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The Current Workout Situation

Happy Thursday Night! I’m pretty pumped that its almost the weekend….one work day to go.

Maybe you’ve noticed that one thing has been missing around here…..workout posts. Err…..or maybe any mention of workouts.

I feel like its time to confess. I haven’t completed a workout in weeks. Sadly, I can’t even remember the last time I worked out. That’s bad.

You know, I had these grand intentions of having a super active pregnancy. Running all the way up until delivery, walking everyday…never having any trouble getting in a sweat session. Then I was sick….with morning sickness. Every. Single. Day. It’s hard to find the energy to run when you have used up all your energy puking.

I did the best I could! I ran when I could. I even wrote this post for For Two Fitness with my Top Tips for Running During Pregnancy!  Please click over & read it! I’m really proud of it. They also have super cute workout clothes for expecting mamas.

By the time I felt better, good enough to run again, my body had already started to change to make room for the baby. My knees were hurting. It took me longer to catch my breath. Things jiggled…and it was painful!

2013-10-26 17.14.36

In October (at approximately 25 weeks), I completed the Home Sweet Home Virtual 5k held by my friend Sarah at Losing Weight & Having Fun. It was so hard! I thought I’d be able to do at least do walk/run intervals but I couldn’t. I had to walk. It was totally unexpected. It felt like I couldn’t breathe when I would run. Walking the 5k was fun, especially, since I convinced Blake to do it with me but I was still a little disappointed that running was so tough.

After that things went downhill….or rather just flat. Now that I think about it…that might have been my last workout. I’m a little bit shocked that its been so long! Just over two months. Yikes.

Deep down I know that its just an excuse. I could have, should have, really needed to push through it but I didn’t. But I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I mean, what good would that do anyway?

I am however, getting really anxious and excited to get back into the groove of things after the baby comes! I plan to bundle her up and go for walks as soon as I’m recovered. I know it will be tough to start from over from an endurance and fitness standpoint but I’m looking forward to the challenge. I don’t have a plan (yet). I’m just going to take it one day at time and see where things go.

I feel extremely confident about returning to my old running and workout habits post baby. It will be a whole new experience with having to balance motherhood with work and working out, but I can do it. I’m looking forward to do it!




The Best of 2013

With the New Year around the corner I thought it would be fun to go over some of my favorite moments from 2013! A lot of great things happened this year, but to tell you the truth I’m really looking forward to next year.

One of my favorite days with Blake was Bloomsday!

Bloomsday 2013 finishersIt was our first race together, we had a blast! We ran, we walked, we danced a little bit! It was so much fun. And now we are hooked, next year we will be completing as a family of three!

Then there was that time I won 2nd place in a local 10k race!

2nd place medalThat was fun and totally unexpected! I’m still pretty proud of my accomplishment and only a little bit sad that I might not be recovered enough to run the same race next year.

FitBlogging’ 13 in Portland, Oregon!

dinner friends Even though I was totally nervous and felt totally out of place, I met some amazing new friends!

Another favorite moment of the year was the Moses Lake Spring Fest 10k….

SpringFest 10kThis was terrible race…everything hurt, I had to walk several times…but the magic really happened after the race when I found out….


Pretty sure this takes the first place in the list. Click here  to read the announcement.

Of course that day closely follows the day we found its a GIRL!

2013-09-14 15.16.56
And of course the beautiful baby shower!


And to round things out….the most popular blog post!

Almond-Butter Banana Protein Cookies! Delish!

Now its your turn! Share your favorite moments from 2013!!

Baby A Update: 21 Weeks

Hi there!

I’m so relieved its Wednesday, this week has been exhausting! I’ve diagnosed myself with an insomnia hangover, I’ve been seriously lacking sleep the last few days. I woke up at 4 am on Monday, and last night I had a killer headache keeping me up – I even slept with an ice pack on my head (Weird right? It was totally one of those hard square ones made for lunch boxes). Here’s hoping I sleep like a baby tonight.

Anyway, let’s get to the get to the good stuff!


This week we made it to 21 weeks!

Baby Details:

Little Baby Alexander is now just over three-quarters of a pound, and 10.5 inches long, the same length of a big carrot! Her eye lids and eyebrows are now present. The doctor told us yesterday, she can hear now so should talk to her. She is also tasting what I’m eating through her amniotic fluid, so I need to start eating peas so she likes them early!

She is moving around all the time! I feel her squirming and kicking a lot. I love it. Last weekend, Blake even felt her moving! I’m starting to notice she is more active in the mornings which is concerning,  we are so not morning people! Yesterday the doctor was having trouble keeping her little heartbeat on the Doppler because she was squirming around all over the place.

