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Wow, this week has flow by! One day until the weekend!!

Actually, work has been slow but my free time just disappears!

However, I am pumped that I have been totally back into the swing of things workout wise. I have not missed a workout this week, although I did end up switching my morning workout to after work yesterday. It actually turned out to be really fun because my friend joined me for RIPPED class. Ripped workout


2013-07-10 19.19.06And after! The class was a lot of fun yesterday, and a really good workout. We were soaked by the end of the session. Plus so much fun workout with my best friend!

Getting in all my workout has been great for my spirit! Its a good thing I’ve been getting them done in the mornings because by the time I get off work I just want to crash. Making a tiny human being is tough work! Even tonight I took a little nap and I’m still ready to hit the hay.

Tomorrow is another run day so I’ll be getting up at 6 again, so I don’t feel too guilty about turning in early.

On the blog front, I’ve been working on getting some ideas on paper so that I can get more posting done instead of napping!


My Recent Priorities

My routine is all outta wack these days!

This week I worked 50 hours, but originally was scheduled 56. I ended up getting Friday afternoon off and took complete advantage by sleeping! Popping around from job to job, that happen to be in two different cities, is exhausting!

It’s so exhausting that this week turned into a rest week. The fact of it is, I just needed to sleep and it took priority over working out. I wanted to workout, I just couldn’t keep my eyes open!

I seriously do not function well when I don’t get enough sleep. I feel run down, emotional, and often times sick to my stomach. It’s very strange!

I’m not worried about my low number of workouts this week. Working out has become so much more than a means to weight loss. I’m constantly striving to run faster, try harder, go longer and be better than my last time. I know that this week isn’t me falling into bad old bad habits, and the reason I don’t have to worry!

Here’s what I did do:

Monday: rest
Tuesday: Bob Harper abs plus a short run (didn’t track it) probably about 1.25 miles
Wed-Sat: rest
Sunday: planned long run. Between 5-6.5 miles

This week will not be any better in terms of my schedule, but it’s the last week of the insanity! I plan to take full advantage of my two afternoons off: today and tomorrow. Today will be about the long run, and getting some food pre-cooked and ready for the week. I’m going to be bouncing around from place to place, so I need stuff ready to go! Tomorrow evening, I’d really like to get a ton of house work done! We have a mountain of laundry that needs folded and put away! (My nemesis!)


I did take an hour to myself yesterday and got my nails done! I love the colors, but I don’t love how square they are, I’m not a big acrylics girl so this is all new to me. In fact the last time I had my nails done was two years ago for my wedding! I’m sorta excited to be able to do some trendy nail art. I’m really hoping this can help me to stop biting!

This upcoming week will be a challenge, and if my workouts loose priority again I know I will be ok! I’m on track with my eating which makes all the difference!

Hope you all a great week!

Putting Some Money On The Line

If I had more time to blog, I would have told you about the stupid food choices I made this week! Like eating half a veggie pizza one night, a burger with fries or chicken burrito with rice and beans. Ummm, I ate out four times this week! Oh make that five, I also had Subway for lunch one day. Unbelievable!

Sure it was my birthday, perhaps a good excuse to indulge, but birthdays are only one day!

This just proves to me that I still have more to learn to make this a lifestyle. I love veggies, so why do I never order then at a restaurant? I don’t know. All day Saturday I planned to get a taco salad, then when we got to there I ordered at chicken burrito. Ugh!

So where does this leave me?

Up 7 pounds. That’s where.

I know some of its just water weight from eating high fat, high salt food and nearly no veggies. To be up that much sucks! Like a lot.

I’m so close to goal, I can feel it! I have to get there!

Now I’m a (wo)man with a plan!

I’m going to try and focus myself a little differently. For a long time it was about portion control, now that I’ve figured that out I’m going to focus on number of servings in each food group.

So yes, I only eat 1/2 cup of pasta but through out the day I’ve also had two slices of bread, oatmeal, a granola bar, and potatoes. Ok maybe not all of that, but you get the picture! Often times I eat vegetables at dinner but only fruit the rest of day.

I really think this will help me get in more fruit and vegetables but also limit excess carbs. I don’t want to cut out bread and pasta but I do need to keep them in check because I easily eat too many each day.

I also bought this to help me keep track!


I love using myfitnesspal but I’d like to include more information for myself. I have trouble with digestion which includes a number of gross symptoms, I’d like to figure out what triggers those! This little notebook is my new best friend! Plus it’s super cute.

To ensure I stay on track, I placed a Diet Bet on myself! The hosts of the bet are Olivia and Hannah from the Biggest Loser. I just love them!

If there is one thing I hate most it’s wasting money! The thought of losing $25 because I was lazy makes me cringe. It also helps that there is a chance that I could win some extra money and get to meet Olivia and Hannah! No joke, I would do almost anything to visit New York City.

Today was the first day of this new found energy towards eating right, and it’s been excellent so far!

My workouts have pretty dang excellent as well. One place where I have no trouble. Here’s a quick recap of the week.


FitnessGlo workouts focused on strength and weights.

Bob Harpers Ultimate Cardio DVD

Short run. Didn’t even track it, probably about 1.5-2 miles. Then my in laws stopped by!


Rest. I wanted to run but I was so tired I fell asleep super early! Oops.

Long run. 6.5 miles! It was crazy windy but I managed to keep a steady pace the whole time. I really felt it in my legs afterwards.

I’d say overall it was a decent week. Both jobs were high stress this week. I’m working around 60 hours this week, so extra busy but not super stressful. I’m hopeful I will still get in at least four days, maybe 5!

Wow this ended up being long!

Hope you have a great week!

Workouts & Giftcard GIVEAWAY

Even though this week was a little lackluster in the workout department, I did have a few important workouts.

Monday: Walk/Run Intervals with Blake.

  • I really had fun running with Blake and Kia. She loves running with Blake, its so funny. She tried to chase him and jump up at him.

Tuesday: FitnessGlo Workouts

  • Complete Strength & Conditioning (45 minutes)
  • Cardio Athletic (30 minutes)

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Rest

Friday: FitnessGlo Workouts

  • Full-On Cardio Blast (17 minutes)
  • Quick & Intense Upper Body (10 minutes)

Saturday: 5k run fast, 1 mile jog, & 1 mile walk

Sunday: 5 mile long run (not done yet, but will happen unless it rains!)

I’m really loving these FitnessGlo workouts. I’m so thankful that I won the free membership! I can’t thank Ashley at Coffee Cake and Cardio enough!


I have a fun little gift for you!

$10 Dunkin Donut gift card!

Now I am giving you this myself, I wasn’t supplied this card by any company. I’m not being compensated in anyway!

I thought this would be a fun giveaway for other coffee lovers like me! People seem to love Dunkin Donut coffee! And you can see the DD SMART menu for a healthy option!

I would click here first and make sure you have Dunkin Donuts in your area! Or maybe give it to a friend that loves DD!

To enter: Just leave a comment on this post! Extra entries for following Living Made Healthy on Facebook or Twitter! Just leave a separate comment to let me know you did so!

I will pick a winner on March 15!

Good luck!