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The Current Workout Situation

Happy Thursday Night! I’m pretty pumped that its almost the weekend….one work day to go.

Maybe you’ve noticed that one thing has been missing around here…..workout posts. Err…..or maybe any mention of workouts.

I feel like its time to confess. I haven’t completed a workout in weeks. Sadly, I can’t even remember the last time I worked out. That’s bad.

You know, I had these grand intentions of having a super active pregnancy. Running all the way up until delivery, walking everyday…never having any trouble getting in a sweat session. Then I was sick….with morning sickness. Every. Single. Day. It’s hard to find the energy to run when you have used up all your energy puking.

I did the best I could! I ran when I could. I even wrote this post for For Two Fitness with my Top Tips for Running During Pregnancy!  Please click over & read it! I’m really proud of it. They also have super cute workout clothes for expecting mamas.

By the time I felt better, good enough to run again, my body had already started to change to make room for the baby. My knees were hurting. It took me longer to catch my breath. Things jiggled…and it was painful!

2013-10-26 17.14.36

In October (at approximately 25 weeks), I completed the Home Sweet Home Virtual 5k held by my friend Sarah at Losing Weight & Having Fun. It was so hard! I thought I’d be able to do at least do walk/run intervals but I couldn’t. I had to walk. It was totally unexpected. It felt like I couldn’t breathe when I would run. Walking the 5k was fun, especially, since I convinced Blake to do it with me but I was still a little disappointed that running was so tough.

After that things went downhill….or rather just flat. Now that I think about it…that might have been my last workout. I’m a little bit shocked that its been so long! Just over two months. Yikes.

Deep down I know that its just an excuse. I could have, should have, really needed to push through it but I didn’t. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I mean, what good would that do anyway?

I am however, getting really anxious and excited to get back into the groove of things after the baby comes! I plan to bundle her up and go for walks as soon as I’m recovered. I know it will be tough to start from over from an endurance and fitness standpoint but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I don’t have a plan (yet). I’m just going to take it one day at time and see where things go.

I feel extremely confident about returning to my old running and workout habits post baby. It will be a whole new experience with having to balance motherhood with work and working out, but I can do it. I’m looking forward to do it!




Home Gym Necessities On A Budget

I don’t know how it happened so fast, but 2014 is right around the corner and people are starting to think about their New Year’s Resolutions!

At the top of the list is ALWAYS something like lose weight, get in shape, or workout more, right? I’ve been there year after year trying to lose the weight that was holding me back. (But more on that later…)

I’ve always been more successful at home rather than having to go to the gym. I have no idea why! Maybe its a comfort level thing. I’m not afraid to look crazy or workout my ass off in my living room.

Today I’m going to share with you the essentials for having your own home gym while on a budget! I promise that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be successful at home. You also don’t have to a ton of equipment. Or a lot of space, I do workout in my living room.

Here are the essentials:

1- A variety of hand weights/dumbbells. Its best to buy them one set at time getting heavier as you start to need them. Typically at Walmart or Target you will pay a little over a dollar a pound but check places like TJ Maxx or Ross, even second hand stores – you can find a them a little bit cheaper. Price Range: $5 and up (depends on weight)

2- Yoga Mat! This is a serious must have even if you don’t do yoga! It will add some extra cushion when you are stretching, or doing ab work or push up. If you have hardwood floors like me, it also helps to keep some of the dirt away because no matter how much I sweep there is still dirt everywhere!

I also buy these at Ross or TJ Maxx! They usually have cute patterns and great prices but I’ve also purchased them from Walmart for about $10, I can’t understand paying more than 15 bucks for one of these. Price Range: $7 and up.

3- Some sort of timer. Essential for doing HITT or tabata style workouts. Personally, I just use a free app on my iPhone called RoundTimer. But you can find an actual timer basically anywhere, this one from Gymboss is very popular because you can clip it on your clothes so it easy to access. Price Range: Free and up. Approximately $20 for a Gymboss timer.

4- Workout DVDs. I’ve found the best way to get a full body workout consistently is by using at-home DVDs. There a MILLIONS of them out there…seriously, millions. Right now my Walmart has an entire section dedicated to workout DVDs that are only $9 each! I think the best way to stay focused and have fun is to have a variety of workouts at your fingertips. I’ve also bought them at yard sales or used from my bookstore. There also some available for free on YouTube.

Some of my personal favorites include ones from Bob HarperJillian Michaels, and The 15-Minute Solution series.

