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A Regular Wednesday

Hello All!

Today was just a regular day for me.

summer sunflowers

But I did find these purdy sunflowers in my backyard today!

The plan was to hit up RIPPED after work, but to make the most of my time I thought it would be a good idea to go grocery shopping before the class started at 6:20. I was right on track to make it with perfect timing, but then I got stuck waiting in line forever…and ended up missing class.

Now that I come to think of it, the original plan was to go to Power Hour this morning at 5:30 am, but my normal Wednesday night plans were cancelled so I figured why wake up early for no reason!

This is why flexibility is my middle name! Things almost never workout the way planned.

This means today & tomorrow will be flipped on the workout schedule: yoga today & one of my  full body workout DVDs tomorrow.

When I make the schedule I also forgot that Friday is the Relay for Life event in my town, I’m supposed to walk for an hour, so I can get my 3 miles in that way! I’m signed up for the glow lap so I need to stock up on my glow in the dark jewelery!


Oh and I woke up to this little gift on my kitchen counter today … what a sweetheart! The S’more Big Bite was only 250 calories….not bad for a nice little treat! Plus then Jillian will help burn them off! This was a nice surprise because I gave up buying magazine months ago to save money.

Now its time to do my yoga and do some reading!

library books

Thank you to the public library! I’m planning on use the Big Book of Exercises and the Women’s Running book to develop a workout plan for the rest of my pregnancy…but that’s a big project for this weekend.

I can’t wait to see the little peanut again!



Stand-Up Paddleboarding

Hello, hello friends!

How is your Tuesday evening?

Things around here, have been pretty interesting…including tears galore, a really weird appetite, and followed by more tears. No joke, I’m crying all the time. I actually left the gym in tears yesterday because I didn’t have the stamina (or energy) to finish my workout. To explain: I finished a really great run and went to do my lifting but felt light headed, shaky, and sick to my stomach. I tried to wait for it to pass, but I had to head home early. I realized that it happened because I didn’t eat enough during the day.

Lesson Learned.

Anyway, the point of this post is to tell you about my amazing weekend!

Stand Up Paddleboarding

There was a free event held by Tri-State Outfitters to test out some of their equipment! They had paddle-boards, kayaks, and canoes for anyone to try…for FREE! 

Stand up paddle-boarding has been on my to-do list for a while now…like  year or two. 

After a quick how-to from a very friendly, Fred. I was out on the water, all by myself! Pretty sure I kept yelling, I’m doing it! I’m doing it!


The water was only icky by the dock and shore.

planking on the paddleboard

I even did a little yoga out there!

Paddle-boarding was so easy! To get up, you just center your self in the middle of board on your knees and gradually move to standing up. I felt a little uneasy at first, but then it was no big deal. I did fall off a few times, but it was pretty fun and the water was warm. Fred, even joked that I was practicing my remounting skills!

I’m not gonna lie, I’m hooked! I can’t wait to go again.


Eventually, I had to give up the paddle-board to share with the other people…not fair!

2013-07-13 12.18.25

So I took a kayak out for a quick trip!

Later in the day Blake’s work held a BBQ and pool party! Sadly, I was feeling pretty sick by the time the pool party rolled around, so I just watched. Blake had a blast trying out the Wave Rider!

Surf n Slide Water Park

It was such a fun day! And I really can’t wait to go to paddle-boarding again!


Manic Monday

Yesterday was another great day.

Blake is back on swing shift so we slept in together which never happens! I’ve worked every single weekend since September and he works the week days. Yesterday was also the last day of Donna’s visit to Eastern Washington so we had to go out for breakfast.

Back to the Sundial Bistro. This place is really a diamond in the rough. Soap Lake is a tiny town know for its mineral water lake, it’s a popular place in the summer for tourists but otherwise the town is dead. There are very few places to eat to or shop so to a find a really great, fun restaurant is awesome for local like us.

The breakfast menu at the Sundial is on the small side but those dishes they serve are the best of the best. I wanted eggs, and I wanted pancakes, and I wanted fruit. There was no combination like this on the menu so I talked to the cook and he made it happen. I ordered two scrambled eggs with a side of ham, a pancake, and fruit, he also gave me some potatoes which I didn’t ask for but I’m sooo glad he served them. They were crunchy on the outside, soft in the middle, and seasoned perfectly. Everything you dream of in a potato.

breakfastA big breakfast but I ate it all and enjoyed every bite!

