Happy Earth Day!

Hello, & Happy Earth Day! IMG_3442

I’m a big fan of tulips and blue skies!

I wish I had been able to pick up trash or something on lunch break, maybe this weekend though! We have plans to go hiking, perfect opportunity. In grade school we always walked around the school grounds picking up trash, and had like a sack lunch that day.

Today was a pretty mundane day. I’ve sadly been getting headaches often. I think its either my eyeballs/contacts or sitting in the chair all day. I know I’m getting enough water and all the other typical things one will ask when someone says they have been having a headache.

However, something kind of big did happen. I didn’t count my calories. I’ve been counting calories for a while now, like two years I think. Its has helped me lose 40+ lbs over the last several years. Now, I haven’t counted every. single. day., I have days where I indulge so I don’t bother counting, but today wasn’t one of those days. Today was a normal day of eating for me. Like I said the other day, I know when I’m eating too much, I know when I’m eating junk. Counting calories has become my crutch!

I know this is true, because tonight after I finished eating for the night…I entered in all my meals just to be sure that I was in the right range. And I’m happy to report I was right where I should be, which just reinforces that I do in fact know what I’m doing. I know what’s right for my body! I’m pretty proud to say that. Its just like my brain can’t relax on this weight loss deal, but I’m working on it.


Tonight, I also attended a bootcamp class at my new gym!


It was not exactly what I was expecting but I had fun! Something I will have to try again for sure.


And I burned 492 calories in just one hour! That’s pretty good! Like my shiny new Polar FT7?! This weekend I exchanged my old heart rate monitor for this one, because the old one was shorting out or something. I love this one! I wore it in the car and it didn’t freak out…bonus! Also, I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods for the first time in my life, and…WOW! I didn’t know that much fitness love was housed in one location!

But now, I have to go to bed because I am hoping to go to a spin class in the morning! I LOVE spin, but I haven’t been in 3 or 4 years! Its at 5:30 in the morning, so please send me some sheep to count!

Good Night Friends!


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