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Chat With Me


I’m feeling very chatty tonight! So this will be a babbling type of post.

The last couple of days have been pretty interesting. I’m experiencing some serious swelling! Its mostly in my hands and face but we were pretty active yesterday so my feet are slightly swollen and sore today. 20140113-153436.jpgIts pretty noticeable to me in this picture from my Wordless Weekend post. It looks like a looooong cry but I didn’t. I also had to take my wedding ring off. Boo. The good news….that Seahawks t-shirt is wayyyy too big! Thank Goodness! I borrowed it from my father-in-law.

Speaking of Seahawks…The game this weekend was awesome but I’m nervous for the game next weekend. Eek. Truth be told, I have very little interest in football but my hubs loves it so I’ve watched most of the games this year.

Yesterday, Blake and I took Kia for a walk and I was having some pretty uncomfortable pain. I hope its a sign that everything is moving right along and I’ll be holding my baby soon! Later in the afternoon we went to Wenatchee with our closest friends. It was so nice to get to hangout with our friends and do a little shopping. We didn’t purchase a lot of stuff but we did get a new bed spread and a Jack La Lanne juicer (just like the one I was borrowing! It was on SALE at Costco).  I can’t wait to have some fresh juice again!

2013-09-29 15.07.03-2

I also picked up a few things for the baby. Letters to put her initials on the wall, felt to make something special, and a pack of bottles. I am planning to breastfeed but I will eventually need to pump when I go back to work.

Have you heard of eMeals? I’ve been lucky enough to get to try out their service and I’m LOVING it. Look at this delicious soup I made tonight…

2014-01-13 18.14.52Spicy Taco Soup. Mm..mmm..mmm…delicious. This will be a repeat meal for sure. Doesn’t hurt that they say spicy food can bring on labor. Although the heartburn tonight could be killer. Maybe I shouldn’t have taken that risk.

Also, I’ve been seriously hungry lately. Like seriously. I often wonder, how is it possible to be this hungry all the time? I need something to eat at least every two hours.

I’ve definitely re-fallen in love with blogging over the last few weeks. Although I’m still working on switching my brain over….remembering to take photos and notes of what I’d like to write about it. It feels really good to write about whatever comes to mind. I’ve actually been thinking about “re-branding” this blog. I like writing about life and fun things I’ve been doing, and I know I’ll be writing about baby Elizabeth all time. (sorry, I’m not sorry) I wonder if that means I need to change the title of my blog? I still want to write about fitness, running, and losing the baby weight, but it probably won’t be the predominate topic around here anymore.  I’m still mulling things over. Maybe a fresh headline would work.

What do you think? I’d love to hear what you think.

2014-01-09 19.22.19-2Lastly, the baby’s room is ready! Or at least as ready as its going to be while we live in this house. I’m going to work on editing the pictures so you guys can see everything. I’m super excited!

I think that’s everything on my mind tonight. Thanks for stickin’ around!

Good night! Hopefully the nursery post will be ready tomorrow.


January To-Do List

Good Morning & Happy Tuesday!

Here’s hoping today goes by quicker than yesterday did!

While I was thinking about my goals for 2014, I decided to make my self a to-do list for each month. Not really goals, but things I really want to accomplish each month. Some things might be a quick task like straighten up the bookshelf while others might take a few weeks or days like finishing a book.

There is a lot to be done, especially since we are moving in a few months.

My main objective for the month of January is to get organized but I also have some other things on my to-do list.

  • Final touches on baby’s room (to be done tomorrow!)
  • Completely re-organize and clean hall closet
  • Organize and box up junk in the spare room
  • Make a decision for using a planner/budget system
  • Create a housekeeping schedule
  • Start using meal planning service (more on that soon!!)
  • Deep clean bedroom & the bathroom connected to our room
  • Finish at least one book

I think that’s enough for the month. The first three are the most important! Every time I look in my hall closet I want to scream, its such a mess, but it will take a while to get it straightened up. I know that once its done, it will be so much easier to keep organized and will be sooooo much easier to move.

And there are two big thing being stored in the baby’s room that do not belong, but I need to make room for them in the spare room before they can be moved.

With that I’m off to start the day! Hope you have a good one!

What do you need to get done this month? What kind of planner do you use? What about budgeting system?

Blake’s Birthday!

Whew! Relief really came in the form of 5 o’clock tonight! What a long day! Today seemed to last forever, I think because I’m tired and not feeling so hot.

