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Baby A Update: 21 Weeks

Hi there!

I’m so relieved its Wednesday, this week has been exhausting! I’ve diagnosed myself with an insomnia hangover, I’ve been seriously lacking sleep the last few days. I woke up at 4 am on Monday, and last night I had a killer headache keeping me up – I even slept with an ice pack on my head (Weird right? It was totally one of those hard square ones made for lunch boxes). Here’s hoping I sleep like a baby tonight.

Anyway, let’s get to the get to the good stuff!


This week we made it to 21 weeks!

Baby Details:

Little Baby Alexander is now just over three-quarters of a pound, and 10.5 inches long, the same length of a big carrot! Her eye lids and eyebrows are now present. The doctor told us yesterday, she can hear now so should talk to her. She is also tasting what I’m eating through her amniotic fluid, so I need to start eating peas so she likes them early!

She is moving around all the time! I feel her squirming and kicking a lot. I love it. Last weekend, Blake even felt her moving! I’m starting to notice she is more active in the mornings which is concerning,  we are so not morning people! Yesterday the doctor was having trouble keeping her little heartbeat on the Doppler because she was squirming around all over the place.

Mama Details:

Well, I already mentioned that this week has been rough! The insomnia hangover feels just like an alcohol induced hangover, headache, exhaustion, upset tummy…the works. Hopefully this passes soon. Basically, I either wake up crazy early, toss and turn all night long, or wake up 50 times at night. Its really quite annoying.

Other than that, I’m feeling good. My workouts are getting more frequent, about three week right now. However, I made myself a deal that if I go for a walk (20 minute minimum) every single day until October 4 – I get to buy myself something I want. Maybe this hoodie

In addition to walks, I want to get in a couple yoga session and weight lifting each week. I’m slacking a little this week so far because I felt so crappy but I’m optimistic I can get it done!

My bump is getting bigger each day!

22 weeks pregnant baby bump

Those pants are actually regular pants that were a little baggy before, but today they were too tight. A sure sign Baby Girl is growing big and strong! My official weight gain from the scale at the doctor’s office is now up to 9 pounds. I was worried about how quickly I gained weight this past month, but I think it’s probably because I finally stop puking on the daily. I think my body is finally adjusting, but I do want to pay attention to what I eat and make sure I get enough exercise. Just want to make sure I stay on the right track and gain the right amount of weight for my body and my baby.

2013-09-24 18.22.13

At our appointment this week, we did find out that we will be having a third ultrasound because they were unable to get picture of her kidneys and umbilical cord. Of course, I have no complaints there, I love seeing baby up on the screen.

Overall, things are pretty normal – just waiting for things to happen. The pieces to her nursery are starting to come together! Here’s a sneak peek at the dresser we are updating. I’m hoping it will be done this weekend. We don’t have too much left to do. One (hopefully) more coat of paint, purchase and install the pulls, plus I want to lay contact paper on the bottoms of the drawers.

2013-09-17 19.38.04

And the beautiful lamp!  I also had a little upholstered rocking chair that I had planned on using for night time feedings, but Baby’s furry four-legged sister decided to destroy it! It was sitting on the back patio airing out because it was stinky and in desperate need of cleaning. My bad. It was such a surprise too, because Kia has never destroyed any furniture in our home. Oh well, guess we will buy a new fancy glider or something.

All in all, I’d say things are going pretty great! Now if you will excuse me, its 8 o’clock and I’m going to try to get some sleep! Wish me luck!

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A Regular Wednesday

Hello All!

Today was just a regular day for me.

summer sunflowers

But I did find these purdy sunflowers in my backyard today!

The plan was to hit up RIPPED after work, but to make the most of my time I thought it would be a good idea to go grocery shopping before the class started at 6:20. I was right on track to make it with perfect timing, but then I got stuck waiting in line forever…and ended up missing class.

Now that I come to think of it, the original plan was to go to Power Hour this morning at 5:30 am, but my normal Wednesday night plans were cancelled so I figured why wake up early for no reason!

This is why flexibility is my middle name! Things almost never workout the way planned.

This means today & tomorrow will be flipped on the workout schedule: yoga today & one of my  full body workout DVDs tomorrow.

When I make the schedule I also forgot that Friday is the Relay for Life event in my town, I’m supposed to walk for an hour, so I can get my 3 miles in that way! I’m signed up for the glow lap so I need to stock up on my glow in the dark jewelery!


