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Baby A Update: ONE MONTH TO GO! (36 Weeks)

My oh my! We have only ONE month until Baby Alexander is due to arrive! There is no containing my excitement! I’m so ready for her to be here now! Blake is excited too, he’s hoping for a baby for his birthday this Sunday.

babyToday marks 35 weeks and 4 days!

According to What to Expect, baby is now the size of a large cantaloupe! She’s between 19 – 22 inches long, and weighs are around 6 pounds. All of her tiny little organs are fully functioning and ready to enter the world! Except for the digestion system which starts working once she has her first meal.

Mama Details:

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun. I can tell that the baby is big! I feel her completely stretched out, at times she is pushing from the top and the bottom. It feels like her feet are fluttering right below my breasts, I like to imagine her little feet kicking like she’s swimming. And I also feel pressure low in my pelvis. She moves almost all day long, or at least it feels like it.

DSC_0007Blake & I on Christmas Eve!

I do have some days where I feel pretty uncomfortable. I have pain in my low back/tail bone area almost everyday, And forget about leaning forward.She just takes up so much space, leaning forward just presses on her and its so uncomfortable.

Most of my clothes don’t fit! Even the maternity shirts, with only a month left – I DO NOT want to buy more giant clothes, I’d rather save my money for buying new smaller, regular sized clothes. I’m pretty much just wearing long under shirts with sweaters and cover ups. It seems to be working! Then at home, I kinda just like all hang out, but only at home.

You know, I think we are ready for this little girl to come! The nursery is practically done, just a thing or two left to do. The car seat is by the door and the bag is packed. Oh here’s what’s I’ve packed:

baby's hospital bag1. Swaddle blanket from my friend, Emily
2. Car seat cozy blanket that I made to keep her nice and toasty3. Super soft, bigger blanket from my friend, Tara
4. A couple of newborn size diapers and small pack of wipes*
5. Size 0-3 months onsie in case she is bigger than newborn size
6. Her coming home outfit, the same outfit that Blake and I first picked out when we found out she was coming! Complete with a ducky bib, mittens, and little hat.
7. Little grooming kit from my sister. It has tiny nail files, clippers, comb, soft hair brush, and little spray bottle.*

* We may not need these, because the hospital supplies most of the things she will need right away, but I’m taking it with us anyway.

hospital bag for parents1. Sock and undies2. Deoderant
3. Tums. I will need lots of these I’m sure!
4. Reusable bag for whatever
5. Reusable nursing pads
6. Clothes. T-shirt, tanks with built in bra, and yoga pants
7. Warm, cozy socks
8. Toiletries: shampoo & conditioner, lotion, chapstick, hair balm to take my curls, tooth paste, tooth brush, and comb. Everything in sample size so it doesn’t take up a lot of space!

There are also some things we will need to grab because we use them daily. Like my phone charger, my new fuzzy robe, and my contact stuff.

Did I miss anything?

Hopefully, this everything we will need. I’ve looked over some lists by other mothers, and went with the minimalist approach. I tend to be an over-packer and then never use the stuff I take with me.

So I’m thinking we are ready! I do need to actually put the car seat in the car, but for some reason I’m worried about not having my car when I go into labor.

I’m hoping to do a nursery reveal this weekend or early next week!