Everyone loved their meal, we went on and on about how good the food tasted. The waitress was friendly, and kept the coffee coming. She told us she was the new kid but we would have never know otherwise. She was kind enough to take a group photo of us.


After breakfast, we parted ways. Blake and I went and drove by a couple of house that are for sale, we think we are in the market but just in the starting stages. We spent most of the day doing that, although we only went inside two houses.

He left for work at about 3:00 and I took a nap. It was wonderful. Then it was time for yoga class, I left a little bit early so I could exchange a pair of jeans while I was in town. Since I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast, I ran into Safeway and picked up a box of Special K Protein and Fiber granola bars. I wanted something quick and low in calories, this totally did the trick.

IMG_2735Only 110 calories.

Yoga class was interesting because I was feeling light-headed and slightly queasy when we were doing positions like downward facing dog. I spent extra time in childs pose. When I got home I put in Jillian’s No More Trouble Zones DVD. I worried about feeling sick but it actually felt great. I forced myself to use the 8 pound weights and really work during each move. It was tough but it felt fantastic, I’m even a little bit sore today.

For dinner, I had leftover Capellini Pomodor from our trip to the Olive Garden with a ceaser salad. The salad I picked up at Walmart in the deli section its four servings but I had half the package and used my own dressing. It was a really tasty and filling meal, I’m having the same thing for lunch today.

This week will be different because Blake is on swing shift so it means I have to rearrange my schedule a little, but I don’t have to cook dinner for him so I can try new things he would hate. I actually enjoy this schedule because I love doing evening workouts but it will make getting up at 5 am on the weekends tough.

Today is a housecleaning day. Ick.

Off to get my clean on, stay healthy!

Yoga Class & A New DVD

One of the last things to cross of my 2012 Bucketlist was take a yoga class. I’ve used yoga DVDs at home for a couple of years now, and I even did a yoga bootcamp at home last Novemeber using a program I found on ExerciseTV.But I’ve always wanted to go to yoga class because I felt like it would be more challenging and fun, however, in my little town of Moses Lake there are no yoga studios. Luckily, the Parks and Rec department offers a few yoga classes although the schedule is very limited, I was able to find a class that works with my schedule on Monday nights.

I really enjoy my class, its led by a woman, and her husband helps out with positioning and adjustments. The moment I walked into class on the very first day, I felt welcome. They both introduced themselves and remember my name right away. During the first two weeks I was still pregnant, which I had mention to her so she was quick to offer alternatives to the moves I should have avoided. Then when I was back to class after surgery, I let her know what happened to I could get the full benefits from the class. I felt very fortunate that she did not draw attention to me and my situation because I would have been embarrassed. She even offered to let me attend the other class on Thursdays which is led by another lady to make up the one I missed, but it won’t work with my schedule.

Overall, I really like the class, for the most part, its more about getting a good stretch rather than physical activity like most of the DVDs I own. Which after a hard workout like I did yesterday, it feels really good to get that guided stretch.

I would definitely sign up for another class! The class is post-poned for the next two weeks but I plan to use my DVDs at home on a more regular basis anyway so I will still be getting a good stretch.

*I’m sorry I didn’t take any pictures, but its kind of awkward to take pictures during class.

Yesterday I had trouble getting myself motivated to workout, I was tired from working the morning shift, which meant a 4:00 am wake up but I got my self in gear and got it done. I did Jillian Michael’s Extreme Shed and Shred, she means business in this one. I just bought it the other day and I’ve done it three times, only two all the way through and it’s killer.

I was totally exhausted afterwards!

Here’s proof!

I also got these new yoga pants…in a medium! I love the lime green zebra detail. My only complaint is that the waist band is really small so it rolls down. I like the ones with fat waist bands.

Today I’m trying something totally new….Pilates. My mother in law gave me some weird Pilates machine and I have no idea how it works but I’m going to give it a shot! So be sure to check back.

In totally unrelated news, two people told me that I look like two different people with my hair up vs being down. What do you think?

Getting Back To Me

Unfortunately, we received the news last night that I was dreading. Right now my goal is to just get back myself back to me, back to normal.

I’ve tried to get started already:

I’ve started taking a yoga class! Another thing I get to cross off my 2012 Bucketlist, I’m really excited about that. I’m going to do a post about it after the next class which is next Monday. I want to share some pictures, but I haven’t taken any yet but I’ll try to remember next time.

