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Yoga Class & A New DVD

One of the last things to cross of my 2012 Bucketlist was take a yoga class. I’ve used yoga DVDs at home for a couple of years now, and I even did a yoga bootcamp at home last Novemeber using a program I found on ExerciseTV.But I’ve always wanted to go to yoga class because I felt like it would be more challenging and fun, however, in my little town of Moses Lake there are no yoga studios. Luckily, the Parks and Rec department offers a few yoga classes although the schedule is very limited, I was able to find a class that works with my schedule on Monday nights.

I really enjoy my class, its led by a woman, and her husband helps out with positioning and adjustments. The moment I walked into class on the very first day, I felt welcome. They both introduced themselves and remember my name right away. During the first two weeks I was still pregnant, which I had mention to her so she was quick to offer alternatives to the moves I should have avoided. Then when I was back to class after surgery, I let her know what happened to I could get the full benefits from the class. I felt very fortunate that she did not draw attention to me and my situation because I would have been embarrassed. She even offered to let me attend the other class on Thursdays which is led by another lady to make up the one I missed, but it won’t work with my schedule.

Overall, I really like the class, for the most part, its more about getting a good stretch rather than physical activity like most of the DVDs I own. Which after a hard workout like I did yesterday, it feels really good to get that guided stretch.

I would definitely sign up for another class! The class is post-poned for the next two weeks but I plan to use my DVDs at home on a more regular basis anyway so I will still be getting a good stretch.

*I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures, but its kind of awkward to take pictures during class.

Yesterday I had trouble getting myself motivated to workout, I was tired from working the morning shift, which meant a 4:00 am wake up but I got my self in gear and got it done. I did Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed and Shred, she means business in this one. I just bought it the other day and I’ve done it three times, only two all the way through and it’s killer.

I was totally exhausted afterwards!

Here’s proof!

I also got these new yoga pants…in a medium! I love the lime green zebra detail. My only complaint is that the waist band is really small so it rolls down. I like the ones with fat waist bands.

Today I’m trying something totally new….Pilates. My mother in law gave me some weird Pilates machine and I have no idea how it works but I’m going to give it a shot! So be sure to check back.

In totally unrelated news, two people told me that I look like two different people with my hair up vs being down. What do you think?


Getting Back To Me

Unfortunately, we received the news last night that I was dreading. Right now my goal is to just get back myself back to me, back to normal.

I’ve tried to get started already:

I’ve started taking a yoga class! Another thing I get to cross off my 2012 Bucketlist, I’m really excited about that. I’m going to do a post about it after the next class which is next Monday. I want to share some pictures, but I haven’t taken any yet but I’ll try to remember next time.

Today, I went for my first run in 20 days. I’m shocked its been 20 days but I know I wont have that long without running again. I’m setting myself a goal to let know more than 3 days go in between runs. On my run today, I decided I didn’t have to go very far or very fast, I felt like I was waddling. It rained a little bit, it was freaking cold, but I made it. I took a few walk breaks, some because I was also texting my mother in law but it felt pretty great. I thought I might share my stats.

I’m looking forward to running more and more although but I do need to pick up some warmer running clothes.

I know I’ve gained a few pounds but I’m giving myself a few days to get back into my routine and deal with my upcoming surgery. Then I will be doing everything I need to do to get healthy for my future children.

Another Thing Off The List

One of the things on my 2012 Bucketlist was to grow a garden that actually produced something.

I’ve had a vegetable garden for the last 3 years. The first year, it basically died two weeks after I planted it. Last year, I planted a bunch of stuff and my dogs ate it. Yup all of it! I was ticked!

This year, I went all out!
I started my garden from seed in the house and I had tons of plants, too many to fit my little tiny garden square. Some have died but some have flourished! I currently have 5 tomato bushed, 2 bell pepper plants, 2 jalapeno plants, a little cluster of onions, and a cauliflower plant. For fruits, I have a big planter of strawberries and a blueberry bush!

So far I have harvested a handful of strawberries, and a few tomatoes here there.  However, this week, I had my best harvest yet!

My pride and joy! My favorite fruit, blueberries! There were only 4 but they were delicious! I can’t wait until next year!

I had four cherry tomatoes ready for picking today! There are a bunch more on the vine so I’m totally excited to pick more. I planted these from starts I grew in my window sill, so that makes them extra special to me!

There are a few tiny little peppers growing. I’m really hoping to get a head of cauliflower, but so far its a bunch of leaves so far. And I think I will get some onion although they might be small. I planted the start in one hole and apparently I was supposed to break it up! Whoops!
I’m really happy about my about little garden! I can’t wait to have a better one next year! I also just started some herbs in my window last Monday.

Also for the first time I had a flower bed in the front of my house, and it actually did really well too! I planted daffodils, violets, poppies, and two little bushes. I’ve has lots of flowers all summer, it looks really nice except I sorta let the weeds grow too much lately. I’m gonna fix that tomorrow.

Now there is a few things left on my bucket list like take a yoga class which is in the works! I also have some bigger weight loss goals but you already know how that’s going!



A Kayaking Adventure

We have been talking about going kayaking since last summer and this weekend we finally did it! Kayaking is so much fun, we loved it!

