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Home Gym Necessities On A Budget

I don’t know how it happened so fast, but 2014 is right around the corner and people are starting to think about their New Year’s Resolutions!

At the top of the list is ALWAYS something like lose weight, get in shape, or workout more, right? I’ve been there year after year trying to lose the weight that was holding me back. (But more on that later…)

I’ve always been more successful at home rather than having to go to the gym. I have no idea why! Maybe its a comfort level thing. I’m not afraid to look crazy or workout my ass off in my living room.

Today I’m going to share with you the essentials for having your own home gym while on a budget! I promise that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be successful at home. You also don’t have to a ton of equipment. Or a lot of space, I do workout in my living room.

Here are the essentials:

1- A variety of hand weights/dumbbells. Its best to buy them one set at time getting heavier as you start to need them. Typically at Walmart or Target you will pay a little over a dollar a pound but check places like TJ Maxx or Ross, even second hand stores – you can find a them a little bit cheaper. Price Range: $5 and up (depends on weight)

2- Yoga Mat! This is a serious must have even if you don’t do yoga! It will add some extra cushion when you are stretching, or doing ab work or push up. If you have hardwood floors like me, it also helps to keep some of the dirt away because no matter how much I sweep there is still dirt everywhere!

I also buy these at Ross or TJ Maxx! They usually have cute patterns and great prices but I’ve also purchased them from Walmart for about $10, I can’t understand paying more than 15 bucks for one of these. Price Range: $7 and up.

3- Some sort of timer. Essential for doing HITT or tabata style workouts. Personally, I just use a free app on my iPhone called RoundTimer. But you can find an actual timer basically anywhere, this one from Gymboss is very popular because you can clip it on your clothes so it easy to access. Price Range: Free and up. Approximately $20 for a Gymboss timer.

4- Workout DVDs. I’ve found the best way to get a full body workout consistently is by using at-home DVDs. There a MILLIONS of them out there…seriously, millions. Right now my Walmart has an entire section dedicated to workout DVDs that are only $9 each! I think the best way to stay focused and have fun is to have a variety of workouts at your fingertips. I’ve also bought them at yard sales or used from my bookstore. There also some available for free on YouTube.

Some of my personal favorites include ones from Bob HarperJillian Michaels, and The 15-Minute Solution series.

You could also purchase one of those at home programs like Insanity (which I tried) or P90x, if that is something that interest you. Some of them like Insanity don’t require any equipment, although I would recommend a yoga mat to cushion under your hands. Price Range: Free and up

That’s all it really takes, of course you could invest in some more expensive things, but its not necessary. Although my current wish list includes a nice sturdy treadmill.

I’m actually getting a little bit excited to starting getting back into shape after the baby comes!

IMG_3730.jpgGood Luck!

Any body else do at home workouts?

What are some of your favorite non-essential pieces of equipment?
Mine include my punching bag (gift from my hubs last Christmas) and my one and only  kettle bell! I need to use them more often!


Another GIVEAWAY!!!

Good News!

Thanks to my friends at Diet-to-Go are letting me giveaway another week of meals!

I’m so excited to give someone else the chance to try out these delicious meals! They are perfect for people who want to eat health but not spend a hour over the stove every night.

Turns out I’m not the only one who enjoys these meals, check out this recommendation from the winner of my last giveaway. My friend, Deserea!

I won the last contest for the week’s worth of food from Diet-to-go. It came in this awesome foam cooler filled with dry ice to keep the perishable food fresh. That impressed me because to me this meant that the food was fresh and not some freeze dried, cardboard diet food that I was going to have to try and stomach for a week. When I open the cooler I found 5 days worth of yummy looking meals. That’s right, breakfast lunch and dinner! So easy! You just keep the food in the fridge/ freezer until you’re ready to eat it. My first breakfast was 4 blueberry pancakes with syrup and two turkey sausage links. Yummy! Lunch was a curry chicken sandwich, mandarin oranges, and a granola bar. Mmmm. It just kept going like that! I’m on day three now and am also adding in some exercise, I looking forward to weighing myself at the end of the week to see what difference having no excuse for eating healthier has made! I would definitely recommend giving Diet-to-go a try.

