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The Current Workout Situation

Happy Thursday Night! I’m pretty pumped that its almost the weekend….one work day to go.

Maybe you’ve noticed that one thing has been missing around here…..workout posts. Err…..or maybe any mention of workouts.

I feel like its time to confess. I haven’t completed a workout in weeks. Sadly, I can’t even remember the last time I worked out. That’s bad.

You know, I had these grand intentions of having a super active pregnancy. Running all the way up until delivery, walking everyday…never having any trouble getting in a sweat session. Then I was sick….with morning sickness. Every. Single. Day. It’s hard to find the energy to run when you have used up all your energy puking.

I did the best I could! I ran when I could. I even wrote this post for For Two Fitness with my Top Tips for Running During Pregnancy!  Please click over & read it! I’m really proud of it. They also have super cute workout clothes for expecting mamas.

By the time I felt better, good enough to run again, my body had already started to change to make room for the baby. My knees were hurting. It took me longer to catch my breath. Things jiggled…and it was painful!

2013-10-26 17.14.36

In October (at approximately 25 weeks), I completed the Home Sweet Home Virtual 5k held by my friend Sarah at Losing Weight & Having Fun. It was so hard! I thought I’d be able to do at least do walk/run intervals but I couldn’t. I had to walk. It was totally unexpected. It felt like I couldn’t breathe when I would run. Walking the 5k was fun, especially, since I convinced Blake to do it with me but I was still a little disappointed that running was so tough.

After that things went downhill….or rather just flat. Now that I think about it…that might have been my last workout. I’m a little bit shocked that its been so long! Just over two months. Yikes.

Deep down I know that its just an excuse. I could have, should have, really needed to push through it but I didn’t. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I mean, what good would that do anyway?

I am however, getting really anxious and excited to get back into the groove of things after the baby comes! I plan to bundle her up and go for walks as soon as I’m recovered. I know it will be tough to start from over from an endurance and fitness standpoint but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I don’t have a plan (yet). I’m just going to take it one day at time and see where things go.

I feel extremely confident about returning to my old running and workout habits post baby. It will be a whole new experience with having to balance motherhood with work and working out, but I can do it. I’m looking forward to do it!




Baby A Update: ONE MONTH TO GO! (36 Weeks)

My oh my! We have only ONE month until Baby Alexander is due to arrive! There is no containing my excitement! I’m so ready for her to be here now! Blake is excited too, he’s hoping for a baby for his birthday this Sunday.

babyToday marks 35 weeks and 4 days!

According to What to Expect, baby is now the size of a large cantaloupe! She’s between 19 – 22 inches long, and weighs are around 6 pounds. All of her tiny little organs are fully functioning and ready to enter the world! Except for the digestion system which starts working once she has her first meal.

Mama Details:

The last few weeks have been a lot of fun. I can tell that the baby is big! I feel her completely stretched out, at times she is pushing from the top and the bottom. It feels like her feet are fluttering right below my breasts, I like to imagine her little feet kicking like she’s swimming. And I also feel pressure low in my pelvis. She moves almost all day long, or at least it feels like it.

DSC_0007Blake & I on Christmas Eve!

I do have some days where I feel pretty uncomfortable. I have pain in my low back/tail bone area almost everyday, And forget about leaning forward.She just takes up so much space, leaning forward just presses on her and its so uncomfortable.

Most of my clothes don’t fit! Even the maternity shirts, with only a month left – I DO NOT want to buy more giant clothes, I’d rather save my money for buying new smaller, regular sized clothes. I’m pretty much just wearing long under shirts with sweaters and cover ups. It seems to be working! Then at home, I kinda just like all hang out, but only at home.