You could also purchase one of those at home programs like Insanity (which I tried) or P90x, if that is something that interest you. Some of them like Insanity don’t require any equipment, although I would recommend a yoga mat to cushion under your hands. Price Range: Free and up

That’s all it really takes, of course you could invest in some more expensive things, but its not necessary. Although my current wish list includes a nice sturdy treadmill.

I’m actually getting a little bit excited to starting getting back into shape after the baby comes!

IMG_3730.jpgGood Luck!

Any body else do at home workouts?

What are some of your favorite non-essential pieces of equipment?
Mine include my punching bag (gift from my hubs last Christmas) and my one and only  kettle bell! I need to use them more often!


Baby A: Week 24 & 25

I’m late again on a couple of baby posts, but seriously, the last few weeks have been no joke.

Last week I was suffering a slight cold, its still lingering. And this week has just been a mess of crappy things on top of a huge deadline at work. Needless to say, I’m so relieved it’s Friday!

Anyway, lets get on to the baby bump update!

babyMy little peanut is growing, growing, growing! What to Expect says, she about 2 pounds now and 9 inches long…about the size of an eggplant. We have less than 100 days until she’s due to arrive! And there’s so much to do…….ah….

Baby has really been jumping around all the time…I think she’s been doing jumping jacks in there. I love feeling her move. Especially when I can feel her from the outside, its such a special moment, every time. I can’t wait to hold my baby girl.

I will admit pregnancy has NOT been a walk in the park the last few days…er weeks. I have crazy bad heartburn, hot flashes, and back pain most days. Then we have the leg cramps in the middle of the night, tossing and turning all. night. long., oh and the feeling that I need to pee constantly except I really don’t have to go. Blah. I know that this cold or sinus infection I’ve been battling is not helping, but really things have been rough.

DSC_0206I thought about leaving the picture out because its not “good”, I look tired and fat and you can’t even really see the bump.It is what it is…. And hey, my outfit was cute!

Is it ok that its not all glitter and rainbows?

I sure hope so, because I feel like a mess right now. I’m just crying and exhausted! And I have no idea why I am crying now.

I feel like I’m working hard to deal with my weight. I want to tell myself it will be ok, but it doesn’t feel like it will be. I know I’m supposed to gain some weight, but I see the fat in my face and it hurts. I didn’t want to gain any more weight than I needed to and I’ve already done that. I wanted to be the fit and healthy pregnant lady and now I just feel fat!

I just have to cut out the junk food and get moving again. This week has been moving in the right direction. I ate more mindfully, but I’m struggling to even have an appetite…I’m hungry but nothing sounds good. I got in a good workout. Only one so far but I worked a lot of overtime this week…that puts a damper on things. I started a sweat session tonight but after about 20 minutes I started seeing stars, so I decided to stop the workout and eat dinner. I’m thinking it’s because I didn’t have anything to eat for several hours except a little bit of jerky. I think I’ll just do my prenatal yoga DVD here in a little bit and call it good for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a virtual 5K using walk/run intervals so I’ll get a good burn.

I know things will turn up soon… just a rough few weeks. Here’s hoping I can recuperate this weekend!




Picking A Workout Plan

YES! Another week is nearly over! I’m pumped for the weekend, its my mother-in-laws birthday so I will watching people golf. Then Sunday we are going hiking again, yippee!

So let’s talk about picking a workout plan…

Finding a workout plan can be quite daunting. A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of results…all claiming to be the best. They are all different! Its seriously overwhelming.

The key to picking a workout plan is picking one you enjoy that will get you the results you want. That’s right the number one key to picking the perfect workout plan is to find you enjoy. The fact is that you if HATE the plan you most likely won’t stick to it.

When looking for a workout plan you want to keep in mind 4 areas for improvement: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility. Basically, you want your lungs to be strong and you want strong muscles that can work for a long time that are stretchy! (Please keep in mind I am no expert, if you would like an expert’s advice… see a doctor or trainer!)

Personally, I’ve always struggled to hit all four areas. I tend to be higher on the cardio side than anything. It comes with being a runner, but lately I’ve been trying to focus on the weight lifting. Still lacking in flexibility…so I need to step it up there.

There are plenty of place to find good quality workout plans, your local library or bookstore will have a good selection. Health and fitness magazines from the grocery store plus there tons of them online. You can also use a set of DVDs like the Insanity program or Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. Or you could have one personally tailored for you by a personal trainer.

One of my newest favorite websites for finding workout plans is www.BodyBuilding.com. This place is amazing! There is so many plans to choose from and they have a ton of information. Every workout plan is accompanied by video clips for each move, nutrition plans, and even supplement (vitamins, protein and things of that nature) information if that’s something interests you. They also offer a little quiz based on your personal information to help narrow things down.