Yay! One, I love that she enjoyed the meals!  And two, I’m excited because my friend is working really hard to lose a few pounds and she is totally rocking it! Way to go, lady!!

Diet-to-Go works like this…

You visit their website…


Pick one of their three delicious menus, they offer Traditional Low-Fat, Vegetarian, and Low-Carb. (Click the link to see sample menus)

Personally, I’ve tried the Vegetarian and the Low-Fat!


So…you’ve picked a plan…and then you wait…and a giant cooler arrives on your doorstep several days later.

Inside you find detailed menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus the food, of course, it comes freshly frozen with everything you need for complete meals each week.

Ta-da! All the work is done for you! Really, that’s it.

Perfect for everyone!

Now it’s your turn to a week of meals! To enter just leave me a comment below and let me know your favorite food/meal!

Extra entries for like Living Made Healthy on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! (Please leave a comment to let me know you did so!)

Edit: Totally forgot the most important part! I will pick a winner Sunday 11/24/13 after 5 pm PST and contact the winner directly!

Vegetarian for a Week [Diet-to-Go Review]

Why Hello Friends! I’ve seriously missed you, but things have been pretty interesting around here, and I’ve been unable to get to the computer as much as I’d like. Stick with me and I promise to give you a BIG update and I promise to get back to regular blogging!

Lucky for me while things have been a little out of wack, I was blessed with another week of meals from Diet-to-Go! A few months ago I was selected as a Diet-to-Go Ambassador and my partnership with them has been fabulous! I loved my first week of meals, so I was seriously excited to get the chance to review another week of meals.

Just to mix things up some, I picked the Vegetarian Menu. I was part nervous and part excited. I had a brief stint as a vegetarian but I didn’t go super crazy with fake meat or soy things. So I really didn’t know what to expect with my week of meat free meals. But you know, I was very pleased with these meals. A couple of them were a little on the “light side” so I added some fruit and nutrient rich beverages. (I picked the 1600 calorie plan but I’m currently eating around 1800-2000 calories per day.)

As usual, I think the breakfast were some of my favorites! I’m a huge breakfast lover!


Waffles! With added blackberries, a glass of milk and a little dab of peanut butter mixed in with the syrup. I was actually sent waffles for two breakfasts because something else was out of stock. I was one happy girl! 


I also enjoyed blueberry pancakes with soy sausage. The sausage was so delicious. I would totally eat it over regular pork sausage. It was tasty.

On the savory side of things, I was sent this Ratatouille Omelet!


Which was packed with veggies and very filling. It was quite nice to get an extra serving of veggies in the morning.

Lunches were also veggie packed! My favorite was the Mushroom Ravioli but it looked so good, I totally forgot to snap a picture. Another fav was the White Bean Burrito…except again I forgot to take a picture. Its tough when I get so hungry at work, I just eat without thinking!


I did manage to take a picture of the Marinara Veggie Burger with popchips and spinach dip! With an added side of grapes plus red orange juice.

I hate to sound like a broken record here but dinners were equally as fabulous.


Penne Pasta with veggies!


Stuffed Cabbage rolls with more veggies.


And Veggie Pizza with more veggies!

I loved all the veggies! I guess that come with being a Vegetarian!

So now are you ready for the really good news? Diet-to-Go is totally hooking you guys up! $50 off any 7 day meal plan…which is a steal!


They are also hosting an awesome sweepstakes on Facebook (so make sure to like them)! One Grand Prize Winner will a month of free meals and 5 Runner-Ups will win 1 week of free meals! Click here to view the complete rules:


And Diet-to-Go is hosting a DietBet to really help get your weight loss moving! Click here to join! I’d highly recommend participating if you are looking for extra weight loss motivation. Plus you can win a little cash.

You can really see that Diet-to-Go is ready to help YOU reach YOUR goals. I love working with a company that is committed to helping people living a healthy lifestyle!