You know, I think we are ready for this little girl to come! The nursery is practically done, just a thing or two left to do. The car seat is by the door and the bag is packed. Oh here’s what’s I’ve packed:

baby's hospital bag1. Swaddle blanket from my friend, Emily
2. Car seat cozy blanket that I made to keep her nice and toasty3. Super soft, bigger blanket from my friend, Tara
4. A couple of newborn size diapers and small pack of wipes*
5. Size 0-3 months onsie in case she is bigger than newborn size
6. Her coming home outfit, the same outfit that Blake and I first picked out when we found out she was coming! Complete with a ducky bib, mittens, and little hat.
7. Little grooming kit from my sister. It has tiny nail files, clippers, comb, soft hair brush, and little spray bottle.*

* We may not need these, because the hospital supplies most of the things she will need right away, but I’m taking it with us anyway.

hospital bag for parents1. Sock and undies2. Deoderant
3. Tums. I will need lots of these I’m sure!
4. Reusable bag for whatever
5. Reusable nursing pads
6. Clothes. T-shirt, tanks with built in bra, and yoga pants
7. Warm, cozy socks
8. Toiletries: shampoo & conditioner, lotion, chapstick, hair balm to take my curls, tooth paste, tooth brush, and comb. Everything in sample size so it doesn’t take up a lot of space!

There are also some things we will need to grab because we use them daily. Like my phone charger, my new fuzzy robe, and my contact stuff.

Did I miss anything?

Hopefully, this everything we will need. I’ve looked over some lists by other mothers, and went with the minimalist approach. I tend to be an over-packer and then never use the stuff I take with me.

So I’m thinking we are ready! I do need to actually put the car seat in the car, but for some reason I’m worried about not having my car when I go into labor.

I’m hoping to do a nursery reveal this weekend or early next week!

Baby It’s Cold Outside [Shower]

Well this post is a little late! I have tons to blog about and I promise I really am getting back into the swing of things! …

A few weeks ago, my best friend Kate threw me the BEST baby shower ever!


Months ago, we chatted/brainstormed/dreamed causally about baby showers and I totally fell in love with the Baby, it’s cold outside theme we saw on pinterest!

baby showerFront of invitation! (Confession: I designed these myself based off one I saw on Pinterest! I really love designing these types of things!)

baby-shower-backAnd the back! They were postcards. I loveeeee them! Simple but fun!

Kate totally delivered a baby shower above and beyond anything I expected! The whole thing was so thought out and well planned. I loved every bit of it!

DSC_0117The hostess and I!

DSC_0051Cupcakes and a candy bar

DSC_0048There was tons of candy! We also had a hot cocoa bar yet there are no pictures of it!

DSC_0119 My friend, Tara! She’s my “mommy friend” since she already has three beautiful girls!

The shower was so much fun! I loved sitting around with my friends and family talking all things baby! I’m one lucky lady to have so many amazing people in my life!

Baby A Update: 29 Weeks

Hello & Happy Tuesday!

It’s time for another baby update!

babyAs of today, we are 29 weeks and 2 days. It feels really good to be in the 30th week! Only 10 weeks and 5 days to go….74 days!

Baby Details: Baby girl is now approximately 17 inches and 3.1 pounds! She’s getting big! Sometimes I can feel her on both sides of belly. She can now regulate her own temperature, and is starting to shed the lanugo which was covering her body and has been keeping her warm.

DSC_0005editMama Details: The weeks have been pretty boring, although I was experiencing some sharp pains over the weekend. I really don’t know how to explain it. It felt like I was being stabbed in my lady parts. Maybe like a bladder infection just like in the wrong spot. It hurt a lot more when I was walking, but also some when I was trying to relax in bed. I also was experiencing some random tingling all over my body in my bicep, or my ankles. So weird. I thought about going to Urgent Care but in the end I just felt like it wasn’t necessary. The pains have seemed to stop, I’m thinking maybe the baby was just kicking or pushing on something like a nerve.

I also have some little bumps on my belly. I’ve had them for a while but they seem to be spreading. Luckily, they don’t itch or anything like that….they’re just there.

I have an appointment with my midwife on Thursday so I’ll have to ask her about everything.

And to round of the list of typical symptoms I still have heartburn, a new round of nausea, pee leakage (yes its real and its not fun!), and trouble sleeping!

Baby also got totally hooked up by her Aunt Emily and cousins Evelynn & Lyllian! She now has a drawer full of clothes…DSC_0006Washing baby clothes was fun! Everything is so tiny and so cute! I put away all the newborn size stuff and the 0-3 months, then I put the rest away in the closet. I’m hoping to keep things somewhat organized.

She also got some reusable diapers from her Grandma!

DSC_0009We are starting to get a nice little collection. We also have a drawer full of the pre-folds that go inside the diapers.

We still have a lot to get done before the baby comes. Right now, we are completely wrapped up in everything else but I’m confidently everything work out just fine. One day, one task, one breath at a time!