We had a very exciting weekend, and I think I’m still recovering.

Saturday was a big day! We celebrated Blake’s 25th birthday! It was so much fun for everyone.  Since everyone says that he won’t get to have any fun after the baby comes so I made sure this one was extra special.

2014-01-04 23.20.22His cake of choice: white cake with cherry filling and my special white chocolate buttercream! He LOVES this frosting! I think I’ve made it for him for the last 3 years now. After lighting all those candle we decided from now on we will just use number candles. Its hard work to get 25 candles lit. But the cake was pretty yummy.

We also had some fun “Dad” party games for the guys. First up, a bottle chugging contest!

2014-01-04 22.37.44Then a diaper changing contest.

2014-01-04 23.44.14Pretty sure Dad is going to have to do some practicing for baby girl gets here!

We (and by we – I mean everyone else) also played some drinking games, like beer pong, cards, and a buzz word game. A good time was had by all! And the guys were totally good sports about the Dad games, even though only one of them has kids. I’m sure it helps that there were some cool Seahawk prizes.

Then Sunday, Blake’s actual birthday, I woke up and made him his favorite breakfast, biscuits and gravy. Then we went to help some friends fix their drywall, but I was feeling pretty lousy so I went home and took a nap.

Now that all the celebration are done… we are in total get organized for moving soon mode. It will help pass the time until baby girl gets here!

How was your weekend?

Wonderful Weekend!

What a nice weekend this has been!

The husband and I spent most of the time at home, but we sure got a lot done! With trips out of town the next two weekends, staying home was exactly what the doctor ordered!

We got some things done that really make me happy.

One of the big things I’ve been dealing with is just feeling blah! I feel like its partly because I sit at a desk 8 hours a day with no windows and no sunshine. And then I come home to house that I/we don’t love, that just doesn’t feel homey.

Half of that is easy enough to fix! Even though we are currently in the process of getting approved to buy our own house, I can make this house feel homey! I need to hang pictures and rearrange things…add some bright and cheerful colors. Fairly easy stuff. The truth is, we moved into this house during a very tough time and we just never made it ours. I have plenty of decor and ideas…hopefully I will just have to pack it up soon but its worth it!

Next big project: I finished refurbishing the baby’s dresser! At least for the most part, there is one thing left to do before I do a big reveal but I pretty much love it!

I started to put her things away! (Sneak peek)

2013-10-26 16.48.56-2She has just one tiny little diaper and small pack of wipes that came in sample box from the doctor!

Most of her clothes are still on the hangers in the closet…I figure I might as well wait to wash everything until we get more so that I can do a whole load.

2013-10-27 18.59.40Here’s some of my most recent purchases!

2013-10-27 18.58.30Seriously, everything is so stinkin’ cute! I just can’t help but buy it! I had to run Walmart for eggs and warned Blake that going unsupervised wasn’t wise!

2013-10-26 15.40.38Next weekend, we are heading out to finish/make a baby registry. I started it online, but I think as first-time parents it will be easier and helpful to see the stuff in person. Feel free to leave me tips! I feel totally overwhelmed when I’m choosing things.

Part of getting ready for the baby and making this house feel more homey was clearing out her room. It was full of junk but now its just baby stuff! Its so exciting! We aren’t painting the walls since we are planning to move, but I still want the room to be ready in case we are still here when she makes her debut!

Next I used today to get some food prep done! I haven’t done that in a while…

I chopped up some veggies for snacking, and I have everything ready for navy been soup, just has to go in the crockpot tomorrow morning.

2013-10-27 15.47.56-2I also made a batch of corn bread muffins to go with the soup. And baked a couple loaves of pumpkin bread!

2013-10-27 18.56.46One for taking to work next week and one to enjoy at home!

Lastly, Blake and I had a nice dinner out.

2013-10-27 17.36.36

Delish. I was really craving a steak and potatoes. I feel really great about my eating this week so it was nice to splurge a little.

2013-10-27 18.01.57Then we shared the cheesecake.

To. die. for.

Perfect weekend. Blake and I also walked a 5k for a virtual race I needed to get done, but more on that tomorrow!

I’m feeling pretty great about this weekend and I’m going in to this week will a sunny outlook! Its another busy week at work, so I need the pep.

Its been a perfect weekend…What did you do this weekend?

Any tips for beating the office blues?

Or things I need to add to the baby registry? Things to leave off?