Hope you have a fab Monday!

Family Time

Good day!

Mondays really give me headaches. I’ve been tracking my headaches and I get one almost every Monday! At least this weekend was quite enjoyable! We sure packed a lot into two days.

Saturday started with a super yummy breakfast for some pre-run fuel.


Sadly, I ate it too close to run time, so I had a stomach ache for 5 whole miles! My run was just….meh. They were slow miles and I had heartburn plus the stomach ache, but it felt great when I was done!


The view wasn’t too bad though! Plus I rocked this awesome new shirt.


We planned to check out the farmer’s market which just opened for the season, but silly me thought it closed at 3 PM when it really closed at 1 PM…Whomp whomp.

We still had to do some grocery shopping though, so off to the store!



It was actually kind of fun, because we had not been shopping in weeks! For meals this weeks I’m planning greek yogurt with fruit and granola or eggs for breakfast. Turkey sandwiches for lunch and salmon (bunless) burgers with veggies and a rice and quinoa medley. Nothing fancy, but everything healthy and delicious! I also found some fun, new stuff to try like this Justin’s Maple Almond Butter!


So good with just a hint of sweetness from the maple. Perfect for an afternoon snack before my workout today.

We also scored these Honeycrisp Apple Shock Tops.


I’m not sure if I’ve expressed my love for honeycrisps apples, but I love with with everyone once of my heart. The only apple that matters. We’ve been on the lookout for this beer for literally weeks, and it did not disappoint.

Saturday night we had dinner plans with our friends, and I totally enjoyed a prime rib dinner with salad, green beans, and a baked potato. We  also saw Star Trek, Into The Darkness in 3D and I really liked it. It’s the first movie that I actually thought was worth the extra price for 3D. Good food, good movie, good company…excellent night.

Sunday was spend snoozing late, and spending time with the family! We a little BBQ at my mom’s house and it was nice to see my family, especially this little beauty!


Miss Lyllian Riley hanging out on Uncle Blake’s lap! She is now 9 days old with a seriously full head of hair. Here hair is the same color mine was when I was born: greyish, dirty blond!

After the BBQ we did a quick round of mini golf, and then Blake offered to tackle the spare room, which was packed full of junk and you have move stuff around just to move in there. It took a little while but now we have neatly organized junk! I also came across old jeans, of course, I had to try them on.


Crazy! This was nice little reminder that I really have come so far from the beginning! This makes me appreciate my hard work and dedication. I’m not always perfect, I haven’t lost weight super fast, but I’ve worked hard and I’ve really changed. That’s what matters.

This was such a great weekend, I loved spending time with family!
And I’m pleased to say that I did not overeat and I did not gain weight over the weekend! Score.


This will be hard post to write, but I need to do it. I need to get it out and continue to heal.

In August of 2011, my cousin Amy passed away  at the young age of 25. I was devastated. We were very close growing up, even lived together for a little while. Of course, we didn’t always get along, and for while grew apart for occasionally , it didn’t change anything. In fact, one day I was looking through my phone contact and randomly decided to call her to see if she had the same phone number, and we chatted for like 2 hours. We were cousin and friends.


Amy’s death changed me. My cousin’s life was cut short, and there were so many things she didn’t get to do. She had wishes, dreams, and plans. I decided from that moment, that I would not waste anymore time waiting for things to happen to me. When you want something you have to make it happen.

After this, I decided to start a family, I wanted to have a baby. It took a long while to get the ball rolling, due to the type of birth control I had been using and getting myself & Blake ready. In September of last year, after 4 crazy pregnancy tests I excitedly text Blake you’re going to be Dad!

As any first time mother would, I called the doctor right away! At 8 weeks I was scheduled for my first ultrasound, to say we were excited is an understatement, but we were really excited. Sadly, nothing came up on the ultrasound, the technician could see the “sack” but no actually baby. I’m pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. The technician told us that there was no baby and I could barely walk out of the hospital. How could this be. I felt broken.

