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The Current Workout Situation

Happy Thursday Night! I’m pretty pumped that its almost the weekend….one work day to go.

Maybe you’ve noticed that one thing has been missing around here…..workout posts. Err…..or maybe any mention of workouts.

I feel like its time to confess. I haven’t completed a workout in weeks. Sadly, I can’t even remember the last time I worked out. That’s bad.

You know, I had these grand intentions of having a super active pregnancy. Running all the way up until delivery, walking everyday…never having any trouble getting in a sweat session. Then I was sick….with morning sickness. Every. Single. Day. It’s hard to find the energy to run when you have used up all your energy puking.

I did the best I could! I ran when I could. I even wrote this post for For Two Fitness with my Top Tips for Running During Pregnancy!  Please click over & read it! I’m really proud of it. They also have super cute workout clothes for expecting mamas.

By the time I felt better, good enough to run again, my body had already started to change to make room for the baby. My knees were hurting. It took me longer to catch my breath. Things jiggled…and it was painful!

2013-10-26 17.14.36

In October (at approximately 25 weeks), I completed the Home Sweet Home Virtual 5k held by my friend Sarah at Losing Weight & Having Fun. It was so hard! I thought I’d be able to do at least do walk/run intervals but I couldn’t. I had to walk. It was totally unexpected. It felt like I couldn’t breathe when I would run. Walking the 5k was fun, especially, since I convinced Blake to do it with me but I was still a little disappointed that running was so tough.

After that things went downhill….or rather just flat. Now that I think about it…that might have been my last workout. I’m a little bit shocked that its been so long! Just over two months. Yikes.

Deep down I know that its just an excuse. I could have, should have, really needed to push through it but I didn’t. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I mean, what good would that do anyway?

I am however, getting really anxious and excited to get back into the groove of things after the baby comes! I plan to bundle her up and go for walks as soon as I’m recovered. I know it will be tough to start from over from an endurance and fitness standpoint but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I don’t have a plan (yet). I’m just going to take it one day at time and see where things go.

I feel extremely confident about returning to my old running and workout habits post baby. It will be a whole new experience with having to balance motherhood with work and working out, but I can do it. I’m looking forward to do it!




Make A Lifestyle Change This Year

Did you put “eat healthy” or “lose weight” on your list of New Year’s resolutions….again?

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there! Desperately hoping this is the year to lose weight, be more active, join the gym,  and start eating healthy….

Guess what! There’s good news! You can succeed! And you WILL succeed! You just have to change your mindset a little bit.

You need to make a lasting lifelong change! You need to make eating healthy a way of life. You need to make it a lifestyle rather than a diet. I’m sure you’ve heard those words over and over and that’s because its true!

Trust me, I’ve been there! I once lost 14 lbs in two weeks, by following the South Beach Diet….as soon I stopped the diet, I gained the weight back just as quickly as I’d lost it. This is why you will hear over and over and over again- that diets just don’t work. You have to make a change that you can stick with for life. Sure, you will have a few indulgences  here and there but in order to keep the weight off forever, you have to really make a change in the way you eat. Plain and simple.

Ready for more good news??

Diet-to-Go is here to help! This month they are giving away 1,000 meals! (Plus a bunch of other cool prizes!)


The details:

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Then join me and my friends from Diet-to-Go  on January 7th at 9 pm EST (or 6 pm for us Pacific Standard folks.) for an awesome Twitter part! We will be discussing the common sense ways to reach your goals. Find out how to make a lifelong change and make this year the anti-resolution year!

The details:

  • When – Tuesday, January 7, 2014 at 9 p.m. EST
  • Where – Twitter: Use hashtag #diettogo to enter
  • Follow @diettogo and @CaitlinHendee so you don’t miss any tweets.

We’ll also be providing a special discount code for Twitter only at the end of the party – $50 off your first order!

For every tweet, you’ll be entered to win one of four great prizes:

  • One tweeter will win choice of a: Fitbit Force Wristband or Fitbit Scale
  • Three tweeters will win: One week of free Diet-to-Go meals

Check this link for official details about the Twitter party!
(I’m really hoping to win a Fitbit this time around!)

Home Gym Necessities On A Budget

I don’t know how it happened so fast, but 2014 is right around the corner and people are starting to think about their New Year’s Resolutions!

At the top of the list is ALWAYS something like lose weight, get in shape, or workout more, right? I’ve been there year after year trying to lose the weight that was holding me back. (But more on that later…)

I’ve always been more successful at home rather than having to go to the gym. I have no idea why! Maybe its a comfort level thing. I’m not afraid to look crazy or workout my ass off in my living room.