Baby A Update: Second Trimester

Happy Tuesday! One day closer to the weekend, right?!

babyAs of today, Baby Alexander is officially 27 week and 2 days, so we are now starting the 28th week which means the start of the 3rd trimester!

Things are seriously looking up since my last update! I’m feeling better emotionally, my follow-up regarding my weight was good, and my test for gestational diabetes was negative.


After my last appointment I was feeling pretty terrible. I really felt like I was the only person worried about gaining too much weight, everyone else seemed to think I shouldn’t worry about it. I’m now following a high protein, low carb diet. (And I don’t mean diet in the terms of weight loss, its just what food I’m eating!) Way less sugary treats, fewer servings of bread and pasta, and fewer servings of fruit.

Ironically, this is the kind of diet you would eat if you were diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I DO NOT have gestational diabetes, but she still wants to me follow this eating style for the most part. Let’s be honest, I was seriously worried I would have it, so its a huge a relief to be in the clear.

baby bump 27 weeksSo now let’s move on to more interesting stuff…I thought it would be fun to do this pregnancy survey!

My age: 26

How far along: 28 weeks

How big is baby: A head of cauliflower! Around 2.5 pounds and 16 inches long from head to toe.

What have you been up to: Just working a lot and prepping for the weeks to come.

Exercise/Activity Level: I admit my workouts having been lacking. Workouts are tough! Things hurt, I get out of breath so easy…even just walking.  I just have to get over it, and do it.

Maternity clothes:  I’m all about the stretchy pants. I also found some of my larger pants from when I was bigger, so I’ve been wearing those occasionally.

Stretch marks: No new ones, but my old stretch marks show more now.

Belly Button: Its in! I have huge belly button, so I’m not even sure it will pop out. It is a little bit flatter now.

Sleep: Different every night! I wake up several times each night probably 3-4 days a week. The other couple days I just crash and sleep so well!

Newest baby milestones this week: She’s adding new skills like blinking, coughing, sucking her thumb, and hiccuping!

Best Moment of the Week:  My dear friend, Tara, got some nice baby things for us. It was such a surprise and so thoughtful! Tara is my go-to for all things mommy related, she has three beautiful girls!

DSC_0046There is a couple of long-sleeve onies, a carseat cozy, a couple pairs of shoes, an adorable pink hoodie, and an owl toy! So cute!

Worst Moment of the Week: Worrying…and worrying…I worry way too much. I was also sick a few times this weekend.

Food cravings: Today I’m dying for a Pumpkin Pie Blizzard, but that’s because I made an ad for DQ today. I havn’t had any real “cravings” like everyone expects.

Food aversions: Not much but at the same time….everything. Some days I just don’t want to eat anything.

Symptoms: Nothing that I know of in terms of early labor or anything of that nature. Just a lot of heart burn.

Movement: Oh boy. She’s a mover. I feel her most of the day, today was cool because I felt a kick up high so maybe she head down for a little bit. It feels like she flips around a bunch.  There was also a funny moment this weekend, when she was super low when I was walking into the store! It made walking difficult, even Blake could tell she was down low.

Gender: Girl

What I’m looking forward to: Find a house so I can really start to plan her nursery! And my baby shower next month.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: Everything to go smoothly from here out. Its been pretty easy so far, I just want it to continue this way.

What I miss: Sushi….feeling “normal” especially during my workouts.

Next appointment: Two weeks from yesterday.

That was a long survey! I might need a nap now….

For now its time to get a few things done around the house before bed.

If you missed any baby update, you can find them here:


Baby A: Week 24 & 25

I’m late again on a couple of baby posts, but seriously, the last few weeks have been no joke.

Last week I was suffering a slight cold, its still lingering. And this week has just been a mess of crappy things on top of a huge deadline at work. Needless to say, I’m so relieved it’s Friday!

Anyway, lets get on to the baby bump update!

babyMy little peanut is growing, growing, growing! What to Expect says, she about 2 pounds now and 9 inches long…about the size of an eggplant. We have less than 100 days until she’s due to arrive! And there’s so much to do…….ah….

Baby has really been jumping around all the time…I think she’s been doing jumping jacks in there. I love feeling her move. Especially when I can feel her from the outside, its such a special moment, every time. I can’t wait to hold my baby girl.