Mama Details:

Well, I already mentioned that this week has been rough! The insomnia hangover feels just like an alcohol induced hangover, headache, exhaustion, upset tummy…the works. Hopefully this passes soon. Basically, I either wake up crazy early, toss and turn all night long, or wake up 50 times at night. Its really quite annoying.

Other than that, I’m feeling good. My workouts are getting more frequent, about three week right now. However, I made myself a deal that if I go for a walk (20 minute minimum) every single day until October 4 – I get to buy myself something I want. Maybe this hoodie

In addition to walks, I want to get in a couple yoga session and weight lifting each week. I’m slacking a little this week so far because I felt so crappy but I’m optimistic I can get it done!

My bump is getting bigger each day!

22 weeks pregnant baby bump

Those pants are actually regular pants that were a little baggy before, but today they were too tight. A sure sign Baby Girl is growing big and strong! My official weight gain from the scale at the doctor’s office is now up to 9 pounds. I was worried about how quickly I gained weight this past month, but I think it’s probably because I finally stop puking on the daily. I think my body is finally adjusting, but I do want to pay attention to what I eat and make sure I get enough exercise. Just want to make sure I stay on the right track and gain the right amount of weight for my body and my baby.

2013-09-24 18.22.13

At our appointment this week, we did find out that we will be having a third ultrasound because they were unable to get picture of her kidneys and umbilical cord. Of course, I have no complaints there, I love seeing baby up on the screen.

Overall, things are pretty normal – just waiting for things to happen. The pieces to her nursery are starting to come together! Here’s a sneak peek at the dresser we are updating. I’m hoping it will be done this weekend. We don’t have too much left to do. One (hopefully) more coat of paint, purchase and install the pulls, plus I want to lay contact paper on the bottoms of the drawers.

2013-09-17 19.38.04

And the beautiful lamp!  I also had a little upholstered rocking chair that I had planned on using for night time feedings, but Baby’s furry four-legged sister decided to destroy it! It was sitting on the back patio airing out because it was stinky and in desperate need of cleaning. My bad. It was such a surprise too, because Kia has never destroyed any furniture in our home. Oh well, guess we will buy a new fancy glider or something.

All in all, I’d say things are going pretty great! Now if you will excuse me, its 8 o’clock and I’m going to try to get some sleep! Wish me luck!

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This Week’s Workout Schedule

Hiya Friends!

How was your Monday? Mine was pretty good, in fact this whole weekend was pretty good.

Once I made the connection between my thoughts and how it was affecting my actions and outlook things quickly turned around! Saturday morning, I woke up before Blake and went for a little jog/walk with my dogs and even hit the gym for a little bit of weight lifting. Confession: I hadn’t been to the gym in almost 3 weeks! I’m ashamed.

Sunday was spent cleaning the house…it really, really, really needed it.

The best way for me to get back into the swing of things is to plan, plan, plan. I’ve scheduled out all my workouts for the week, and I’ve got a good idea how the next several weeks will go (more on that tomorrow!)

workout schedule

I’m looking forward to this week! Especially Saturday, there is  FREE stand-up paddle boarding at the park! I’m so stinkin’ excited! I’m also trying a new class at the gym Group Power Hour.

Group Power Hour will transform your whole body within one hour with the use of weight bars and dumbbells. Starting out with a 15 minute warm-up that gets the body going, the remaining 45 minutes with both strength and tone your major muscle groups with the use of free weights.

Sounds like my kind of party! My new goal is try a bunch of the classes before July 18… so I can if its worth it to keep my membership at the gym. I’m on the not worth it side of the fence right now, but that’s a whole other topic.

Its dinner time so I’m outta here!


Picking A Workout Plan

YES! Another week is nearly over! I’m pumped for the weekend, its my mother-in-laws birthday so I will watching people golf. Then Sunday we are going hiking again, yippee!

So let’s talk about picking a workout plan…

Finding a workout plan can be quite daunting. A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of results…all claiming to be the best. They are all different! Its seriously overwhelming.

The key to picking a workout plan is picking one you enjoy that will get you the results you want. That’s right the number one key to picking the perfect workout plan is to find you enjoy. The fact is that you if HATE the plan you most likely won’t stick to it.

When looking for a workout plan you want to keep in mind 4 areas for improvement: cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, and flexibility. Basically, you want your lungs to be strong and you want strong muscles that can work for a long time that are stretchy! (Please keep in mind I am no expert, if you would like an expert’s advice… see a doctor or trainer!)

