessing during this pregnancy because sometimes most of the time I just don’t want to eat salad or vegetables. I know I need them…but they don’t sound appetizing. I’m good at eating fruit, but not nearly enough vegetables. Let’s be honest, everyone can use more veggies.

2013-07-27 19.15.27-2

Some of the best juices are the green ones!

There are some “rules” to follow when making fresh and healthy juice!

2013-09-29 15.07.03-2

General Guidlines for the Best & Healthiest Fresh Juice:

1- 50/50 Rule. At least half of the produce should be vegetables, the other half can be fruit. Fruits usually pack a powerful sweetness so you don’t have to add a lot  to make a tasty juice.
2. Always Juice the Whole Fruit/Veg. The skins, seeds, leafs, and rinds have tons of nutrients! Of course there are some exceptions to this rule. The rind on oranges & grapefruits are very sour, so cut those off…but you can leave the outside of lime & lemons. You don’t have to trim the ends off the carrots, celery, or remove the stem from an apple or grapes. Makes things nice and easy. 3. Buy in Bulk. Bags of apples, oranges, and carrots are usually cheaper! Also buy things on sale. Juicing can be quite expensive if you aren’t careful.
4. Never buy pre-washed greens. It seems convenient but its actually a lot easier to stuff a full-sized spinach leaf in the machine rather than a handful of baby spinach. I always add add leafy greens to my juice, when I buy a bag a baby spinach it takes about half a bag to get the same amount of juice as several big leaves.
5. Experiment! There are tons of recipes for fresh juice. I never follow those. I’ve only made one juice that I didn’t really like, but hey its only about 16 oz…easy to chug.
6. MOST IMPORTANT! Wash your juicer right away. Or at least rinse it off, if you let the pulp set it will stick and be tough to clean. Most machines are dish washer safe, unless you have an overly hot dishwasher like mine….I melted one piece. Thank goodness for replacement parts!

If you follow these little rules its pretty easy to make delicious and healthy juice. To be honest, I feel really great when I drink juice. Like I don’t have to feel guilty about not wanting salad for every meal.

For more info, check out Joe Cross’ website: Reboot With Joe. It packed with recipes, tips, and a fun community of other people giving juicing a try!

2013-08-07 07.47.46

Have you tried juicing? Let me know if you give it a try!


Sharing the Good News

Hello Friends! Today I have a couple pieces of good news to share with you!

First up, my friends at Diet-to-Go are hosting an awesome I Live Healthy contest! And the winners receive a week of meals! Score!

DTGPhotoContest.BASICClick this link! To get more info.

They are also hosting a Twitter part tonight at 9:00PM EST to discuss all thing about staying healthy with the hectic schedules of Back to School coming up soon. And….there will be 3 winners! Double Score! Be sure to use hastage #diettogo and follow @diettogo, so you don’t miss a thing.


Lastly, I’ve very excited to announce- I’m now a Two For Fitness Ambassador!

For Two Fitness® is the premier maternity fitness apparel brand, proudly made in the USA and available worldwide. We are committed to celebrate and support moms who are dedicated to healthy, fit, pregnancies.  We believe your apparel should flatter your bump, enhance your confidence, and inspire your joy.

I’m currently writing a blog post for them on running while pregnant! I’m very excited and also nervous, because I’ve never done this kind of thing. But I will be sure to let you know when my post is live on their site. I’m really looking forward to working with Two For Fitness!

Hope you have a great Thursday evening! I’m hoping to be back later tonight with a personal post, but I’m coming down with some kind of cold or something. I have the worst pain in my ears! I’ve never had earaches like I have the last two days. So if I don’t make it back tonight to post, that’s why.

Friday Lunch Date

Happy Friday!

Today was short day at work, so I’ve been enjoying the afternoon off! And it all started with a great lunch date with one super cute husband who would not let me take his photo. He’s such a punk.

I picked Pho Saigon, a delicious Vietnamese Restaurant in downtown Moses Lake. Even though I’ve only been there once before today, its one of my new favorite places. Its so fresh, full of flavor, and really tasty.

Pineapple Bubble Tea

I tried my very first Bubble Tea! A creamy sweet pineapple milky smoothie with chewy tapioca pearls. The verdict? I liked it!

2013-07-12 12.32.44

For starters we had egg rolls with fish sauce. I really think these are the best egg rolls I’ve had in long time. They are so fresh with flaky crust stuffed full of shredded carrots, onions, and pork.  I could probably eat 6 or  60.

2013-07-12 12.36.27

Lunch was a Bun Ga Xao “Boon Ga Sao” and the waitress was totally impressed that I knew how to say it, but that’s only because I asked last time.

Stir fried chicken, with lemongrass, garlic, onion, and seasonings served on a bed of lettuce, bean sprouts, fresh herbs, cucumbers, pickled carrots, peanuts and fish sauce.

Yum, yum, yum! At first I thought it was weird to have warm noodles served with lettuce but it totally works. I like to add a little hoisin and soy sauce. Everything is so fresh and really good. I could probably eat there everyday. They have a big menu with vegetarian options including tofu. Its a nice surprise to find a place like this in my small town which is loaded with franchisees, burger joints, and Mexican restaurants.

After our delicious lunch we just walked around the block to a little cupcake place! I had a cookies and cream cupcake and it was nothing special. Seriously. A disappointment.

It was a really great lunch date. Blake and I work separate schedules so we don’t see each other very much during the week, so it was really nice to see each other day. Luckily tomorrow we are going stand-up paddleboarding, so that will be another fun filled day!