I recently decided to step up my weight program to try and build some guns muscles. The first program I picked was not the best one for me. It had a lot of moves that require a lot of different machines and truth be told it was a pain! One, I don’t have a workout partner so I felt unsure about doing things that require a spotter and secondly, my gym is very busy. I was spending a lot of time waiting for machines. Not cool. My first thought was to just substitute things so that it was more accessible for me.

However, while I was researching I found a new plan! Its perfect! It doesn’t have junk that hate…like burpees or box jumps. Its well rounded -3 days of weight training, 2 days of full cardio, and 2 days of rest/yoga. It also includes extra cardio on two of the weight days which I really like because it gives me the extra calorie burn. Here’s a link to the plan.

I’m really happy with my new plan. It uses all the different cardio machines (bikes, treadmills, elliptical, Stairmaster) so its not the same thing everyday. Today I used the spin bike for 40 minutes and it was killer! I was soaked…if the plan hadn’t specific to use the bike I would have just run like I always do. This plan uses a few machines but it also uses dumbbells which are easy to access and I can even do it at home if I can’t get to the gym.

The last tip I have for you is- don’t be afraid to try something else. If you are currently spending hours on the elliptical but not happy with it try Zumba or Spinning. Keep trying until you find something you really like. You have to try new things until you find the one that works for you. Feeling stuck into a workout plan is the worst! I always have to keep my workouts fresh.

And that’s all I have tonight! See ya later!


Miss Moody

That’s me. Oh but wait I’m married, so I’m Mrs. Moody. Seriously, I go from happy to upset in time flat. And for no reason whatsoever. Its frustrating, because I don’t understand it!

This was very good week in fitness. I got in 458 minutes of exercise! And I took last Sunday and  Monday off to rest my shoulder. Funny enough, the rest didn’t help but the pain is gone now. So this is what my week looked like:
Monday: REST
Tuesday: Bob’s Total Body DVD and some dancing to warm-up
Wednesday: Bob’s Ultimate Cardio DVD and some dancing to warm-up
Thursday: Jillian’s Extreme Shed and Shred plus my arms workout and extra crunches
Friday: Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred
Saturday: Bob’s Beginner Transformation DVD, boxing to warm-up and 30 minutes of yoga
Sunday: Boxing, dancing, yoga, and Jillian’s Metabolism Boost DVD

With a total of 4284 calories burned!

Plus I already bragged about growing muscles. And speaking of boxing…I totally never mention that my amazing husband got me a punching bag for Christmas! Its so awesome! I need to get hand wraps because it hurts my knuckles, but I can do short workouts on it. I like to play some power songs and punch it out for a little extra warm-up. If you have any good boxing workouts let me know! Right now, I just go from memory and do some punch combos. I’ve search online and can’t find anything.

As great as I feel about this week. I had a little bit of rough time because the scale barely moved. I feel good about how far I’ve come but I still want more. I know it takes time, but some days its tough to keep going. I don’t even know how to explain it really. This is just a bad day (or few) talking.

The plan for this week is just keep doing what I’m doing. Workout DVDs everyday. Oh and my new yoga today!! It has plenty of short workouts so I think I will try and do some yoga everyday. Even 15 minutes will be beneficial if that’s all I can fit in. The weather channel said it might be near the 40s here late next week so maybe I can starting running again. No promises there. I’m such a baby when it comes to cold weather running.

Anyway, I’m working on a progress page and a few more things for the blog, plus I’m making all new signs for work so there’s a lot to get done!

Until next time! Have a great week!



Thursday Already?

Hi there!

This week is just flying by, how can it be almost Friday? Then again, every week seems to fly by lately.

I’m definitely finding myself in a routine, and it’s totally working for me. As soon as I get home from work I do my workout, eat dinner, then relax. I could be more efficient in the mornings though that’s for sure. Typically, I wake up and then lay in bed for long time going through my social media and reading blogs. I should probably use that time to do some housework, because it seems like a clutter bomb detonated in here.

Yesterday, I ended up going to work early so I had to rearrange this week’s dinner plans, so I made Salsa Chicken in the crock pot. Seriously, easiest dinner ever. Put frozen chicken in the crock, sprinkle with taco seasoning, then cover with salsa. Cook on low for 6ish hours. After 6 hours, you can basically shred the chicken just by looking at it. No joke, I used a whisk to smash it because the only serving spoon we have was in the dishwasher. In the past, I’ve stirred in a little sour cream or plain greek yogurt to make it creamy but last night I just left it and it was perfect.

taco and taco saladI had one taco on a whole wheat low fat tortilla, and then a big ol’ taco salad, with mixed spring greens, tomatoes, salsa, cheese and greek yogurt. The exact same thing was in the taco. It was pretty dang good. Although, I’m getting a little bit tired of spring greens and this box seems to have way too much arugula which I do not like one bit.