Personally, I’ve always struggled to hit all four areas. I tend to be higher on the cardio side than anything. It comes with being a runner, but lately I’ve been trying to focus on the weight lifting. Still lacking in flexibility…so I need to step it up there.

There are plenty of place to find good quality workout plans, your local library or bookstore will have a good selection. Health and fitness magazines from the grocery store plus there tons of them online. You can also use a set of DVDs like the Insanity program or Jillian Michael’s Body Revolution. Or you could have one personally tailored for you by a personal trainer.

One of my newest favorite websites for finding workout plans is www.BodyBuilding.com. This place is amazing! There is so many plans to choose from and they have a ton of information. Every workout plan is accompanied by video clips for each move, nutrition plans, and even supplement (vitamins, protein and things of that nature) information if that’s something interests you. They also offer a little quiz based on your personal information to help narrow things down.

I recently decided to step up my weight program to try and build some guns muscles. The first program I picked was not the best one for me. It had a lot of moves that require a lot of different machines and truth be told it was a pain! One, I don’t have a workout partner so I felt unsure about doing things that require a spotter and secondly, my gym is very busy. I was spending a lot of time waiting for machines. Not cool. My first thought was to just substitute things so that it was more accessible for me.

However, while I was researching I found a new plan! Its perfect! It doesn’t have junk that hate…like burpees or box jumps. Its well rounded -3 days of weight training, 2 days of full cardio, and 2 days of rest/yoga. It also includes extra cardio on two of the weight days which I really like because it gives me the extra calorie burn. Here’s a link to the plan.

I’m really happy with my new plan. It uses all the different cardio machines (bikes, treadmills, elliptical, Stairmaster) so its not the same thing everyday. Today I used the spin bike for 40 minutes and it was killer! I was soaked…if the plan hadn’t specific to use the bike I would have just run like I always do. This plan uses a few machines but it also uses dumbbells which are easy to access and I can even do it at home if I can’t get to the gym.

The last tip I have for you is- don’t be afraid to try something else. If you are currently spending hours on the elliptical but not happy with it try Zumba or Spinning. Keep trying until you find something you really like. You have to try new things until you find the one that works for you. Feeling stuck into a workout plan is the worst! I always have to keep my workouts fresh.

And that’s all I have tonight! See ya later!


Pretty Darn Good

Hello everyone!

I’m going to keep this short & sweet…or at least short.

Today was a pretty darn good day. Nothing cool happened but I stuck to my plans and that’s what really counts.  Why bother making plans if you aren’t going to stick to them?!


Here I am looking like a train wreck after a vicious 4 miles on the treadmill. I planned to do my run outside but the weather had other plans, so I passed the miles watching Kitchen Nightmares on my phone. Those four miles were brutal…proof that I took too many days off from the gym.

I only had one piece of chocolate today, a Caramel Macadamia Nut thingy that my co-worker brought home from Hawaii! (Thanks, Kelsey!) I did have a chocolate pretzel protein bar for a snack, but mostly because it’s the only thing I had with me to munch on. For the whole day I was right at 1637 calories. Not too shab, considering I burned 436 calories during my run.

Right now I’m about to fold my a load of laundry and pack my gym bag for tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!! Nighty Night!

Wekeends Are Way Too Fast

Well, today was Bloomsday and we had a blast! If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook then you have already had the pleasure of view some of my pictures from the day…


Like this one of us at the finish line! I took a bunch of pictures but I am going to save the post for tomorrow.

Today I’m going to set the plan for the week!

Since joining the gym I’ve kind of gotten out the habits of running on regular basis. I’ve been running just not with a schedule or plan. However, I have found a enjoy running on treadmill because it helps keep a steady pace and I make myself run faster than I typically would on my own. The key to running a fast race, is running faster during training! I have another 10k planned at the end of the month, so I better get back to running regularly.

I think that 3 days of running and 2-3 days of weight training is ideal for me, but I also like to double up on some days, especially right now because the bulk of my runs are shorter between 3-4 miles. (Soon I will be upping my miles for half marathon training but not quite yet.) So I feel like I can do a bootcamp class or RIPPED and 3 mile run, at least once or twice a week, when I feel up to it. I don’t want to burn myself out but I am in a groove about my weight loss so I’m going to use it to my advantage.

So here’s my plan:
Monday: 3 mile run
Tuesday: Bootcamp or other full body workout
Wednesday: 3 mile run & RIPPED
Thursday: 4 mile run outside
Friday: REST
Saturday: Hiking with my hubby (tenative)
Sunday: TBD Maybe more hiking or maybe a rest day

Tell me about your weekend, friends!