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Hi Friends!

I’ve been a little distant from the blog lately, and I have to apologize. I didn’t mean to take a little hiatus but I had to work though some stuff, so let me explain.

First of all, I finished the Sugar Detox two weeks ago, which was great! Cutting out sugar and refined flours really helped me to drop a few pounds and I reached my lowest weight ever…and finally met the 170s on the scale!

And then the next day and following days I went a sugar rampage! Its embarrassing really. At a BBQ with friends, I scarfed down about 1/4 of Boston crème cake. I was finding myself eating more sugar and sweets than ever; yogurt, granola, chocolate chips, chocolate covered bananas….junk junk junk.

All this was in days of the Diet Bet ending which scared me, I didn’t want to lose my money! I was up a few pounds and knew it was some bloat and left junk in my system so I agreed to do a juice fast with my mom from the Reboot website. This is the program made by the guy, Joe,  from the Sick, Fat, and Nearly Dead documentary. My mom has a similar auto-immune disorder and her doctor suggested she check it out and maybe try it. Long story short, I lasted about two days, made it back to my goal weight for the bet, and then gorged myself on pizza and Arby’s. ARGH!


So what happened after all this… I’d like to say there was big monumental moment but there isn’t. I just realize I’ve had enough.

— I’m sick of weighing myself every single day, multiple times a day. During the Diet Bet, it seriously got out of hand, I’m talking 5, 6, 7 times per day. So I took the batteries out the scale and shoved it in a closet…where it will stay for an undetermined amount of time. The truth is, I don’t need it. I know when I’m eating right and getting enough exercise. I don’t need a scale to tell me, I know when its enough.

— I’m in a workout rut! I miss the way I felt when I was doing Bob Harper DVDs daily, I was starting to develop muscles and maybe even abs. I love running but I need the weights too. I’m not doing it on my own very well, so I made a big decision and joined a gym. I’ll go in to detail about this a little more later but I’ve already gone twice and I can tell this will help me reach my goals.

— I feel myself falling back into a sedentary lifestyle, when I’m not working out. With my new ad design job I sit at a desk all day long, then I come home and sit on the couch or go to bed early. Well this has got to stop, I’ve gone on a couple walks during my breaks at work but I need to increase this to every day. I also need to walk my pups more!


Speaking of the pups: I thought this was funny…Kia is a afraid of water and finds the only dry place when it rains and Mopar was out having a blast rolling in the mud!

— As for food…well maybe you noticed a new little badge on the side of the blog…I’m now a Diet To Go Ambassador! Next week they will be sending me a whole week’s worth of meals to try out! I’m super excited to partner with Diets To Go and I’m looking forward to sharing my experience with you guys. Until then I’m trying to eat up all the yummy fresh stuff I have in the fridge so nothing goes bad.

All in all, I’m pretty excited about all these new changes. I’m ready to no longer have a weight problem. I’m ready to be a “regular” sized person. I’m ready to live the kind of life I want to live.

Thanks for reading! Hope you have a fab weekend!


2 thoughts on “Let Me Explain

  1. trikatykid

    Here’s my long-winded response.

    First off, does this mean Mopar is having an easier time in his new home? He is literally smiling in the picture! He looks big too!

    Secondly, I am really glad you hid the scale. Last summer when I was losing tons of weight (through TSFL) I too got obsessed with the scale. I got rid of it, and I don’t know/care how much I weigh. My jeans know when I have been lazy. My muffin top does a better job at letting me know when it’s time to change something than a scale did. Scales are confusing anyway.

    Thirdly, you’re “doing it” again. You’re bouncing from diet to diet – no sugar is NOT good for you. Especially if you’re an athlete (which you are). It’s good to stop drinking soda because there is NO nutritional value and it also takes calcium from your bones. It’s good to not binge on cookies, but a cookie or two after lunch or dinner falls under the category of “happy food”. Also, if your lunch is a cheeseburger and frieds, you probably didn’t “earn” the cookie. Just saying. I noticed when you did this previously, and I am just pointing out to you that you’re doing it again.. that grasping at straws thing. Try to curb that.

    Lastly, I don’t know if you have been reading my posts at all, but I know you are friends with Kristen & Katie on Facebook and are following their 90-day challenge. I am too, except I am not cutting out junk food (it is not my vice, and I know that cutting it out completely will force me to make it my vice. Instead I am on a fitness challenge – 30 minutes (minimum) every day for 90 days. I am not perfect. My body was not feeling like exercising yesterday and my head was somewhere else too, so I enjoyed some sit-down quilting time. But the challenge continues.. Today I rode 25 miles with a new friend. I’m taking this opportunity to invite you to join me on the rest of my 90-day challenge of exercising every day for a minimum of 30 minutes. Even if it’s just a 30-min walk with the dogs, or an Insanity DVD workout, or relaxation yoga. What our bodies need is daily activity. It doesn’t always have to be super intense and it doesn’t have to be super long. What our bodies want – from both our diet and our activity – is consistency.

    Find your balance again with your diet. Don’t strive for perfection, but find your balance. And just put one foot in front of the other.. regular activity will be good for you.

    Also – stop being so hard on yourself! Remember to celebrate the victories!

  2. mrsalexzan Post author

    You are definitely right! First, Mopar is doing better, in the last two or three days things have really improved. He will come to us and was even playing with us today, but we put Kia in the garage while this was going on. Second, its been a week since I hid the scale now and I’m seriously loving it. I don’t feel the pull to step on like I used to! Also, I am absolutely on the same page about the “dieting” but I am saving some of the details to go with another post. Lastly, of course I’m reading your blog! I’m really bad about not commenting though…sorry! I’ll work on that. I do think its a great idea to do 90-days of activity, I’d love to join you!!

    Thanks for being such a great friend and source of info for me! ;)

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