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Time To Ask An Expert

Hello & Happy Hump Day!

Its been another busy week at work, we haven’t had to work late but each day is packed with a lot work. It seems tedious at times but that’s ok.

This week I’ve decided to try something completely new and terrifying at the gym. I’ve  ventured into the weight room. I feel embarrassed and dumb in there with all the big muscle men, but whatever. Yesterday, one guy had to explain how to use a leg press machine, he was very friendly but I was still embarrassed. Today the cable machine was very popular and I got sick of waiting, so I looked up an alternative for the move.

I’ll share more about my new plan once I’ve done it a little more. I can tell you that its kicking my butt!

I’ve also been dead tired this week. This isn’t new information, how many times have I complained about having no energy? I can’t understand why I’m so tired all the time.  I get plenty of sleep, plenty of exercise, enough calories, lots of water, typically one cup of coffee per day. I just don’t get it. I think its time to ask my doctor. I’ve been postponing my yearly appointment anyway so I just need to get done and over with.

All and all, I’d say I’m just trucking along! I’m really looking forward to the long weekend, plus my second 10k. Hope you are having a great week!


Workout Plan 5/20

Hello all, I hope your weekend was fabulous! I’ve had an awesome week that included a 5 mile run, prime rib dinner, Star Trek Into the Darkness, family time and organizing our spare room. I’ll go into detail tomorrow. Tonight I am ready for an early bed time, but I needed to plan out my workouts so I’m prepped for the week to come. <—super important aspect of success!

This week will be somewhat easier, because I have a race on Saturday and I don’t want to be sore. Lately, I’ve been experiencing quite a bit of DOMS. So I want to be fully recovered with fresh legs on Saturday.

Workout Schedule for Week of 5/20/2013

Monday: Legs + some type of cardio
Tuesday: Arms + cardio
Wednesday: 3-4 mile run
Thursday: RIPPED
Friday: walk or shake out run 2ish miles
Saturday: Spring Fest 10k
Sunday: REST

I’d also like to thank you all for your love and support about yesterday’s post! I feel so lucky to have people who can understand, your comments and emails are such a comfort to me.

Don’t forget to tell your enter KLUCTH Club giveway!! Tell your friends, too!

KLUTCH Club Review & Giveaway!

Finally Friday!

This was a long week, I am currently enjoying some much needed time to relax at home. I might head to the gym here pretty soon, or do a workout video.I planned to run 4-5 miles but the sky is black with storm clouds, so I opted out of that one. After work I did a little shopping instead of hitting the gym right away. I have one run, one bootcamp type workout, and one yoga workout planned for this week (today-Sunday) so I will get something in tonight, even if it’s a just a yoga DVD. Although, Blake and I are planning to hit up the town late tonight so maybe I should burn a bunch of calories so I can have a cocktail.

We shall see.

Today, I’m giving away an awesome prize!

A few weeks ago there was a Living Social deal, for a KLUTCH Club subscription box for only $4 so it was $6 off! I bought two and hoped for the best. I’ve only tired one subscription box in the past and I was not happy with it. None of the samples were anything I would use on regular basis. But the KLUTCH Box looked like it would be packed with stuff I would actually use and enjoy, plus it was only $4 plus shipping. (It was on sale with the living social deal, typically $10 plus shipping.)

My box was delivered by FedEx a week or two ago and I’m so happy with it! I’m definitely going to order another one! Plus I bought one for one of you! Trust me you will love it.

Here’s everything that came in my box…


1. Cremo Shave Cream
2. King Arthur Flour Whole Flax Meal
3. yurbuds headphones
4. c.booth Honey & Almond Body Butter (Love this stuff!)
5. Natural Vitality Calm Drink Mix
6. Nature’s Gatue Papaya Body Wash
7.SOYJOY Chocolate Cherry bar
8. Seaweed Mud Cellulite Formula
9. 1-month Gift Card

So far I’ve tried about half of the stuff and I’m loving it.

The body butter is the best! Its super thick and feels great on my super dry skin. The scent is light which its perfect, I hate overbearing scents. I also loved the Body Wash, I’m planning on buying a full sized bottle when my current body was runs out. The smell is perfect for the mornings, fruity smells always perk me up mid yawn!

My hubby took full advantage of the luminosity card! It’s a fun website with brain teasers and things to make you think!