This morning, my bestie, I never say that word… asked me to accompany her to Wenatchee to get a new social security card. It was nice to get out of town for a bit, even for a quick trip. The social security office was quick so then we headed out in search of food.

Of course, we ended at Red Robin. YUM. I ordered the Grilled Turkey burger sans bun and mayo. I figured I’d rather eat fries than a bun. I don’t need two servings of white carbs at one meal, and you know, what I didn’t miss that bun one bit. Burgers without buns are extra juicy! And my fries were delish, like always.

red robin appI used the Red Robin iPhone App to find the nutrition facts of meal! Its so nice to be able have that kind of information at your finger tips. If you eat at Red Robin, I highly suggest downloading this free app. (Red Robin did not pay me to say this stuff, its all my own thoughts, but if they wanted to give me free food-I’d say yes. Or even just some of that seasoning salt)

After lunch we stopped at Old Navy to take a peak at the new Active line everyone is talking about. Let me tell you, that stuff is cute! But sadly, we did not purchase anything today. But we did get frozen yogurt!

froyoUnder all those toppings is cookies n cream yogurt, topped with strawberries, blueberries, graham cracker crumbs and a chocolate sauce. mmm mm mm.

It was a fun day! We needed girl time and holla cuz she got a new (amazing) job today!! Good thing we pre-celebrated!

And now, I’m off to sweat it out. I’m not sure what workout I’m going to do though…maybe Extreme Shed and Shred, haven’t done that in a while!


Running In New York From A Small Town In Washington

Thanks to the lovely Xbox Kinect, I just took a 20 minute jog in downtown New York from my living room. I ran past Madison Square Garden, The Flatiron Building, The Empire State Building, plus tons of other cool places I’ve only seen on TV or in pictures. Even had my own personal tour guide along the way giving little nuggets of information! It was awesome! Next stop: London! I will be a world traveler yet!

Click image for source

The only and only kinect game we have is Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012. Its a pretty fun game. Tonight, I just used to it to get a little extra cardio in after I completed Bob Harper’s Ripped Core DVD. I feel like this DVD isn’t quite as tough as some of the others I have but I do sweat a lot. It just not super aerobic. And its only 48 minutes long, so I like to add a little extra something else after it. My abs, however, are still crying.

Lately, it seems like things are a roller coaster around here. I’ve been dealing with some personal issues that have led to bad cases of over eating, and bingeing. Like to the point where I ate so much I ended riding porcelain pony (according to Blake’s grandma, hilarious!) although in my case it was a bush outside. I don’t need to get into details. Finally, yesterday, I realized what I was doing or more importantly why I was doing it, why I was so upset all the time and I was able to get a handle on it. Its funny how that works sometimes. I find that I definitely have to get my emotions out to get a better grip on them, either by talking, writing, or sometimes crying my eyes out but once I get them out, I’m able to move on and get over it.

Moving on.

Yesterday was Taco Tuesday around here. We really should make this a weekly occurrence because it was delish. And Blake loves tacos. tacoI had a tilapia taco with coleslaw mix minus the dressing, mango salsa, and lime mayo. Plus the same thing on the side without a shell and some spanish rice.

Lately, when I’m cooking something new…it sucks. Too many things haven’t turned out… So I just did this nice and easy. I baked a tilapia loin sprinkled with a bunch of taco seasoning. The mango salsa was from this recipe on Simply Recipes. Which was inspiration from this video, seriously this girl is such an inspiration. Then for the lime mayo I just mixed a ton of lime juice with low fat mayo, I like tacos with a little sauce. The lime juice really made the mayo go a long way, I only used 1 tbsp (for 15 calories!). This dinner was so good, I had it for lunch today. I’m totally one of those people that can eat the same thing over and over and over and be happy about it. I even contemplated having the same thing for dinner tonight but went with breakfast instead: eggs, turkey sausage, and a whole wheat english muffin. Yum-o!

I’m not sure where I stand in weight loss this week. I haven’t been weighing myself which is actually a good thing. Weighing myself everyday is one of those things I wish I didn’t do but keep doing. Like biting my nails. I don’t think weigh in everyday is bad thing, I just wish I didn’t feel so compulsive about it. As long as I keep under my calorie limit and keep working out something will happen, right?

Sometimes the best results don’t happen on the scale. But that’s a topic for another post!

I hope things are treating you well!