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Yoga Class & A New DVD

One of the last things to cross of my 2012 Bucketlist was take a yoga class. I’ve used yoga DVDs at home for a couple of years now, and I even did a yoga bootcamp at home last Novemeber using a program I found on ExerciseTV.But I’ve always wanted to go to yoga class because I felt like it would be more challenging and fun, however, in my little town of Moses Lake there are no yoga studios. Luckily, the Parks and Rec department offers a few yoga classes although the schedule is very limited, I was able to find a class that works with my schedule on Monday nights.

I really enjoy my class, its led by a woman, and her husband helps out with positioning and adjustments. The moment I walked into class on the very first day, I felt welcome. They both introduced themselves and remember my name right away. During the first two weeks I was still pregnant, which I had mention to her so she was quick to offer alternatives to the moves I should have avoided. Then when I was back to class after surgery, I let her know what happened to I could get the full benefits from the class. I felt very fortunate that she did not draw attention to me and my situation because I would have been embarrassed. She even offered to let me attend the other class on Thursdays which is led by another lady to make up the one I missed, but it won’t work with my schedule.

Overall, I really like the class, for the most part, its more about getting a good stretch rather than physical activity like most of the DVDs I own. Which after a hard workout like I did yesterday, it feels really good to get that guided stretch.

I would definitely sign up for another class! The class is post-poned for the next two weeks but I plan to use my DVDs at home on a more regular basis anyway so I will still be getting a good stretch.

*I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures, but its kind of awkward to take pictures during class.

Yesterday I had trouble getting myself motivated to workout, I was tired from working the morning shift, which meant a 4:00 am wake up but I got my self in gear and got it done. I did Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed and Shred, she means business in this one. I just bought it the other day and I’ve done it three times, only two all the way through and it’s killer.

I was totally exhausted afterwards!

Here’s proof!

I also got these new yoga pants…in a medium! I love the lime green zebra detail. My only complaint is that the waist band is really small so it rolls down. I like the ones with fat waist bands.

Today I’m trying something totally new….Pilates. My mother in law gave me some weird Pilates machine and I have no idea how it works but I’m going to give it a shot! So be sure to check back.

In totally unrelated news, two people told me that I look like two different people with my hair up vs being down. What do you think?


Yoga Bootcamp Results

Four weeks of yoga bootcamp are finished! I’m proud of myself for making it to the end. I’m also kind of proud of the spots that are starting to wear out on my yoga mat!

At the very beginning I took my measurements but the thing is…measurements are tricky. How the heck are you supposed to measure the exact same spot week after week? I mean if you are off just half an inch on thigh you can change your results by a lot. Week to week there isnt a huge difference but from the start date to today there are a few noticeable changes in my numbers.

Inches Lost Around The
Belly button: 1.5
Hips: 1
Bust: No difference
Left Arm: 1
Left Thigh: 1

TOTAL:4.5 inches lost and 5 lbs gone

And physically I am stronger and way more flexible. I’m totally impressed.

I think thats pretty good.  I also think it could be a lot better. I seriously enjoyed doing this program. In fact one day this week Blake and I got into a fight right before I was about to start my yoga. After doing yoga I really felt a lot better, at the start of every session they tell you to dedicate your practice to something. I usually dedicate it to myself and helping me lose weight, but after the argument I dedicated it to my temper and it really helped. I was impressed.

I’m still searching for a new workout plan to start tomorrow. I need to get out of my rut.

Last Week Of Yoga Bootcamp

Today was day 1 of week 4 of my yoga bootcamp. I have only 3 videos left.

When look in the mirror I don’t really see any real differences. I’m not sure what’s going on with scale…its up, its down, its all over the place. I’m not checking my measurements until the end of the week.

BUT when I’m doing yoga there are HUGE differences. I can stretch farther, I can hold poses longer, I can touch the floor when I bend over, and I can even balance on my arms for a few seconds. But the thing I am the most proud of….I can hover right above the ground! I can chaturanga! That’s a big deal! Usually when I go to lower into that pose I just fall right onto my stomach.

Today has been a great day, I’ve had 1515 calories. I shoot for 1500, but I decided to eat those extra 15 so I could have dessert. This morning the scale said 211.4.  I was very excited to see that because my weight has been all over the place lately. Even just three weeks have made a big big difference. This next week will be really fun!