There was a series of more doctors appointments, tube after tube of blood work, and two more ultrasounds. The whole time we were in limbo, we didn’t know if there was a baby or not. My hormones levels were super high, but then dropped rapidly. After 4 weeks of not hoping and praying that there really a baby, we found out there was definitely not a baby. I had miscarried at 6 weeks. (I ended up having a D&C.)

After the miscarriage, I wanted to lay in bed crying. And I did for while, but I knew deep down that if I didn’t do something I would end up in worse shape emotionally. I have a long family history of severe depression and have fought with it myself for a long time.

So I forced myself to run even though I was slow and would end up crying mid run. I forced myself to hang out with friends, even though I cried when I held my friend’s baby. I worked out, tried out recipes, visited the library….anything to help me try to gain a routine.

I threw myself in to weight loss, and I credit how far I’ve come to that moment. In this moment, and maybe still to this day, I felt like this happened because I was over weight and unhealthy. It had to be my fault, I knew it. So I promised myself to be as healthy as possible whenever “next time” came.

Now I am so thankful, that I was able to turn things around, I lost another 20 pounds. I made fitness my hobby. I changed. I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity if I had the baby.

That doesn’t change the fact that It still hurts me that I am not a mom. Today is May 17. The day my baby was due. To tell you the truth, I’m a little mad. The last few weeks have been seriously hard. Friends have had baby showers, my sister-in-law and brother had a baby (due only the day before me). And I am so happy for them. Its just hard to watch what could have been unfold.

I thought by now I would be pregnant again and happily waiting for my baby’s arrival but of course it didn’t pan out that way. I also thought I’d be down to 160 lbs by now, so that I would know deep down that its not my fault, and I’m not. The two things together have made the last few weeks so hard. And probably the reason why I’ve struggled to commit to my weight loss. Expectations have a funny way of slapping you in face, don’t they?

I’m at the point where I want a baby so bad, but I’m not where I need to be physically and I don’t know what to do about it. But I know that writing this will help me. Writing this is letting some of my tears and fears outs.

We just have to take it one day at a time. That’s all it takes to survive.

A Couple New NSVs


Lately, I’ve been little bit down because of a number of things. One of the main reasons, it because I feel like failure for not losing any more weight recently. I know why I’m not losing weight, its not hard to figure out but getting to right point again mentally has been a struggle. This week I’ve really put my blinders on, its definitely helping and now I can share you with some non-scale victories (although the scale is moving in the right direction!).

Eating Out:
I had lunch out three times this week. All three times I picked healthy and delicious meals! This is a big deal! I often find that when I’m eating out I either want to eat what/how my hubs eat…with fries and coke. Or I want to “indulge”…we eat out way too often for it to a special treat worth indulging in.


Two delish salads! The right was a Cashew Chicken Salad and the left was called a Rudy Salad.

Today I had a sushi date with two friends from work! I ordered a Spicy Marqui- it had yellowtail and avocado plus a little siracha on top. (Should have take a picture!) I also had Vegetable Yakisoba, although it was probably a little higher in calories, I feel like I made great choices!

We have one more dinner out planned this weekend! (And then we are going to see Star Trek!)

Running has been tough lately! I’m pushing my self to run faster and keep a steady pace but I’ve had to take walk breaks occasionally because I’m getting stomach aches (uhm…tmi…gas). I think because I am running after work when I really want to be eating dinner…I’m still working on figuring this schedule stuff out.

Well yesterday I worked extra late and was not feeling so hot so I hit the hay early and skipped my workout. I’m all about being flexible…but I still wanted to get in a double workout this week and today was the only option because there are no classes Friday nights. First I did bootcamp, then got ready to do 3 easy miles on the treadmill. The first treadmill I got on was super bouncey and I couldn’t handle it….the next FOUR I tried didn’t work! Two wouldn’t turn on completely….and two kept saying start up error! The universe was telling me to go home but I shut it up…tried the last open treadmill & it worked! Those three miles were brutal and slow…like really slow…but I did it even though I wanted to quit the whole time. I’m pretty proud of this, my brain kept saying you’ve already done enough tonight, but I pushed through. I burned 928 calories tonight!