Today I’m going to share with you the essentials for having your own home gym while on a budget! I promise that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be successful at home. You also don’t have to a ton of equipment. Or a lot of space, I do workout in my living room.

Here are the essentials:

1- A variety of hand weights/dumbbells. Its best to buy them one set at time getting heavier as you start to need them. Typically at Walmart or Target you will pay a little over a dollar a pound but check places like TJ Maxx or Ross, even second hand stores – you can find a them a little bit cheaper. Price Range: $5 and up (depends on weight)

2- Yoga Mat! This is a serious must have even if you don’t do yoga! It will add some extra cushion when you are stretching, or doing ab work or push up. If you have hardwood floors like me, it also helps to keep some of the dirt away because no matter how much I sweep there is still dirt everywhere!

I also buy these at Ross or TJ Maxx! They usually have cute patterns and great prices but I’ve also purchased them from Walmart for about $10, I can’t understand paying more than 15 bucks for one of these. Price Range: $7 and up.

3- Some sort of timer. Essential for doing HITT or tabata style workouts. Personally, I just use a free app on my iPhone called RoundTimer. But you can find an actual timer basically anywhere, this one from Gymboss is very popular because you can clip it on your clothes so it easy to access. Price Range: Free and up. Approximately $20 for a Gymboss timer.

4- Workout DVDs. I’ve found the best way to get a full body workout consistently is by using at-home DVDs. There a MILLIONS of them out there…seriously, millions. Right now my Walmart has an entire section dedicated to workout DVDs that are only $9 each! I think the best way to stay focused and have fun is to have a variety of workouts at your fingertips. I’ve also bought them at yard sales or used from my bookstore. There also some available for free on YouTube.

Some of my personal favorites include ones from Bob HarperJillian Michaels, and The 15-Minute Solution series.

You could also purchase one of those at home programs like Insanity (which I tried) or P90x, if that is something that interest you. Some of them like Insanity don’t require any equipment, although I would recommend a yoga mat to cushion under your hands. Price Range: Free and up

That’s all it really takes, of course you could invest in some more expensive things, but its not necessary. Although my current wish list includes a nice sturdy treadmill.

I’m actually getting a little bit excited to starting getting back into shape after the baby comes!

IMG_3730.jpgGood Luck!

Any body else do at home workouts?

What are some of your favorite non-essential pieces of equipment?
Mine include my punching bag (gift from my hubs last Christmas) and my one and only  kettle bell! I need to use them more often!


Tuesday Things [11.12.13]

Hello & Happy Tuesday!

I’m really liking the baby updates every two weeks, because really from week to week not much is happening. So we are going to skip it this week, but I’ll be back next week with a baby update!

I think my favorite posts are random ones like Friday Five or Thursday Thoughts…so today its Tuesday Things!

1- Bump Comparison! Well you can’t expect me NOT talk about the baby at all, can you? I took a baby bump picture this morning before I decided there was nothing good to talk about.

PicMonkey CollageIt’s apparent my shirt is getting a little bit smaller! Or rather the baby is getting bigger! Her kicks are getting harder and harder.

2- Sleep Schedule. Over the last few weeks, I’ve been having trouble waking up in the mornings. I started thinking about it, and I think I’m actually sleeping too much…. I tend to go to bed around 8:30-9 and then wake up at 7-7:20 am. That’s like 10 hours of sleep….every night. On the weekends I wake up naturally about 8 hour after I go to bed. My new plan is going to try going to bed at 10 pm with my alarm set for 6:30 am. I started last night and well…..tonight I feel pretty stinkin’ tired! We’ll see how this works.

3- Wonderful Weekend! This weekend, my friend and I headed south to Oregon to visit our very best friends! Their little girls were having a birthday party. It was so awesome to visit and hangout. Plus these two girls are so adorable!

girls4- Pumpkin Pie Rolled Oats. This morning I whipped up a surprisingly, delicious breakfast. Super easy and so tasty & that’s coming from someone who doesn’t really love oatmeal.

This oatmeal is packed with Omega-3s and full of flavor!

Pumpkin Pie Rolled OatsPumpkin Pie Rolled Oats Recipe from

3/4cup water
1/4 cup pumpkin pie coffee creamer
1/2 cup rolled oats
1/2 tbsp chia seeds
1/8 tsp pumpkin pie spice
1-2 tbsp of chopped walnuts
a hefty dash of cinnamon

Boil the water and coffee creamer in a small pot, once it starts to boil add the oats, chia seeds, and pumpkin pie spices. Stir well and reduce heat to medium-low, let the oats cook for about 5 minutes. Top with walnuts and cinnamon & enjoy!