I will admit pregnancy has NOT been a walk in the park the last few days…er weeks. I have crazy bad heartburn, hot flashes, and back pain most days. Then we have the leg cramps in the middle of the night, tossing and turning all. night. long., oh and the feeling that I need to pee constantly except I really don’t have to go. Blah. I know that this cold or sinus infection I’ve been battling is not helping, but really things have been rough.

DSC_0206I thought about leaving the picture out because its not “good”, I look tired and fat and you can’t even really see the bump.It is what it is…. And hey, my outfit was cute!

Is it ok that its not all glitter and rainbows?

I sure hope so, because I feel like a mess right now. I’m just crying and exhausted! And I have no idea why I am crying now.

I feel like I’m working hard to deal with my weight. I want to tell myself it will be ok, but it doesn’t feel like it will be. I know I’m supposed to gain some weight, but I see the fat in my face and it hurts. I didn’t want to gain any more weight than I needed to and I’ve already done that. I wanted to be the fit and healthy pregnant lady and now I just feel fat!

I just have to cut out the junk food and get moving again. This week has been moving in the right direction. I ate more mindfully, but I’m struggling to even have an appetite…I’m hungry but nothing sounds good. I got in a good workout. Only one so far but I worked a lot of overtime this week…that puts a damper on things. I started a sweat session tonight but after about 20 minutes I started seeing stars, so I decided to stop the workout and eat dinner. I’m thinking it’s because I didn’t have anything to eat for several hours except a little bit of jerky. I think I’ll just do my prenatal yoga DVD here in a little bit and call it good for tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be doing a virtual 5K using walk/run intervals so I’ll get a good burn.

I know things will turn up soon… just a rough few weeks. Here’s hoping I can recuperate this weekend!




Baby A Update: 22 Weeks


First of all, I’m loving all your advice about cooking for one! I’m coming up with a plan right now, the rest of the week will be a little more flexible but next week can be more strict.

And now for the baby update! Seems like everyone loves these posts!


Baby Details:

There seems to be a lot of different information for the size, but oh well. Baby Girls is now 22 weeks, weighs about a pound, and is anywhere from 8.5 -12 inches long. She’s between the size of a papaya or spaghetti squash!  She now has eyebrows, eyelashes, and maybe even some hair on that little head. And can now perceive light and dark. She can also hear my voice,  heartbeat, gurgling stomach, and the whoosh-whoosh of blood circulating through my body. As her brain and nerve endings develop, she may reach for her face (or whatever she can reach) just to experiment with her newfound sense of touch. (Source)

I’m really feeling her move a lot. I’m pretty sure she has even had the hiccups. Everything I’ve read that says rhythmic movements is the hiccups. I actually got a little bit worried because its been happening several times a day so I did some research and it seems like its normal! The funny thing is that I have been getting the hiccups myself more often the last several days!

I’ve also been seriously hungry today, maybe she is going through a growth spurt…according to the What to Expect iPhone app, she will be gaining about half a pound in the coming weeks. That just blows my mind! She’s getting so big!

2013-10-02 20.29.27Please tell me you love these boots? Of course, she won’t be able the wear them for months but they are so freaking cute! I’m looking for them in my size so we can be twins.

Mama Details:

For the most part I’m doing pretty great!I do have time where different place aches and its a little annoying. My knees will be hurting today and then tomorrow is my neck.

My sleeping is getting back to normal, thank goodness! I do miss sleeping on my belly, sometimes I wake up a little on my tummy and its rather uncomfortable! I imagine her saying ” Mom you’re squishing me!”

It seems like I’m over all the food aversions for now. I can eat chicken but in general cooking meat is out. It just brings an icky feeling to the pit of my stomach.

My only real problem right now is heartburn! I’ve had some killer heartburn there days. I’m no stranger to heartburn and acid reflux thank to a faulty flapper on the top of my stomach but the last few days have been rough. I know that my heartburn is usually less noticeable when I’m eating healthy, so I’m not sure if its entirely pregnancy or just my eating habits. My doctor did warn me that my heartburn will probably be a lot worse because the baby will be pushing on my stomach.

Things are really going pretty good! It finally feels like time is speeding up, today marks exactly 4 months from baby’s due date!

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