Blake and I rented a two seater kayak from TriState Outfitters, a local sporting goods store. It only cost us $30 plus tax for a whole day rental, seemed like a good deal to me. The rental included the paddles and life jackets. We strapped our kayak to the top of the our jeep and away we went! Oh with one pit stop at Walmart to pick up some snacks, and a Discovery Pass (required to park a vehicle in a Washington state park).
We decided to kayak at Deep Lake, which is inside the Sun Lake/Dry Falls state park. This is a really popular lake in our area, in fact this is the lake where I first learned to go cliff jumping! Yes, we jump off cliffs into the lakes around here, and its a blast. This lake was ideal for our first kayaking adventure because its relatively small, about 1.5 miles long, and there is a speed limit of 5 mph.

Most of the tourists and swimmers stay to the front of the lake so once we got a few hundred feet we were out there on our own with the birds, even a blue heron! This trip is one of those times when I wish I had my own personal photographer because I couldn’t take a camera in the kayak because I’m super clumsy and seriously would have dropped it in the lake.

Once we paddled to the end of the lake, we parked our boat on some rocks and got out to enjoy our snacks. Healthy snacks of course; plums, pretzels, sunflower seeds, and beef jerky. After snack time we took a swim in the beautifully clear blue water. It was perfect. Shortly after that we headed back to the dock, this time into the wind, so it was slightly harder.

This was seriously one of the best afternoons we had together! We are definitely going to be doing this again, maybe even getting our own kayak. And I’m so super happy to cross another thing off my 2012 Bucket List! Actually, make that two, because I wore my bikini in public for the first time!


Weekly-Wrap Up, Resolutions Revisited, and Changes.

What a mouthful! I have a few topics I wanted to touch on today, seems like one big post will be better than a few smaller ones. So lets start at the top!

Weekly Wrap Up
The first week of my “bootcamp” went very well. I was seriously sore all week. And I can’t say I missed it over the weekend either! On Friday instead of my usual run, I switched it for a long walk with Kia, it was nice to give myself that little break. I didn’t get any real workouts in during the weekend but I don’t feel bad about that at all.

This week should be fairly easy with the exception of today. This morning I am working for my mother in law and right after that I’m picking up my niece and nephew to stay the night with me. I foresee it it being rather difficult to get in a workout while babysitting a 1 year old and a 3 year old, but I’m hopefully it can be done!

2012 Bucketlist Revisited
I figure since its now July and half the year is done I should check in on my Bucket list and see how things are going.

2012 Bucket List

1. Wear a bikini
2. Lose 15 lbs. 25 lbs. 35 lbs.
3. Get my passport
4. Wear size 8 jeans.
5. Finish a triathlon!
6. Get a pedicure
7.Go kayaking.
8. Take a yoga class.
9. Plant a garden that actually produces something
10. Say yes more often.
11. Blog 52 times for my Project 52
12. Learn to love myself.

Out of 10 things that can be crossed off, I’ve done 6! That’s great! One on them, number 11, I already bailed on. So that’s off the list. Looks like things are going quite well, there are two things crossed off that I still need to blog about so that will happen soon!

I’ve spoken before about how I want to write about more than weight loss. I had so man other interests but I let my body issues control me most of the time. So I’ve come up with a little schedule to help me write about other things. Its not a big deal but I think it will help me to also get over my body image problems to talk about other things.

So there you have it! I’ll start with my first post of my new schedule later today, if I can manage it while babysitting!

Have a lovely Monday!


I’m officially wearing my first ever size 8 jeans! I’ve never been able to wear a size 8 before! (I suppose I wore a size 8 when I was growing from a kid to an adult but knowing me I probably just skipped that size.)

I’m ecstatic! Seriously! This is another thing I can cross off my 2012 Bucket List! Very Very soon I will reach the 15 lbs lost on there too.

There is no better high than looking in the mirror and seeing change! I’ve been measuring myself lately too and I am totally seeing results! I just wish I kept my measurements from when I did the yoga bootcamp, but oh well.

Yesterday, I headed to the store to get dog food and ended up getting a few groceries, I got some frozen salmon, 2 apples, a pack of organic lettuce ( it was cheaper), and another protein shake, this time mocha cappicino. At first I had two packs of lettuce but I put one back that I’m less likely to waste it! Smart move!

My hubs and I have decided to take out a loan to get him a new (old) truck. So we are putting ourselves on a tight budget, I’m going to have to plan my meals better and really need to stop wasting stuff (but I already knew that).

I had lunch with my sister in law yesterday at a place Blake and I go pretty frequently, I ordered the “queensland” salad because I was craving a chef salad. It had lettuce and mixed greens, tomatoes, onions, hard boiled eggs and a tiny bit of cheddar and bacon. We also go dessert to-go but I didn’t mine. I picked a stick of pistachio biscotti….I felt like it was the least amount of calories compared to the cookies, cupcakes and cheesecakes bars. Also it was the smallest portion out of all them. I was planning on eating with my coffee this morning but I left it at home so I’ll just have it with my afternoon coffee!

Then we went to Papa Murphey’s so she could get dinner for later, and she also bought me a pizza. I picked the Hawaiian deLite pizza, because it was only 158 calories a slice, and Blake likes that kind. She was bought me a S’more pizza last minute…..ugh! Its still in our fridge though. So for dinner I had 2 slices of pizza and a salad of mixed greens with raspberry vinegerette. For dessert a Jambia Juice popsiscle for 80 calories. And finished the day at 1485 calories total!

I also went for a bike ride and run yesterday. I did not feel like biking, but I told myself even a short one is better than none. I probably would have kept going but the wind was so strong that I could barely move. Right after I headed for my run, again very windy, but I did it, and that’s all that matters.

Overall, yesterday was a great day!