I hope you give it a try. The creamer is just sweet enough that you don’t need any extra sugar plus it makes more creamy than milk.

5- Cooking Mood. I’m finally in the mood to cook! Its really been a while since I really wanted to cook, I even bough a new cookbook and magazine in the last few weeks and barely opened them, but now I’m ready. I have a little list of things to make, homemade bread, my grandma’s snickerdoodle cookies, and chili to start but there’s no stopping me….

Welp, that’s all I have for tonight. I need to go fold a few loads of laundry.


Baby A Update: Second Trimester

Happy Tuesday! One day closer to the weekend, right?!

babyAs of today, Baby Alexander is officially 27 week and 2 days, so we are now starting the 28th week which means the start of the 3rd trimester!

Things are seriously looking up since my last update! I’m feeling better emotionally, my follow-up regarding my weight was good, and my test for gestational diabetes was negative.


After my last appointment I was feeling pretty terrible. I really felt like I was the only person worried about gaining too much weight, everyone else seemed to think I shouldn’t worry about it. I’m now following a high protein, low carb diet. (And I don’t mean diet in the terms of weight loss, its just what food I’m eating!) Way less sugary treats, fewer servings of bread and pasta, and fewer servings of fruit.

Ironically, this is the kind of diet you would eat if you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I DO NOT have gestational diabetes, but she still wants to me follow this eating style for the most part. Let’s be honest, I was seriously worried I would have it, so its a huge a relief to be in the clear.

baby bump 27 weeksSo now let’s move on to more interesting stuff…I thought it would be fun to do this pregnancy survey!

My age: 26

How far along: 28 weeks

How big is baby: A head of cauliflower! Around 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long from head to toe.

What have you been up to: Just working a lot and prepping for the weeks to come.

Exercise/Activity Level: I admit my workouts having been lacking. Workouts are tough! Things hurt, I get out of breath so easy…even just walking.  I just have to get over it, and do it.

Maternity clothes:  I’m all about the stretchy pants. I also found some of my larger pants from when I was bigger, so I’ve been wearing those occasionally.

Stretch marks: No new ones, but my old stretch marks show more now.

Belly Button: Its in! I have huge belly button, so I’m not even sure it will pop out. It is a little bit flatter now.

Sleep: Different every night! I wake up several times each night probably 3-4 days a week. The other couple days I just crash and sleep so well!

Newest baby milestones this week: She’s adding new skills like blinking, coughing, sucking her thumb, and hiccuping!

Best Moment of the Week:  My dear friend, Tara, got some nice baby things for us. It was such a surprise and so thoughtful! Tara is my go-to for all things mommy related, she has three beautiful girls!

DSC_0046There is a couple of long-sleeve onies, a carseat cozy, a couple pairs of shoes, an adorable pink hoodie, and an owl toy! So cute!

Worst Moment of the Week: Worrying…and worrying…I worry way too much. I was also sick a few times this weekend.

Food cravings: Today I’m dying for a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, but that’s because I made an ad for DQ today. I havn’t had any real “cravings” like everyone expects.

Food aversions: Not much but at the same time….everything. Some days I just don’t want to eat anything.

Symptoms: Nothing that I know of in terms of early labor or anything of that nature. Just a lot of heart burn.

Movement: Oh boy. She’s a mover. I feel her most of the day, today was cool because I felt a kick up high so maybe she head down for a little bit. It feels like she flips around a bunch.  There was also a funny moment this weekend, when she was super low when I was walking into the store! It made walking difficult, even Blake could tell she was down low.

Gender: Girl

What I’m looking forward to: Find a house so I can really start to plan her nursery! And my baby shower next month.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Everything to go smoothly from here out. Its been pretty easy so far, I just want it to continue this way.

What I miss: Sushi….feeling “normal” especially during my workouts.

Next appointment: Two weeks from yesterday.

That was a long survey! I might need a nap now….

For now its time to get a few things done around the house before bed.

If you missed any baby update, you can find them here:


Baby A: Week 24 & 25

I’m late again on a couple of baby posts, but seriously, the last few weeks have been no joke.

Last week I was suffering a slight cold, its still lingering. And this week has just been a mess of crappy things on top of a huge deadline at work. Needless to say, I’m so relieved it’s Friday!