Oh and I woke up to this little gift on my kitchen counter today … what a sweetheart! The S’more Big Bite was only 250 calories….not bad for a nice little treat! Plus then Jillian will help burn them off! This was a nice surprise because I gave up buying magazine months ago to save money.

Now its time to do my yoga and do some reading!

library books

Thank you to the public library! I’m planning on use the Big Book of Exercises and the Women’s Running book to develop a workout plan for the rest of my pregnancy…but that’s a big project for this weekend.

I can’t wait to see the little peanut again!


Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Hello, hello friends!

How is your Tuesday evening?

Things around here, have been pretty interesting…including tears galore, a really weird appetite, and followed by more tears. No joke, I’m crying all the time. I actually left the gym in tears yesterday because I didn’t have the stamina (or energy) to finish my workout. To explain: I finished a really great run and went to do my lifting but felt light headed, shaky, and sick to my stomach. I tried to wait for it to pass, but I had to head home early. I realized that it happened because I didn’t eat enough during the day.

Lesson Learned.

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you about my amazing weekend!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

There was a free event held by Tri-State Outfitters to test out some of their equipment! They had paddle-boards, kayaks, and canoes for anyone to try…for FREE! 

Stand up paddle-boarding has been on my to-do list for a while now…like  year or two. 

After a quick how-to from a very friendly, Fred. I was out on the water, all by myself! Pretty sure I kept yelling, I’m doing it! I’m doing it!


The water was only icky by the dock and shore.

planking on the paddleboard

I even did a little yoga out there!

Paddle-boarding was so easy! To get up, you just center your self in the middle of board on your knees and gradually move to standing up. I felt a little uneasy at first, but then it was no big deal. I did fall off a few times, but it was pretty fun and the water was warm. Fred, even joked that I was practicing my remounting skills!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m hooked! I can’t wait to go again.


Eventually, I had to give up the paddle-board to share with the other people…not fair!

2013-07-13 12.18.25

So I took a kayak out for a quick trip!

Later in the day Blake’s work held a BBQ and pool party! Sadly, I was feeling pretty sick by the time the pool party rolled around, so I just watched. Blake had a blast trying out the Wave Rider!

Surf n Slide Water Park

It was such a fun day! And I really can’t wait to go to paddle-boarding again!



Wow, this week has flow by! One day until the weekend!!

Actually, work has been slow but my free time just disappears!

However, I am pumped that I have been totally back into the swing of things workout wise. I have not missed a workout this week, although I did end up switching my morning workout to after work yesterday. It actually turned out to be really fun because my friend joined me for RIPPED class. Ripped workout


2013-07-10 19.19.06And after! The class was a lot of fun yesterday, and a really good workout. We were soaked by the end of the session. Plus so much fun workout with my best friend!

Getting in all my workout has been great for my spirit! Its a good thing I’ve been getting them done in the mornings because by the time I get off work I just want to crash. Making a tiny human being is tough work! Even tonight I took a little nap and I’m still ready to hit the hay.

Tomorrow is another run day so I’ll be getting up at 6 again, so I don’t feel too guilty about turning in early.

On the blog front, I’ve been working on getting some ideas on paper so that I can get more posting done instead of napping!

This Week’s Workout Schedule

Hiya Friends!

How was your Monday? Mine was pretty good, in fact this whole weekend was pretty good.

Once I made the connection between my thoughts and how it was affecting my actions and outlook things quickly turned around! Saturday morning, I woke up before Blake and went for a little jog/walk with my dogs and even hit the gym for a little bit of weight lifting. Confession: I hadn’t been to the gym in almost 3 weeks! I’m ashamed.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house…it really, really, really needed it.

The best way for me to get back into the swing of things is to plan, plan, plan. I’ve scheduled out all my workouts for the week, and I’ve got a good idea how the next several weeks will go (more on that tomorrow!)

workout schedule

I’m looking forward to this week! Especially Saturday, there is  FREE stand-up paddle boarding at the park! I’m so stinkin’ excited! I’m also trying a new class at the gym Group Power Hour.

Group Power Hour will transform your whole body within one hour with the use of weight bars and dumbbells. Starting out with a 15 minute warm-up that gets the body going, the remaining 45 minutes with both strength and tone your major muscle groups with the use of free weights.

Sounds like my kind of party! My new goal is try a bunch of the classes before July 18… so I can if its worth it to keep my membership at the gym. I’m on the not worth it side of the fence right now, but that’s a whole other topic.

Its dinner time so I’m outta here!