Overall Feeling Good:
This morning I woke up and I just felt great! I’m with only 3 pounds of my lowest weight! If Heidi Klum complained to me about being up 3 pounds, I’d give her the crazy eyes….so I’m officially giving myself the crazy eyes. I felt skinny this morning…I think I look pretty skinny in this picture even though you see my belly outline…which is mostly due to those pants being to small (long story short: I tried on two different sizes and kept the wrong ones). (Please forgive this gross bathroom picture, I promise to never post one like this again!)

I’m trying to remember this feeling so I when I’m looking at menu, I can remind myself that just a few days of good, healthy food makes me feel fantastic!

Its not all about the number on the scale! In fact, I’d say its mostly not about that…its about feel good and loving who you are!

Lastly, I’d like to give a shout out to my friend at Losing With Cooper! Check out her blog! She lost weight while on vacation!!!!

Alright I’m out of here! Check back with me tomorrow because I’m having a giveaway!! And it’s a good one…!

Let Me Explain

Hi Friends!

I’ve been a little distant from the blog lately, and I have to apologize. I didn’t mean to take a little hiatus but I had to work though some stuff, so let me explain.

First of all, I finished the Sugar Detox two weeks ago, which was great! Cutting out sugar and refined flours really helped me to drop a few pounds and I reached my lowest weight ever…and finally met the 170s on the scale!

And then the next day and following days I went a sugar rampage! Its embarrassing really. At a BBQ with friends, I scarfed down about 1/4 of Boston crème cake. I was finding myself eating more sugar and sweets than ever; yogurt, granola, chocolate chips, chocolate covered bananas….junk junk junk.

All this was in days of the Diet Bet ending which scared me, I didn’t want to lose my money! I was up a few pounds and knew it was some bloat and left junk in my system so I agreed to do a juice fast with my mom from the Reboot website. This is the program made by the guy, Joe,  from the Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead documentary. My mom has a similar auto-immune disorder and her doctor suggested she check it out and maybe try it. Long story short, I lasted about two days, made it back to my goal weight for the bet, and then gorged myself on pizza and Arby’s. ARGH!


So what happened after all this… I’d like to say there was big monumental moment but there isn’t. I just realize I’ve had enough.

— I’m sick of weighing myself every single day, multiple times a day. During the Diet Bet, it seriously got out of hand, I’m talking 5, 6, 7 times per day. So I took the batteries out the scale and shoved it in a closet…where it will stay for an undetermined amount of time. The truth is, I don’t need it. I know when I’m eating right and getting enough exercise. I don’t need a scale to tell me, I know when its enough.

— I’m in a workout rut! I miss the way I felt when I was doing Bob Harper DVDs daily, I was starting to develop muscles and maybe even abs. I love running but I need the weights too. I’m not doing it on my own very well, so I made a big decision and joined a gym. I’ll go in to detail about this a little more later but I’ve already gone twice and I can tell this will help me reach my goals.

— I feel myself falling back into a sedentary lifestyle, when I’m not working out. With my new ad design job I sit at a desk all day long, then I come home and sit on the couch or go to bed early. Well this has got to stop, I’ve gone on a couple walks during my breaks at work but I need to increase this to every day. I also need to walk my pups more!


Speaking of the pups: I thought this was funny…Kia is a afraid of water and finds the only dry place when it rains and Mopar was out having a blast rolling in the mud!

— As for food…well maybe you noticed a new little badge on the side of the blog…I’m now a Diet To Go Ambassador! Next week they will be sending me a whole week’s worth of meals to try out! I’m super excited to partner with Diets To Go and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with you guys. Until then I’m trying to eat up all the yummy fresh stuff I have in the fridge so nothing goes bad.

All in all, I’m pretty excited about all these new changes. I’m ready to no longer have a weight problem. I’m ready to be a “regular” sized person. I’m ready to live the kind of life I want to live.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a fab weekend!