Let me know!




When Everyday Is A Struggle

The last few weeks have been tough.

I just feel off. I don’t want to say I’m unhappy, because I’m not. I have a wonderful life with an amazing husband, and a job that I enjoy. I just feel like something is wrong. I didn’t even really admit it to myself until yesterday. The truth is its been a long time since I felt like myself. In fact, I have another post from July 25th along the same line as this one, but I never hit publish. Its been longer than that.

There’s so many things that feel wrong. I’m not sleeping very well. I can’t fall asleep. I can’t stay asleep. I can’t wake up in the mornings. My workouts have been spotty… ok nearly, non-existent. I’ve let way too much time go between workouts, where it feels like I’m starting over. I’m not eating healthy meals consistently. I’ll have great days full of fruits and veggies, and the next day I polish off half a bag cheese filled soft pretzels.

I know that a lot of things change because of the baby growing. Its tough on the body. Hormones cause wacky things, but I feel like this is something more. This is just something that happens to me from time to time. I have a long background of dealing with depression and its something that has always been an issue in my family. I know that I could be on medication, and there is nothing wrong with needing medication. My mom is an amazing woman, but she has to have an anti-depressant and with good reason. Personally, I just don’t like medication, for any reason. I also have a hard time remembering to take it.

I know this post is kind of random, especially since its been two weeks since my last post. Plus it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but I needed to write it. I needed to get things out.

I’m working on fixing myself. I’ve worked out the last two days, they’ve been short workouts, but short is better than nothing.

I know there is a lot of room for improvement, I’m just trying to figure out the steps to take right now.

I’m really hoping to find myself blogging regularly again. Just stick with me!



Wonderful Weekend

How is the weekend almost over already? It just can’t be! The last week has been so busy, its crazy.

I’m so thankful for the 3-day weekend because its gave me some seriously needed time with my hubby! We both had a long weekend and totally used the time to have lots of fun.

We used Saturday to have a little pool party with our friends, which ended up delicious burgers cooked by yours truly. The day was so much fun that everyone was wiped by the end of the day, so we hit the hay early.

Sunday, I ventured into the kitchen to make a batch of homemade biscuits for breakfast!

Sunday Breakfast

The last time, I tried to make biscuits they came out as hockey pucks! But this time the rose beautifully, but were on the small size. I’ll have to keep trying.

After breakfast we hit the up the town! We picked up a flower pot for the front door, groceries, and even a new pair of ankle boots for moi!

flower pot

I’m not sure what kind of plants are in this, but I love it! In a few weeks I’m going to get a little scarecrow to put stick in it.

We ended grocery shopping for what seemed like an eternity! But we are super stocked up for a healthy week or two.

Today was another fun day! Blake and I slept late, then I went to my brother’s to hangout for a little bit.

future model

My neice, Eveylnn loves shades!

2013-09-02 13.07.17

I also took the baby for her first swim! She seemed to like it, except for the sun in her eyes so she wore sister’s big hat.

For some reason, I didn’t take any picture of big brother today.

After playing for the little while I came home to tackle some house chores. I got a “new” dresser from my aunt last week, but it has a funky smell so I tried to clean it up.  Plus the regular stuff like laundry and dishes.

For most people this might be a boring weekend, but for us it was perfect! We hardly see each other because of work schedules so sometimes we just need to be normal, ya know!

I’ll be back tomorrow with the baby update! I started the house hunting post, but its a lot more time consuming than I realized so I’ll have to finish it in a bit.

Pretty Darn Good

Hello everyone!

I’m going to keep this short & sweet…or at least short.

Today was a pretty darn good day. Nothing cool happened but I stuck to my plans and that’s what really counts.  Why bother making plans if you aren’t going to stick to them?!


Here I am looking like a train wreck after a vicious 4 miles on the treadmill. I planned to do my run outside but the weather had other plans, so I passed the miles watching Kitchen Nightmares on my phone. Those four miles were brutal…proof that I took too many days off from the gym.

I only had one piece of chocolate today, a Caramel Macadamia Nut thingy that my co-worker brought home from Hawaii! (Thanks, Kelsey!) I did have a chocolate pretzel protein bar for a snack, but mostly because it’s the only thing I had with me to munch on. For the whole day I was right at 1637 calories. Not too shab, considering I burned 436 calories during my run.

Right now I’m about to fold my a load of laundry and pack my gym bag for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!! Nighty Night!