Today, I went for my first run in 20 days. I’m shocked its been 20 days but I know I wont have that long without running again. I’m setting myself a goal to let know more than 3 days go in between runs. On my run today, I decided I didn’t have to go very far or very fast, I felt like I was waddling. It rained a little bit, it was freaking cold, but I made it. I took a few walk breaks, some because I was also texting my mother in law but it felt pretty great. I thought I might share my stats.

I’m looking forward to running more and more although but I do need to pick up some warmer running clothes.

I know I’ve gained a few pounds but I’m giving myself a few days to get back into my routine and deal with my upcoming surgery. Then I will be doing everything I need to do to get healthy for my future children.

My Dream Yoga Room


The house that Blake and I will be moving into has 3 rooms. Of course, one will be our bedroom, which has a half bath attached! Its really exciting to start planning what we will do with the other two rooms. One will have our extra bed for guests but the second is going to be “my room”. I need space for my sewing machine and craft stuff, but I also want a spot to have my yoga met set up permanently.

So my room needs to have two purposes yet be relaxing. Well thank goodness for pinterest. I’ve search around and found some really great ideas that I can totally do in my space to be able to combine a craft room and a yoga room.

Source: res.mindbodygreen.com via Erin on Pinterest

I love the idea of have the word breathe on the wall! I think I could do a DIY version of this…I have some ideas. And luckily my Mom has tons of wood working tools. She’s handy with a saw.

Source: bdghostriderz.com via Erin on Pinterest

I’ve always loved closet storage. I used to put my dresser in my closet as a kid so the rest of my room would have more space. I like that this will hide the mess too!

Source: smashingpicture.com via Erin on Pinterest

I going to be searching for beautiful, relaxing photographs for the walls, like this one. And maybe a picture of someone in a tough yoga pose.

I’m going to be looking for a paint color that will be cheerful and relaxing. The floors are hardwood so I don’t have to worry about that. I’m really looking forward to moving and making this dream room a reality.

Check out the rest of my ideas here!


Weekly-Wrap Up (A Little Late)



I’m a little late on my Weekly Wrap Up post for this week, because yesterday’s adventures wiped me out! But let’s start from the beginning of the week!

This past week was hot! The temperatures were in the high 90s or even 100s every single day. Too hot to run and  I don’t feel comfortable running in the dark, so waiting until it cooled wasn’t an option.

So I improvised! I made up an interval workout that I could do in my living room while watching TV. I wanted to keep my cardio up so when it cools down my running won’t suffer. With that in mind, I alternated 3 minutes of a cardio move like jumping jacks, or running in place, followed by 1 minute of strength moves (alternating upper body by lower) for a total of 10 times or 40 minutes. This was a kick butt workout! I was dripping with sweat, huffing and puffing. I loved it.

I did this workout 3 times last week. I also did a bunch of yoga because my legs seemed tight all week, probably from the different moves I did this week like squats, lunges, and jumping jacks.

For my fourth workout this week, Blake and I ended up taking an impromptu trip to a water park yesterday. So I spent two hours walking up the hill to get to the slides. It was so much fun, especially after we spend nearly 5 hours in the car due to a simple mis-reading of the map. Don’t even get me started on that one! The water park was wiped me out, I was so tired once we finally got home.

For food this week, this went pretty good. I didn’t spend a lot time cooking but I did stay under my calorie limit 5 out of 7 days. I went on a chocolate eating rampage thanks to my crazy hormones, but I decided to make up for it by doing an extra workout on Saturday. It worked out in the end.

Here’s the chart from myfitnesspal for the week.

For the first time I didn’t really gain weight over the weekend and I couldn’t be happier about it. I’m thankful I set up these rules for the weekend, although I did break two of them, I was still move conscious about eating healthy which is the goal.

As for this week, my goals are to stick to the meals I planned out when I went grocery shopping. Get in my 4 workouts and get my house clean. It really needs it. This week is also the county fair and John Michael Montgomery will be there so I’m definitely going on Saturday, I think I can handle the food temptations because I don’t really love fried junk. I’m also going to my sister in laws birthday party on Wednesday, I figure I will just eat before I go and not even worry about the food there.

I really think this can be a great week for my weight loss! I should definitely make it to 197, but hopefully 196. Which will be the lowest I’ve weighed this year!