I was also really excited to see the yurbuds in my box because a few weeks ago I almost bought a pair but I recently stole my hubs new apple earbuds so I passed, so it was really cool to get a pair.


I have to admit, I didn’t love them the first time I tried them out. First of all, you have to twist them into your ear, it takes some getting used to. They were also a little uncomfortable when I was using them sitting at my desk. I decided to give them a second try during a run and I changed my mind about them! They did not fall out nor did sweat drip into my ear. Perfect for workouts. Although, they go into the ear canal, they didn’t block out all the outside noise, which I actually prefer, because I like to know what is going on around me.

I haven’t tried the Flax meal, but I am totally looking forward to try it out! The back of the box has directions for subbing it into baked dishes! You can bet I will be trying that. Honestly, I’m looking forward to trying everything!

All in all, I’m so happy with this subscription box! Its only $18 per month (shipping included) so its totally affordable considering all the stuff you get. The headphones alone were $30 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, so this box was a steal! If you are interested in trying out a subscription box, I would totally recommend KLUCTH Club! The have boxes for Women, Men and even exclusive boxed for Mom’s! Everything in this box is designed to keep you healthy! Perfect for all types of people.

But you can also win one here! Just leave a comment on this here post to win! Extra entries for following Living Made Healthy on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook! Just leave a separate comment saying you did so. So there is a total of 4 ways to enter. (If the winning comment isn’t really following, I will pick another winner.) Winner will be annouced on May 24th! next Friday.

Also check out this list of the 100 Most Inspiring Weight Loss Bloggers complied by Diet-to-Go here! Some of my faves are on there!

Ladder Workout


So I was supposed to go to Bootcamp tonight but I had to work late. Work trumps workouts right now, its sad but I will enjoy those paychecks! I left work a little after 7 pm, headed to the gym only to realize they gym bag I packed last night was still at home. Lame sauce.

Well a few weeks ago I won copy of the Turbo Fire starter pack so I decided to give that a try tonight. I will write a review after I try it a few more times but I will say I enjoyed it. After that I decided that I needed to get some weight lifting in tonight, so I whipped up this little workout!

Summer workout

Its pretty self-explanatory. You can look on you-tube or google to find explinations for each move you are unsure. Cardio can be any thing that gets your heart rate up like running, elliptical, walking, jumping jacks…whatever floats your boat. 

Its fun but tough! My legs totally gave out in the last wall sit! For my cardio, I did some boxing…so. much. fun.! I need to use my punching bag way more often!


Disclaimer: I am not an expert or personal trainer, I just have a passion for sweating it out! Please use your own good judgment when attempting this workout. I don’t want anyone to get hurt! Feel free to contact me via the contact page if you have any questions. 

And now I’m off to bed! Adios!

Set Up For A Great Week


Bad news: I forgot to blog yesterday! I’m so disappointed, I thought I would totally make it every day this month. Bummer. Yesterday was such a weird day, I slept in late and then worked at the Central Washington Home Expo. It was terribly boring, but I’m looking forward to having extra money.

To tell you the truth this whole week was kind of wonky. I did not stick to my workout very well or follow my tips to making better use of my time. I could totally go on forever telling you all the things I did wrong. But that sounds boring and will just make me sad and depressed.

I’m tired of feeling like a failure. I really don’t want to get into this right now. I’m just tired of making excuses.

Tomorrow is the start a fresh week. I’m going to forget about the mistakes I’ve made and just do better from this moment on.

This is what my workout schedule looks like for this week:

Monday: 4 mile run
Tuesday: Bootcamp
Wednesday: RIPPED + 3 mile run
Thursday: Bootcamp
Friday: 4-5 mile run
Saturday: Yoga
Sunday: rest

As for meals- I’ve been eating a ton of sweets like chocolate and donuts. This week I’m gonna work at eating more clean meals, meats, fruits and veggies and some healthy grains. I really need to limit my chocolate consumption to once per day rather than once per hour meal.

No more excuses. None.

In other news! I was blessed with another beautiful little niece this weekend! Miss Lyllian Riley! I’m totally in love with her!

Diet-to-Go Review

Happy, Happy Friday!

