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Chat With Me


I’m feeling very chatty tonight! So this will be a babbling type of post.

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting. I’m experiencing some serious swelling! Its mostly in my hands and face but we were pretty active yesterday so my feet are slightly swollen and sore today. 20140113-153436.jpgIts pretty noticeable to me in this picture from my Wordless Weekend post. It looks like a looooong cry but I didn’t. I also had to take my wedding ring off. Boo. The good news….that Seahawks t-shirt is wayyyy too big! Thank Goodness! I borrowed it from my father-in-law.

Speaking of Seahawks…The game this weekend was awesome but I’m nervous for the game next weekend. Eek. Truth be told, I have very little interest in football but my hubs loves it so I’ve watched most of the games this year.

Yesterday, Blake and I took Kia for a walk and I was having some pretty uncomfortable pain. I hope its a sign that everything is moving right along and I’ll be holding my baby soon! Later in the afternoon we went to Wenatchee with our closest friends. It was so nice to get to hangout with our friends and do a little shopping. We didn’t purchase a lot of stuff but we did get a new bed spread and a Jack La Lanne juicer (just like the one I was borrowing! It was on SALE at Costco).  I can’t wait to have some fresh juice again!

2013-09-29 15.07.03-2

I also picked up a few things for the baby. Letters to put her initials on the wall, felt to make something special, and a pack of bottles. I am planning to breastfeed but I will eventually need to pump when I go back to work.

Have you heard of eMeals? I’ve been lucky enough to get to try out their service and I’m LOVING it. Look at this delicious soup I made tonight…

2014-01-13 18.14.52Spicy Taco Soup. Mm..mmm..mmm…delicious. This will be a repeat meal for sure. Doesn’t hurt that they say spicy food can bring on labor. Although the heartburn tonight could be killer. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that risk.

Also, I’ve been seriously hungry lately. Like seriously. I often wonder, how is it possible to be this hungry all the time? I need something to eat at least every two hours.

I’ve definitely re-fallen in love with blogging over the last few weeks. Although I’m still working on switching my brain over….remembering to take photos and notes of what I’d like to write about it. It feels really good to write about whatever comes to mind. I’ve actually been thinking about “re-branding” this blog. I like writing about life and fun things I’ve been doing, and I know I’ll be writing about baby Elizabeth all time. (sorry, I’m not sorry) I wonder if that means I need to change the title of my blog? I still want to write about fitness, running, and losing the baby weight, but it probably won’t be the predominate topic around here anymore.  I’m still mulling things over. Maybe a fresh headline would work.

What do you think? I’d love to hear what you think.

2014-01-09 19.22.19-2Lastly, the baby’s room is ready! Or at least as ready as its going to be while we live in this house. I’m going to work on editing the pictures so you guys can see everything. I’m super excited!

I think that’s everything on my mind tonight. Thanks for stickin’ around!

Good night! Hopefully the nursery post will be ready tomorrow.


Nerrrrrvous! [For FitBloggin13]

Howdy deeeee-duty!

I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! Mine is pretty darn good.

I have to confess, I’m getting pretty darn nervous for FitBloggin!

The conference is held in Portland, Oregon this year – only a 5 hour drive from here! But seriously I won’t know anyone!!! Yikes! I’m a pretty shy girl for the most part so its tough for me to meet new people. However, I’m excited to be surrounded by people who are passionate about the same things as me.

There will be a few of my favorite bloggers there like:

Alyssa from Double Chin Diary!
Kenlie from All The Weight
Tina from Carrots n Cake
Monica from Run, Eat, Repeat

Plus my awesome room mate Emily at Big Life Little Blog!

I’m also looking forward to meet some of my fellow Sweat Pink Sisters!

Oh and my business cards are being printed right now!

Bus Card

What do you think?

Right now, I need to get my butt packing! Time to go! I’ll be back tomorrow!

New Title

Living Made Healthy!

I changed the title of this blog! And it makes me so happy. I’ve always been proud of my blogging, but I was little timid about putting my name out there. It felt a little to personal, but I’m really excited about this new change!

I feel like Living Made Healthy encompasses everything I want this blog to be about, first and foremost I always wanted this blog to be about my life in general but for me that will always mean living a healthy balanced lifestyle! I’m not going be one of those people who loses 30 lbs once and never has to think about it again. I know this is going to be a constant thing in my life. In fact I’m looking forward to learning how to incorporate my healthy lifestyle into my kids lives (someday).

Besides the name change and new domain (that I own)!!! I intend to keep blogging about the same ol stuff but as my life and interests continue to grow so will this blog!

In other news, this week has been crazy hectic for me! I’m still working on things! My first week of my secret diet went well, but it turns out its not a secret after all. I will share that as soon as I get a chance! But here’s a hint: the scale finally moved past 198!

I’ll catch up soon, promise!

Clean Slate: Back To The Basics

Over the last several weeks I’ve been at odds with myself. I’ve tried to convince myself that I can be happy while still being overweight. And I do believe that’s true, but deep down inside I’m not happy with that decision. I still want to lose 20 lbs…. Make that 23 lbs, because this morning I weighed 203.8 lbs.

I’m embarrassed because I make all these promises and claim I’m going to start this diet on this day. And then I fail. I do it for a day or a week and that’s it. I give up.

This how I am in all aspects of my life. I want to give sewing a try but I make a mistake and give up. I want to make new friends but I refuse to go places that make me uncomfortable, like a baby shower I was invited to this weekend. I really want to go but I’m afraid of feeling like an outsider. I think about getting a new job but I’m afraid of letting my mother in law down since I work for her.

I have these battles going on inside my head constantly and I let them win. I don’t sew because I make mistakes. I don’t do anything, except make big dreams and wishes in my head and then let them go. I want to be this happy, thin, successful person but I don’t do the work necessary to make it happen.

I need to change. I think people who know me don’t realize that I feel this way. I haven’t been posting to the blog because I don’t want to sound like a broken record of being depressed and feeling sorry for myself. Which is actually making things worse because writing has always been a great outlet for me. I don’t want you my readers to get annoyed with me.

Fortunately, I’ve come to realize that this is my blog. And I hate to say it but if you dont like what I am writing, just unfollow me, I’ll even tell you how if you need help. This has become so much of a dairy for me that I need it. Of course most people don’t post their dairy online for the public to see but oh well. I do appreciate all of my readers but in the end it’s for me.

So as of today I’m not making any promises or big plans, I’m just going back to the basics. Back to counting calories, back to posting my weight weekly, back to posting inspiring pictures I find on pinterest. Back to what worked back in January and February.

I’ve started a new account on myfitnesspal my user name is erinaliciaalexander, please add me a friend! My current goal is 180 lbs with a loss of 1 lb a week. I’ll be eating 1600 calories a day and working out 45 minutes 4 times a week. I’m not going to be eating the calories I burn from working out but I will record my workouts. I’m thinking it would be best for me to start training for my “next event,” I haven’t quite decided what it will be though. Maybe a half marathon?

Sometimes I feel bad or ashamed of back tracking a little bit but I have to remember that this isn’t a straight journey, it’s more like a roller coaster with ups, downs, loops, and sometimes it’s slow other times is fast. I will get there one day. This is just one part of my life that I need to work on the most.