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[Finally] FitBloggin Recap

Last weekend I was lucky enough to attend FitBloggin! A health and fitness blogging conference that was held in Portland, Oregon. Although I was insanely nervous, even shed a few anxiety tears I ended up have the time of my life! I meet some really amazing people, completed several fun workouts, enjoyed the beautiful views of Portland and learned a lot about myself and blogging!

There is no way I can tell you everything that happened but I have some pictures to share, so enjoy! (Some picture were borrowed from fellow fitblogger friends)

New Friends:

fitbloggin friendsKari: I met during dinner the first night and we became fast friends. Stephanie: Also met at dinner, one night she said she loved my “accent.” And my Crossfit buddy! Emily: My awesome roommate! We didn’t meet officially meet until Friday morning, but it was meant to be. Alyssa: One of the coolest people on Earth, I’ve been reading her blog for a long time so it was a really treat to finally meet in person!

Sweat Pink FriendsFellow Sweat Pink Sisters! I actually met Nicole (right next to me) the day before…at bootcamp!

dinner friends Dinner Friends! From left to right: Sarah, Kari, Stephanie, Emily and Kay Lynn! We had dinner both nights together, amazing company!

I also met many more people, as usual I was pretty terrible at taking photos.

Fun Workouts:

fitbloggin on kgw

Friday morning bootcamp with the KGW News team.

cross fit

Crossfit with Stephanie!

Goodbye runA 5k run with Emily and Kari!

Exploring Portland:

2013-06-29 21.42.35-2

Dusk on the rooftop bar!

2013-06-30 07.26.42

Running on the path around and over the river!

2013-06-30 07.51.16

Bridges everywhere!

And so much more:

I went into to FitBloggin feeling like I didn’t belong, and I was relieved to be welcomed with open arms. It was comforting to be surround by who people who have the same interests, same goals, and totally got me. I still had a tough time breaking out of my shell, I felt like a little fish in a big pond. Other people knew each other already, other made new friends easy and at times I felt a little uneasy, but it was still one of the best experiences ever. (I’m currently trying to figure how I will be able to juggle going next year with my new role as a mom but I have all year to figure it out!)

I’m really looking forward to implementing some of the new blog info I picked up and I’m combing through the live blogging sessions to soak everything up!

All in all, one of the best weekends ever!