Gotta start looking for a new plan to try…

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Yoga Update

Over the last few days things have gotten all out of wack. I did not complete all the exercises on the day they were scheduled. I’m currently trying to get caught up. I already did one video this morning and then I will do one more when I get home tonight. And another one tomorrow even though its scheduled as a rest day. Then I will be all caught up! Its crazy how lift gets in the way. The difference this time around is that usually I would just quit right now and not finish the plan. That’s just not an option. I AM going to finish this yoga bootcamp. After tomorrow I will be able to finish strong.

I’m curious to see the results. At the beginning I took measurements and a “before” picture, and I’ve been taking measurements at the start of each new week. I have not compared the measurements to each other though. I was worried about getting discouraged if I don’t see any physical changes, so I thought it would be better to just wait until after I’m all done to see the week to week changes.

The last few days I’ve not been the best at counting my calories, but I’m back on track 100% today. 35 days left before 2012, I’ve got to use every day to help me meet my “ONE”derland goal!

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Half-way Through Week 2

Today was a yoga day….but I had to rearrange the schedule. When I went to start the video for today, it wasn’t in my lineup! No big deal. Must have deleted it. So went to the exercise tv on demand channel to re-download it…but it wouldn’t work!!! There must have been some kind of glitch going on with our internet because the receiver said it wasn’t connected even though I could clearly see it was connected. So I just did the next video in the series. I figure its probably not that big of deal to do them out of order.

Today’s DVD was the Twisting Detox, the one I ended up sitting on the floor crying part way through…remember? I made it all the way through! I still can’t do the move that caused my breakdown but thats ok. One day I will be able to do and that’s what matters. I’m working towards it. This is the hardest DVD out of all them in my opinion, although I do have to say they are all pretty challenging. This video has lots of twisting moves…hence the name….which a pretty difficult. Its awful hard to twist and bend when my fat gets in the way.

But the good news is….all that fat is disappearing…down another pound today! I’ve stuck to my calorie limit today. I’m really proud of how the last few days have gone. I’m just taking it one day at time and its working. BABY STEPS!

Week One Done!

The first week of Yoga Bootcamp is complete!

I really enjoyed it! The workouts are very challenging, there are plenty of poses that I cannot do. I’m soaked in sweat and breathing hard the entire 40 minutes! But at the end of each video I feel completely rejuvenated! I love that feeling. I can feel my muscles afterwards, its really motivational!

I’ve been feeling really motivated. I’m looking forward to trying new recipes, planning out my meals, and losing some pounds!

I do need to work on my eating more. There were a few days where I didn’t eat the healthiest..or even healthy at all. But I’m not going to let that define me. I’ve been careful about what I eat yesterday and today. Which is really great, its so important to take it day by day. I’m feeling more and more that its important to start small!

Which leads me to goal setting time! I’ve never exactly said “I want to weight XXX pounds.” I’ve just wanted to be skinnier. Thinking about losing as much weight as I need to is very daunting! So I’m just going to start with a small goal. By the end of the year, I will reach “one”derland! That’s about 15 pounds in 6 ½ weeks. A little over two pounds week. Totally accomplishable! Just going to stay focused!

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Armed for a Good Week

After beating myself up and bingeing over the last two days, I’ve said enough is enough. It was just last night that I decided not to give up so when I woke up this morning I knew I needed to be prepared in order to avoid another day of behaviors like the last two days.

I felt like I really needed a physical plan that tells me exactly the things I should and shouldn’t eat. So after work I headed to Hastings to try and find the exact plan I wanted to follow. And I found it.  The book I got is actually, What To Expect…Eating Well When You’re Expecting. I figure it can’t hurt to have this book early. Its the exact eating plan I’m trying to follow.

I’m really looking forward to reading this book! Its going to help me to plan very healthy meals for this week.

I’ve also decided to start counting my calories again. Its something I really hate to do! Its time consuming and just plan annoying, but its important for weight loss to know how many calories are being taken in.

So today I’m going to count my calories, and plan my meals!

Due to CRAZY work scheduled and lack of emotional control I’ve had to adjust the schedule…but I haven’t stopped following the plan! I’m right on track to finish up week 1 and start week two! :) I really like the workouts. I mean they are seriously difficult but still enjoyable! I’m looking forward to being able to do some of the more advanced moves.


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