I’m totally ready for the weekend. Its been a long week, that’s for sure. However, some exciting new….my brother’s wife is about to have a baby! I can’t wait to be aunt again for the third time.

Luckily, my long week was totally made easier with the help of Diet-to-Go! I recently became a Diet-to-Go brand ambassador and when they offered to send me a week’s worth of meal, I jumped at the chance!

Let’s start with, what exactly is Diet-to-Go?

Well, it’s a diet delivery service that send healthy, nutritious, and delicious food right to your front door. They offer three different menus to chose from- traditional, vegetarian, and low-carb with 1200 calorie or 1600 calorie options.

I was sent the 1600 calorie traditional menu! Spoiler Alert: I’m totally impressed.

Diet-to-Go is all about the Common Sense approach to weight loss which is totally in line with my approach. I’ve tried several “fad” diets. I can never stick to it. The Diet-to-Go plan is not some wacky fad diet. Its real food, just like you would cook at home, but they do all the prep work and calorie counting for you. You can rest easy, knowing you are getting the right amount of calories. I never once felt like I was on a “diet” this week, I felt like I was trying out  new meals.

The breakfasts were totally my favorite!


Greek style burrito with chicken sausage! This might have been my favorite! The burrito was full of egg and spinach. Talk about moist, I’m not a big breakfast burrito fan but I would totally make this for myself.


Pancakes with turkey sausage. These pancakes we so light and fluffy. I wish I had like two or three more plates.

I also had a yummy cranberry scone, French toast and an egg & broccoli pie!


For lunch, I was sent a variety of sandwiches. This is the turkey and Swiss melt with blue chips and a VS splash. I also had a tomato flatbread melt, turkey cutlet sub, and a turkey salad sandwich that came with a Dannon Danimals yogurt! Fun!



For dinner, I enjoyed this heaping bowl of shrimp curry. I have trouble remembering to take pictures of my dinner! oops.

This was another fav though…Turkey & Chicken Brunswick (said with a British accent please) and a corn and lentil loaf!  Look at all that veggie deliciousness, this was my first time eating okra! The lentil loaf was super delicious…I’ll admit I was a little leery but one bite and I was hooked. (I actually ate this for lunch…somehow I got mixed up! haha!)


What I love most about this meal plan is the variety! Since my hubby works the swing shift, I’m usually cooking for one…so I tend to eat the same things over and over again. I also loved that they sent me things I wouldn’t usually pick like French toast! Let’s be real, French toast is usually off limits on most “diets.”

If you are interested in giving Diet-to-Go a try, they are offering a sweet discount code for a limited time only, so take advantage right away! Just use the code summer25 when you check out!

I’m fairly certain you will love this food as much as I did! Seriously, go check out the menu…everything looks deeeelish.

Which Diet-to-Go meal would you like to try?

Thursday Thoughts

Hiya friends!

I’m so thankful its Thursday! I’m going to be working a few hours again this Saturday but it will be nice to relax a little. Our plans for camping have been postponed for now but that’s ok because the extra money I earn will go toward my trip to FitBloggin!


I planned to run 4 miles today, but I’m swapping today and tomorrow so I can hangout out with my hubs tonight and get some blog stuff done. This week has not been a regular week so I have not stuck to the plan I made to help me enjoy my free time more/get more done.

However, my goals for May seems to trucking along pretty good. This week, I’ve had a couple of really good workouts. and I’m totally enjoying my Diet-to-Go meals! This morning was pancakes with turkey sausage. Yum!


(I’ll be doing a full review tomorrow! So stay tuned.)

The one goal I need to work on is not overeating on the weekends. This weekend at Bloomsday I totally ate too much. I saw the results on the scale immediately and I’m not happy about it whatsoever. It was totally my fault and I know it.

A few weeks I mentioned that I don’t need to weigh myself everyday, and that’s true but I still need that constant reminder to stay on track. When I don’t weigh myself, I let way too many things slide. Weighing in daily doesn’t have to be a negative thing. There is no reason to let a three-digit number define me. I truly believe that. The reason I still want to lose weight has to do with my health, I want to get to a healthy weight for my height. I want to lower my risk of heart disease and diabetes by decrease my waist size. I want to live a long, long, long life!

So with this weekend nearing…I will keep track. I will not over eat my calories!

With that. I’m outta here. See ya tomorrow, friends!