Anyway, lets get on to the baby bump update!

babyMy little peanut is growing, growing, growing! What to Expect says, she about 2 pounds now and 9 inches long…about the size of an eggplant. We have less than 100 days until she’s due to arrive! And there’s so much to do…….ah….

Baby has really been jumping around all the time…I think she’s been doing jumping jacks in there. I love feeling her move. Especially when I can feel her from the outside, its such a special moment, every time. I can’t wait to hold my baby girl.

I will admit pregnancy has NOT been a walk in the park the last few days…er weeks. I have crazy bad heartburn, hot flashes, and back pain most days. Then we have the leg cramps in the middle of the night, tossing and turning all. night. long., oh and the feeling that I need to pee constantly except I really don’t have to go. Blah. I know that this cold or sinus infection I’ve been battling is not helping, but really things have been rough.

DSC_0206I thought about leaving the picture out because its not “good”, I look tired and fat and you can’t even really see the bump.It is what it is…. And hey, my outfit was cute!

Is it ok that its not all glitter and rainbows?

I sure hope so, because I feel like a mess right now. I’m just crying and exhausted! And I have no idea why I am crying now.

I feel like I’m working hard to deal with my weight. I want to tell myself it will be ok, but it doesn’t feel like it will be. I know I’m supposed to gain some weight, but I see the fat in my face and it hurts. I didn’t want to gain any more weight than I needed to and I’ve already done that. I wanted to be the fit and healthy pregnant lady and now I just feel fat!

I just have to cut out the junk food and get moving again. This week has been moving in the right direction. I ate more mindfully, but I’m struggling to even have an appetite…I’m hungry but nothing sounds good. I got in a good workout. Only one so far but I worked a lot of overtime this week…that puts a damper on things. I started a sweat session tonight but after about 20 minutes I started seeing stars, so I decided to stop the workout and eat dinner. I’m thinking it’s because I didn’t have anything to eat for several hours except a little bit of jerky. I think I’ll just do my prenatal yoga DVD here in a little bit and call it good for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a virtual 5K using walk/run intervals so I’ll get a good burn.

I know things will turn up soon… just a rough few weeks. Here’s hoping I can recuperate this weekend!




Wow. What Have You Been Eating?

Those are the words I heard by my midwife this afternoon.

I debated about writing this post all day. I’m disappointed. I have to admit that I messed up and I made a mistake. That I failed.

A bigger part of me is ready to admit the truth. To fix this mistake.

Today I had regular prenatal check-up. The baby is doing great, but I gained 9 pounds this month. 9 POUNDS in one month. I’m mortified.

According to my charts, I’ve gained 18 lbs. My at-home weight gain is 22 pounds. (I say at-home because my doctor has my starting weight at 193, but my weight before getting pregnant was 184 pounds. Also I weight several pounds less when I weight myself in the mornings.) Seriously, tears are filling up in my eyes as I type.

I feel terrible. I don’t want to put my baby or myself at risk for complications

The babies of women who gain more than the recommended amount of weight during pregnancy may be too large at birth, which can cause labor complications for both mom and baby. For example, studies show that women who gain too much during pregnancy are at a higher risk for having a cesarean delivery or a premature birth. They also tend to retain too much weight after pregnancy and have a higher weight in subsequent pregnancies. From: BabyCenter

In addition to that, I have to deal with the fact that I was already slightly overweight to start with.

The risks for women who gain too much during pregnancy, though, are less than the risks for women who already weigh too much when they conceive. Women who start pregnancy overweight are at higher risk for complications including gestational diabetes and preeclampsia.

In addition, women who are overweight or obese before pregnancy tend to have trouble starting and continuing breastfeeding. Experts believe reasons for this may include poor milk production and difficulty positioning the baby for nursing. Gaining too much weight during pregnancy may make this problem worse.

I feel so terrible. It kills me to even think about my baby girl having a hard birth.

I’m upset and frustrated but I know that won’t get me anywhere. I have to make a change.

I’ve been allowing myself to eat more indulgent than I had in the past. Chocolates, extra pizza, a couple slices of toast with dinner, hot chocolate to ease my sore throat, and TOO MUCH EXTRA stuff.

Now its time for more protein. Less breads and chocolates. More water. Less hot chocolate. More water. More fruit and vegetables.

To help keep myself more accountable, I’m going to be posting my meals on Instagram & Facebook. Every meal. (I’m a little rusty, but I’ll get back into the swing of things.) And its back to posting my sweaty workout pictures.

This is the end. I’m not going to allow myself to do this to my baby or myself.

I can do better.